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1976-1977 AAPG Distinguished Lecturers

Search and Discovery Article #90973 (1976).
Posted April 10, 2009


Principles of Hydrocarbon Generation and Application to Oil and Gas Exploration
    Geoffrey S. Bayliss

Geology of Bering Shelf
    Sankey L. Blanton, Jr.

Aulacogens and Megashears: Natural Habitat for Oil and Mineral Deposits
    John M. Browning

Geologic History--Key to Accumulation at Cedar Creek
    James H. Clement

Modern River Deltas: Variability of Processes and Sand Bodies
    James M. Coleman

Submarine-Slope Failures and Downslope Mass Movement of Sediment
    James M. Coleman

Interpretation of Carbonate-Rock Sequences; Sedimentary or Metamorphic Models?
    Brian W. Logan

Geology of Labrador Sea and its Petroleum Potential
    N. J. McMillan

Evaporites, Sulfides, and Petroleum
    Robert F. Schmalz

Drilling in Antartica
    Samuel B. Treves

Concepts and Techniques Utilized in Successful Exploration for Oil-Bearing Reefs in Indonesia
    Richard R. Vincelette, Norman H. Foster