--> 1977 Alaska Geological Society 1977 Symposium, April 4-6, 1977, Anchorage, Alaska, - Abstracts, #90966 (1977).

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Alaska Geological Society 1977 Symposium
April 4-6, 1977, Anchorage, Alaska

Search and Discovery Article #90966 (1977)


Overview of Alaska Plate Tectonics
     J. Kaspar Arbenz

Gravitational and Other Geophysical Evidence of Alaskan Plate-Tectonic History
     David Barnes

Geology of Bering Shelf
     Sankey L. Blanton

Permian-Triassic of Prudhoe Bay Field
     Stuart H. Buchan

Alyeska Engineering
     Lloyd S. Cluff

Cenozoic Sedimentation and Tectonics of Hope Basin, Southern Chukchi Sea
     Stephen L. Eittreim, Arthur Grantz, and O. T. Whitney

Regional Tectonic Implications of Alaska Blueschist Belts
     Robert B. Forbes, John Carden, and William Connelly

Tectonics, Middle Paleozoic Volcanism, and Sulfide Mineralization in North-Central Alaska Range
     Wyatt G. Gilbert and Thomas K. Bundtzen

Geologic Framework and Related Hydrocarbon Potential of Beaufort and Northern Chukchi Seas
     Arthur Grantz and Stephen L. Eittreim

Earthquakes and Engineering--Review of Current Practices
     Nils I. Johansen

Historic Earthquakes and Future Earthquake Hazards along Gulf of Alaska Margin
     John C. Lahr

Origin of Cook Inlet Oil
     Leslie B. Magoon and George E. Claypool

Geothermal Potential of High-Level Magma Chambers in Alaska
     Thomas P. Miller

Mesozoic Magmatism and Accretion, Southwest Alaska Margin
     J. Casey Moore and William Connelly

Northern Alaska Paleomagnetism, Plate Rotation, and Tectonics, Part 2, Tectonic History
     Charles G. Mull

Northern Alaska Paleomagnetism, Plate Rotation, and Tectonics, Part 1, Paleomagnetism, and Plate Rotation
     Gary W. Newman

Compressive Interaction of Siberian and North American Plates, Bering Strait Region, Alaska
     C. L. Sainsbury and Edward Bloomstein

Indicators of Plate Tectonics in Southern Alaska and Adjacent Deep-Sea Area, Late Paleozoic Through Cenozoic Time
     David W. Scholl, Alan A. Cooper, and Michael S. Marlow

Watona Dam Project
     Suki Singh

Geology of Ambler Mineral Belt, Brooks Range, Alaska
     Thomas E. Smith and John Proffett

Large New Porphyry Molybdenum Discovery in Southeastern Alaska Using Geology and Geochemistry
     Jackie Stephens

Paleomagnetism and Paleogeographic Reconstruction of Southern Alaska
     D. B. Stone

Geochronology of Southwestern Brooks Range
     D. F. Turner and Robert F. Forbes

Late Tertiary Gulf of Alaska Plate-Tectonic Model Based on Continental-Margin Geology
     Roland Von Huene and Terry R. Bruns