--> Abstract: High-Resolution Reflection-Seismic Exploration for Coal Mining Industry, by Richard F. Hagemann, David George Peace; #90968 (1977).

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Abstract: High-Resolution Reflection-Seismic Exploration for Coal Mining Industry

Richard F. Hagemann, David George Peace

Operational research and computer modeling of deep coal mines for optimization of mine planning and mine exploitation require precise engineering data concerning faults, coal seam attitudes, seam splitting, washouts, and channeling. High-resolution reflection seismic exploration using BGR and IFP instrumentation, refined field techniques, and carefully supervised data processing has proved an effective and economic method of providing the engineering data.

The strike and hade of small faults together with the strike and dip of the thin seams are interpreted and mapped with precision so that shafts, drifts, mining faces, and operational procedures may be planned with the least impact on the environment and with the expectation of the maximum profit margin.

Exploration programs must be planned carefully in a highly industrialized and developed country with a view to the geology and mine planning. The scale of the survey and the precision of the mandatory data place limits on the parameter changes permissible; energy source, sensor parameters, and instrument operation must be monitored critically.

The geophysicist preparing the program, supervising the data acquisition, scheduling the data processing, exercising quality control of the processing, and interpreting the results encounters many new problems and must derive new solutions. Following initial experimental and evaluation surveys in 1972, high-resolution reflection seismic exploration has become a routine and continuous program for extending the lives of existing pits by access to new reserves, planning new mines in known coalfields, and exploring for new coalfields.

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