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1975-1976 AAPG Distinguished Lecturers

Search and Discovery Article #90977 (1975).
Posted April 10, 2009


Integrated Disciplines in Petroleum Exploration
    Daniel A. Busch

Reliable Quantitative Forecasting of Basin Hydrocarbon Richness--Novel Geophysical Approach
    Thane H. McCulloh

Geology of Santa Barbara Spill--Before and After
    Thane H. McCulloh

Our Dynamic Earth--View from Skylab
    William R. Muehlberger

Red Wing Creek Field--Cosmic Impact Structure
    Elmer S. Parson, Gordon W. Henderson, and Louis J. Conti

Application of Chalk-Diagenetic Studies to Petroleum-Exploration Problems
    Peter A. Scholle

Color Displays in Direct and Indirect Location of Hydrocarbons
    M. Turhan Taner

Eustatic Cycles from Seismic Data for Global Stratigraphic Analysis
    Peter R. Vail

Plate Tectonics
    J. Tuzo Wilson