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Abstract: Computer-Generated "Scale Functions" for Conversion of Previous HitResistivityNext Hit to Pseudovelocity Logs

R. F. Blakely, J. F. Whaley, M. E. Biggs, A. J. Rudman

Computer generation of "scale functions" to establish the empirical relation between short-normal Previous HitresistivityNext Hit and continuous-velocity logs (CVL) in Indiana eliminates human bias in generating pseudovelocity logs for time-depth studies for seismic prospecting. Comparison of plotting techniques for Previous HitapparentNext Hit Previous HitresistivityTop (Ra) versus transit time (TT) to derive scale function constants (A,B,C) for the expression of pseudotransit time TT^prime = A + (B)Ra-1C/ indicates that a log-log plot with a straight-line least-squares fit yields excellent pseudovelocity logs in form and magnitude. Pseudotravel times from a datum to selected stratigraphic horizons compare favorably with those taken from CVLs.

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