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New Articles

May 2016

Use of Drilling Data to Generate Rock Mechanical and Natural Fracture Property Logs in Horizontal Wells, Mazeda Tahmeen and Geir Hareland, #41806 (2016).

Realities of Drilling that Geologists Need to Know, Sam Noynaert, #70216 (2016).

Exploration of the Rakhine Basin, Pushing Out the Barriers with New 3D, David Cliff and Paul Carter, #10848 (2016).

Petroleum System Charge Analysis for Liquid-Rich Unconventional Plays, Michael Abrams, #80537 (2016).

A "Cookbook" Approach to Exploring for, and Evaluating, Residual Oil Zones in the San Andres Formation of the Permian Basin, Robert Trentham and L. Stephen Melzer, #51259 (2016).

PS Soil Structure and Chemistries of Brine-Impacted Soils in West Texas, M. Foust, M. Dunlap, W. Bond, and J.W. Ward, #51258 (2016).

Dockum Group Revisited: Deposition and Tectonic Significance, Alton Brown, #51257 (2016).

PS Evaluation of Geophysical Techniques in the Determination of a Salt Contaminated Environment, Walter Reed, Michael Foust, Heather L. Lehto, James W. Ward, and Jason Payne, #80535 (2016).

Strategic Planning the Big Picture: Learning from the Positive Experiences from Companies Operating in Shale Plays, Gary Hanson, #80536 (2016).

Permeability Model using Minifracture Analysis in Tight Sands of Mature Fields, José Pajuelo, D. Escobedo, and G. Moreyra, #41805 (2016).

Unconventionals Update: Challenging the Assumptions, Susan Nash, #41804 (2016).

Using Advanced Logging Measurements to Develop a Robust Petrophysical Model for the Bakken Petroleum System, Gary A. Simpson, John Hohman, Iain Pirie, and Jack Horkowitz, #80534 (2016).

Wellbore Stability: Special Considerations for the Marcellus Shale, Julie Kowan and See Hong Ong, #80533 (2016).

Paleocene-Eocene Drawdown and Refill of the Gulf of Mexico, Joshua Rosenfeld, #30455 (2016).

PS Niobrara Core Poster Highlighting Bentonite Distribution and Their Impacts on Proppant Placement, M. Sonnenfeld, D. Katz, M. Odegard, C. Ohlson, and C. Zahm, #41803 (2016).

Application of Visco-Acoustic Full Waveform Inversion to Shallow-Water, Shallow-Gas Data, Xin Cheng, Ronan Petton, Ian Anstey, Wai-Leong Lai, Denes Vigh, and Gavin Menzel-Jones, #41802 (2016).

Tectonic Evolution Control on Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Fractured Basement: A Case Study from Melut Basin in South Sudan and Bongor Basin in Chad, Jie Bai, Zhongsheng Shi, Juan Li, Luo Xue, and Weiwei He, #10846 (2016).

PS Upper Pennsylvanian and Lower Permian Shelf-to-Basin Facies Architecture and Trends, Eastern Shelf of the Southern Midland Basin, West Texas, Tucker F. Hentz, William A. Ambrose, and H. Scott Hamlin, #10847 (2016).

A Source-to-Sink Study in Myanmar: Implications for Exploration, Inga Sevastjanova, Laura Wilson, Paul Markwick, Clare Davies, Andy Quallington, and Melise Harland, #30454 (2016).

PS Depositional Lithofacies and Diagenetic Overprints of Pennsylvanian Lower Cisco Shelf Margin Carbonates, Wolf Flat Field, Motley County, Texas, USA, Olakemi Afuape and Robert C. Trentham, #20352 (2016).

Sand Production Management: The Critical Challenge in Zawtika Gas Production, Tanawat Junmano, Lee Boo Soon, Anan Amornprabharwat, Sutasinee Kittisupalauk, and Rangsan Bhengbhun, #20351 (2016).

PS Halophytes and ArcGIS: Tools for Remediating Brine Water Spills in West Texas, W. E. Bond, M. Foust, M. Dunlap, and J. W. Ward, #80532 (2016).

2016 AAPG Education Directorate, Geosciences Technology Workshop, Seventh Annual Deepwater and Shelf Reservoir, Houston, Texas, January 25-27, 2016, Abstracts, #90256 (2016).

AAPG Asia Pacific Region, Geosciences Technology Workshop, Characterization of Asian Hydrocarbon Reservoirs, Bangkok, Thailand, March 31 - April 1, 2016, Abstracts, #90253 (2016).

PS Near Surface Seismic Investigations of Mississippian and Pennsylvanian Outcrops, Daniel Moser, Chris Liner, and Matthew Rugerri, #41800 (2016).

AV Why Bother? (With Play Based Exploration): The Five Reasons Why Play Based Exploration Worthwhile in a Modern Busy Understaffed and Overworked Exploration Company Environment, Ian Longley and Jeff Brown, #110227 (2016).
Click to view presentation in PDF format.

Modern Spectroscopies for Characterizing the Chemical Composition of Kerogen and Bitumen, Drew Pomerantz, #80531 (2016).

PS Characterizing a Mississippian Carbonate Reservoir for CO2-EOR and Carbon Sequestration: Applicability of Existing Rock Physics Models and Implications to Feasibility of Time Lapse Monitoring Programs in the Wellington Oil Field, Sumner County, Kansas, Anthony Lueck, Abdelomeam Raef, and W. Lynn Watney, #80530 (2016).

PS Structurally-Controlled Hydrothermal Dolomitization: A Case Study of the Cretaceous Qamchuqa Formation, Zagros Basin, Kurdistan Iraq, Kareem H. Kareem, Ihsan S. Al-Aasm, and Howri Mansurbeg, #51253 (2016).

PS A Fault Kinematic Analysis with Observations Pertaining to Fault Trends within the Core of the Arbuckle Anticline, Southern Oklahoma, USA, Katrina Soundy, Jenna Hessert, and Aaron Yoshinobu, #51255 (2016).

PS Subsurface Analysis and Cycle Stratigraphy of the Upper Cambrian Wilberns Formation, Western Llano Uplift Region, McCulloch Co., Texas, Michael Jordon Haubert and Emily Stoudt, #51254 (2016).

A Synthesis of Myanmar Petroleum Geology and Potential, Lynn Myint, #30453 (2016).

Tectonic Setting of Ophiolite Belts in Myanmar, Hla Htay, #30452 (2016).

Hierarchical 3D Facies Model Capturing Conceptual Geology of Fluvial-Deltaic Environment in Zawtika Gas Field, Offshore Myanmar, Peerapong Ekkawong, Sureena Matha, Rangsan Bhengbhun, and Ellya Saudale, #20350 (2016).

On Site Well Log Quality Control, Donald G. Hill, #41801 (2016).

Structural Observations along the Salin-Pyay Pleistocene Strike-Slip Deformation Belt, U Ko Ko, #10845 (2016).

Synopsis of Geology of Ethiopia, Bill St. John, #70215 (2016).

Making Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage a Reality: Integrating Science and Engineering into a Business Plan Framework, Richard S. Middleton, Kevin Ellett, Philip Stauffer, and John Rupp, #80526 (2016).

PS Fault-Controlled Dolomitization of Upper Cretaceous Reservoirs, Zagros Basin, Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Implications for Hydrocarbon Migration and Degradation, Howri Mansurbeg, Daniel Morad, Rushdy Othman, Sadoon Morad, Andrea Ceriani, Ihsan Al-Aasm, Kamal Kolo, Jean Noel Proust, Alain Preat, and Hemin Koyi, #51249 (2016).

A Visual Journey into the Unexplored Realm of Rocks: Pore Network Investigation in Marcellus Shale Rock Matrix, Jan Goral and Ilija Miskovic, #80529 (2016).

A New Look at the Organic Geochemical Variability in the Woodford Shale of the Ardmore Basin: Paleoweathering and Organic Matter Source, Clifford DeGarmo, Thanh Nguygen, and R. Paul Philp, #41799 (2016).

Evaluation of Spectral Proxies in Unconventional Hydrocarbon Plays: A Case Study from the Southern Georgina Basin, Australia, Bridget Ayling, Dianne S. Edwards, Jon Huntington, and Belinda Smith, #41798 (2016).

Are Geologic/Reservoir/Completion Models Properly Constrained (are they working) in the Permian Basin?, Bill Fairhurst, #41797 (2016).

PS Surface to Subsurface: Myanmar's Geology Consolidated, Duncan Witts, #41796 (2016).

PS Modern Geochemistry Methods to Prove Working Petroleum Systems: Applications for Offshore Myanmar, Dan McConnell, #41795 (2016).

PS Interpreting 2D Seismic with the Assistance of FALCON® Airborne Gravity Gradiometer Data in the Canning Basin, Jurriaan Feijth, Carlos Cevallos, Tony Rudge, Peter Edwards, Simon Wetherley, and Craig Smith, #41794 (2016).

Continent-Ocean Transition at the Northern Margin of the South China Sea, Jinwei Gao, Shiguo Wu, Kirk McIntosh, Lijun Mi, and Bochu Yao, #30451 (2016).

April 2016

AAPG Asia Pacific Region, AAPG/EAGE/MGS Conference, Innovation in Geoscience: Unlocking the Complex Geology of Myanmar, Yangon, Myanmar, November 19-20, 2015, Abstracts, #90246 (2016).

Structural Deformation, Traps and Reservoir Distribution in Deepwater Southern Equatorial Guinea: A Tale of Two Basins, Scott E. Thornton, Gerald Kidd, Terry Stellman, Peter Mullin, Edwin Goter, and Pratt Barndollar, #10841 (2016).

What Caused the Lusi Mudflow Disaster in Indonesia?, Mark Tingay, #41791 (2016).

A New Look at the Williams Fork Formation: Tight-Gas Sands in the American Rocky Mountains, Bryan P. McDowell and Piret Plink-Björklund, #51243 (2016).

Palaeogeographic Mapping and Depositional Trends of the Patchawarra Formation, Cooper Basin, Sam J. Kobelt, Brenton Schoemaker, and Peter McCabe, #51244 (2016).

A Possible Source for Hydrocarbons Observed in the Waddell-Duncan No. 1 Murrey Well, Cochise County, Arizona, Karl W. Schwab, Michael A. Smith, and Halsey W. Miller, #80517 (2016).

GC Synthetic Seismograms for PS Seismic Data, Satinder Chopra and Ritesh Kumar Sharma, #41793 (2016).

AAPG/EAGE Hydrocarbon Seals of the Middle East, Muscat, Oman, January 18-20, 2016, Abstracts, #90251 (2016).

Late Neogene History of the Bird's Head Area, West Papua, Indonesia: An Insight From Detrital Zircon, Indra Gunawan, Robert Hall, and Benyamin Sapiie, #51245 (2016).

PS Stylolites and Porosity in a Lower Cretaceous Limestone Reservoir, Onshore Abu Dhabi, Stephen N. Ehrenberg, Liu Yaxin, and Sadoon Morad, #51248 (2016).

PS Hypogenic Karst Dissolution in Carbonate Rocks has Implications for Karstified Carbonate Reservoirs, Caroline L. Cazarin, Renata A. Ennes-Silva, Francisco H. Bezerra, Leonardo F. Borghi, Augusto S. Auler, and Alexander B. Klimchouk, #41792 (2016).

Extension of the Mid-Continent Rift System into the Southern Mid-Continent Region: Possible Implications for Exploration and Natural Hazards, G. Randy Keller, Jonathon Buening, Miguel Merino, Seth Stein, Carol A. Stein, Austin Holland, and Ken Luza, #30450 (2016).

Episodic Regional Burial and Subsequent Exhumation Exert a Major Influence on Hydrocarbon Prospectivity, Paul F. Green and Ian Duddy, #30449 (2016).

A Geochemical Overview of Some Gippsland Basin Hydrocarbon Accumulations, Dianne S. Edwards, Manzur Ahmed, Tom Bernecker, Christopher J. Boreham, Se Gong, Louise Goldie-Divko, John Gorter, Lisa Hall, Robert P. Langford, Cameron Mitchell, and Herbert Volk, #10840 (2016).

Evaluating Petroleum Character and Charge from Different Source-Rock Lithologies in the Woodford Shale and Caney Shale with Hydrous Pyrolysis, Vincent S. Nowaczewski, Mike Lewan, Johnny Barton, Chris Palmer, Alex Tang, and Steve Chipera, #51251 (2016).

PS Reservoir-Scale Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, and Porosity Characteristics of Mississippian Reservoirs, Northeastern Anadarko Shelf, Oklahoma, Colton Birch and Matthew Pranter, #51250 (2016).

Structural Inversion and Channel Evolution in a Transition Zone Across the Boundary Between Passive and Active Continental Margins: An Example From Offshore Southwestern Taiwan, Wei-Chung Han, Char-Shine Liu, Wu-Cheng Chi, and Yunshuen Wang, #51247 (2016).

MicroModelling in a Complex Shaly Sand Reservoir: A Case Study in Greater Burgan Field, Kuwait, Muhammad Yaser, Kalyanbrata Datta, Luis R. Diaz Teran, Muhammad Ibrahim, and Ernest Gomez, #51246 (2016).

AAPG Geosciences Technology Workshop Source Rocks of the Middle East, Abu Dhabi, UAE, January 25-26, 2016, Abstracts, #90252 (2016).

AAPG Southwest Section Convention, Southwest Strategies – Stay the Course, Abilene, Texas, April 9-12, 2016, Abstracts, #90250 (2016).

AAPG Foundation 2015 Grants-in-Aid Projects, Abstracts, #90249 (2016).

Pore System Changes During Experimental Polymer Flooding in Ben Nevis Formation Sandstones, Hebron Field, Offshore Eastern Canada, Luis E. Valencia, Lesley A. James, and Karem Azmy, #20349 (2016).

Fault Seal Analysis: Constraining Fault Seal Risk Using Seismic Velocities, Toby Colson, #41788 (2016).

Using Multi-Azimuth Walkaway VSP Data to Image a Tight Gas Bearing Permo-Carboniferous Glaciogenic Reservoir, Ali A. Shaiban, Carlos Planchart, Salman Bubshait, Husain Nassir, and Robert Richards, #41787 (2016).

Monitoring Coal Seam Gas Depressurisation Using Magnetotellurics, Nigel Rees, Graham Heinson, and Lars Krieger, #41786 (2016).

Modelling the Complexity of Continental Breakup and Basin Formation Including the Role of Magmatism, Klaus Regenauer-Lieb, Jie Liu, Gideon Rosenbaum, Roberto Weinberg, Ali Karrech, Manolis Veveakis, and Thomas Poulet, #41785 (2016).

Progressive Fracturing Simulations: Transition from Non-Intersecting Fractures to Intersections, Mahdi Haddad, #41776 (2016).

Feasibility of Storing Carbon Dioxide on a Tectonically Active Margin: New Zealand, B.D. Field, M.J. Lawrence, A. Nicol, D. McNamara, M.J. Arnot, F. Coyle, K.E. Higgs, B. Mountain, M. Gerstenberger, R. Daniel1, M.A. Bunch, and B. Barton, #80527 (2016).

Basin Screening for Seal-rock Quality, New Zealand Region, B.D. Field, D.P. Strogen, H.D. Zhu, T.R. Sahoo, A.G. Griffin, M.J.F. Lawrence, C. Martin, R. McDonnell, K. Jones, and R. Daniel, #10839 (2016).

The Global Storage Readiness: A Global CCS Institute Analysis, Chris Consoli and Rick Causebrook, #80528 (2016).

Multiphysics Characterization of an Albian Post-Salt Carbonate Reservoir, Brazil, Michael B. Clennell, Tobias Mueller, Valeriya Shulakova, Jie Liu, Lionel Esteban, Joel Sarout, Maxim Lebedev, Boris Gurevich, Vassili Mikhaltsevitch, Sofia Correia-Lopes, Qiaomu Qi, Sherry Mayo, Iko Burgar, Gerald Pereira, Flavia Falcao, Marcos Grochau, Matthew Josh, Reem Freij-Ayoub, Marina Pervukhina, Shakil Ahmed, Claudio Delle Piane, Leigh Kiewiet, Bruce Maney, Jeremie Dautriat, and Antoine Dillinger, #51242 (2016).

Nirvana Regulation for Petroleum Operations, Barry A. Goldstein, #70214 (2016).

Changes in Structural Style Along the Frontal Papuan Fold Belt From Seismic Imaging, Marcus Parish, #30448 (2016).

Structural and Stratigraphic Evolution of the North Marine Area, Gulf of Paria, Trinidad, Since the Pliocene, Curtis Archie and Nancy Gallai-Ragobar, #30447 (2016).

Multilateral Stimulation Technology - A New Approach to Stimulating/Revitalizing Production in Carbonate Reservoirs, Kevin Rice, #80524 (2016).

Comparison of Completion and Drilling Techniques Utilized in Developing Paleozoic Reservoirs in the Southern Denver Basin, Mid-Continent, Colorado USA, Steven Tedesco, #10838 (2016).

Structural Geology Observations Derived From Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry Over Rift Systems, Desmond FitzGerald and Horst Holstein, #41784 (2016).

PS Who Should Make the Optimum Upscaling Decisions, A Geologist or An Engineer?, Benmadi Milad and Roger Slatt, #41783 (2016).

PS Regional Fine-Scale Sequence Stratigraphy of the Woodford Shale and Its Impact on Microseismic Activity and Optimizing Future Hydraulic Fractures, Jing Zhang, Jennifer Scott, Roger Slatt, and Bryan Turner, #51241 (2016).

PS Rock and Fracture Characterization of the Woodford Shale along the I-35 Outcrop, Henry Galvis-Portilla, Daniela Becerra-Rondon, David Duarte, and Roger Slatt, #51240 (2016).

PS Seismic Risk of the Meers Fault, SW Oklahoma: A Hoary Giant or Great Imposter?, Andrew Cullen, #51239 (2016).

Use of Biostratigraphy and 3D Seismic Data to Reinterpret Depositional Environments of the Lower Cruse in the Southern Basin of Trinidad, Curtis Archie, Christopher Lakhan, and Nancy Gallai-Ragobar, #51238 (2016).

Identification of Vuggy Zones in Carbonate Reservoirs from Wireline Logs Using Machine Learning Techniques, Erica Howat, Srikanta Mishra, Jared Schuetter, Benjamin Grove, and Autumn Haagsma, #51237 (2016).

Implementing Discriminative Water Saturation Criteria to Determine Prime Production Remnants in Morrow County, Erica Howat, Amber Conner, and Srikanta Mishra, #51236 (2016).

March 2016

Optimizing Completion in Unconventionals: What We Know Now, Alireza Sanaei, #80525 (2016).

PS Origin, Distribution, and Reservoir Quality Implications of the Dolomite in the Late Permian Khuff-C Reservoir, Eastern Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Al Qattan and David A. Budd, #51233 (2016).

PS Feasibility of Enhanced Permeability of Siliciclastic Reservoirs by Geochemical Stimulation, Syed Anas Ali, Jay R. Black, and Ralf Haese, #41782 (2016).

Application of the Instantaneous Quality Factor (Q) in the Characterization of the Austin Chalk and Eagle Ford Shale, South Texas, Osareni Ogiesoba, #41781 (2016).

Gas and Liquid Flow in Shale, Farzam Javadpour, #41780 (2016).

PS Multiscale Characterization of Coquinas Reservoirs in Analogues Outcrops, Sergipe Alagoas (Brazil) and Lusitanian (Portugal) Basins, Antônio Jorge Vasconcellos Garcia, Gustavo Gonçalves Garcia, Márcio Vinicius Santana Dantas, Samuel Alécio Tavares Figueiredo, Karen Ariadne Leite Santos, Izaura Oliveira Carvalho, Daniela Dantas de Menezes Ribeiro, and Larissa Lima da Rocha, #51252 (2016).

PS Unlocking Potential Unconventional Petroleum Resources in the Frontier McArthur Basin, Northern Territory, Daniel J. Revie, #10844 (2016).

PS Petroleum Potential Onshore Southern Madagascar, Morandava Basin, Block 3114, Debra K. Gomez, #10843 (2016).

PS Sedimentology and Depositional Environments of Cyclic Microbial Bearing Strata of the Cambrian Point Peak Member of the Wilberns Fm. Exposed along the Llano River and Mill Creek, Mason County, TX, Grace Mabry, Lindsey Yazbek, Clay Ford, Daniel Lehrmann, Pankaj Khanna, Heath Hopson, Meron Fessahaie, and Andre Droxler, #51235 (2016).

PS Interbedded Source and Reservoir Rocks in a Hybrid Tight Oil Petroleum System: Mississippian Heath Formation, Central Montana, USA, Richard J. Bottjer, John E. Zumberge, John B. Curtis, Iain C. Scotchman, and Peter F. Purrazzella, #51234 (2016).

PS Stratigraphic Units in the North Marine Area: How Are They Defined and What is the Nature of the Contacts Between Them?, Nancy Gallai-Ragobar and Curtis Archie, #30446 (2016).

PS The Triangle Zone of the Argentine Precordillera: Insights From the Integration of Geological and Geophysical Data, Pablo Giampaoli and Federico G. Spath, #30445 (2016).

Core Flood Modelling of Ion-Exchange during Low Salinity Waterflooding, Nestor Vásconez, Yerulan Sabyrgali, and Eric Mackay, #41779 (2016).

GC Enhancement of Multicomponent Seismic Data, Satinder Chopra and Ritesh Kumar Sharma, #41778 (2016).

PS Hydraulic Fracture Modeling and the Road to Prediction - A Finite Element Approach, Jason Pitcher and Johannes Will, #41777 (2016).

PS Pore Evolution in the Barnett, Eagle Ford (Boquillas), and Woodford Mudrocks Based on Gold-Tube Pyrolysis Thermal Maturation, Lucy (Ting-Wei) Ko, Tongwei Zhang, Robert G. Loucks, Stephen C. Ruppel, and Deyong Shao, #51228 (2016).

PS Borehole Stability and Field Stress Analysis with Azimuthal Logging-while-Drilling Technology: A Case History, Saikh A. Azim, Sankar Chowdhuri, Salah Al-Anezi, Anar Abdulkarim, Ahmet Aki, and Mohamed Samie, #41775 (2016).

Characterize Shale Reservoir for Engineers, Xingru Wu, #80523 (2016).

Using Geomechanical Modeling to Quantify the Impact of Faults on Multiple Phases of Unconventional Resource Production, Nicholas Umholtz, #80522 (2016).

Wettability Alteration in Reservoirs: How It Happens and How It Boosts Production, Geoffrey Thyne, #80520 (2016).

Bring the Realities into Focus: New Integration Process for Geology, Engineering, Petrophysics, and Seismic for a CO2 Flood, Jason Rush, Mina FazelAlavi, John Doveton, and Lynn Watney, #80521 (2016).

Relationships between Geologic Zones, Produced Water, Saltwater Management, and Seismicity in Oklahoma, Kyle E. Murray, #80519 (2016).

Multidisciplinary Characterization and Modeling of Mississippian Carbonate and Silica-Rich Reservoirs, Northern Oklahoma, Matthew Pranter, Anna Turnini, Kurt Marfurt, and Deepak Devegowda, #51231 (2016).

PS A New Insight on the Mechanism of Salt Wall Collapse in Northeastern Paradox Basin, Utah, Mohammad Naqi, Bruce Trudgill, and Charles Kluth, #10837 (2016).

Codell Sandstone, A Review of the Northern DJ Basin Oil Resource Play, Laramie County, Wyoming, and Weld County, Colorado, Robert H. Sterling, Richard J. Bottjer, and Kevin H. Smith, #10754 (2015/2016).

Case Study in Calculating Worst Case Discharge for a Gulf of Mexico Well While Leveraging Soft Skills to Produce a High-Quality Work Product, Islin Munisteri, #70213 (2016).

PS Regional Stratigraphic Differentiation of Deepwater Fan and Channel Geometries, Offshore Tanzania and Mozambique: Size Matters, Katie-Joe McDonough, Farrukh Qayyum, Eric Bouanga, Kristoffer Rimaila, Victoria Romanova, and Brian W. Horn, #30442 (2016).

PS Using X-Ray Fluorescence to Quantify Clay Content in Mudrock and Sandstone Outcrops, Alton A. Brown and Russell K. Davies, #41773 (2016).

PS Utica-Pt. Pleasant Condensate Yield Prediction Using 3-D Maturity Modeling, Grant Zimbrick and Mike Tischer, #41774 (2016).

PS Constructing a Geological Model to Estimate the Capacity of Commercial Scale Injection, Utilization and Storage of CO2 in the Jacksonburg-Stringtown Field, West Virginia, USA, Zhi Zhong and Timothy R. Carr, #80518 (2016).

PS Tectonophysical Processes and Their Surface Feedback in the Ashmore Platform Region, Timor Sea: A Combined 2D and 3D Seismic-Reflection Analysis, Silvia B. Cardona and Stefan Back, #30443 (2016).

PS 4D Time-Lapse Characterization of Porosity Evolution in Organic-Rich Shales S. T. Wu, C. N. Zou, R. K. Zhu, J. G. Cui, J. W. Cui, and X. F. Zhai, #51232 (2016).

PS The AB Basin Bakken/Exshaw Resource Play of Northwest Montana: Where Did All the Oil Go?, William B. Hansen, #51230 (2016).

PS Micrite, Microporosity and Total Organic Carbon Content: Depositional and Diagenetic Controls Linking Smalland Large-Scale Observations in the Tuwaiq Mountain and Hanifa Formations, Mustafa A. Al Ibrahim, Rick Sarg, Neil Hurley, Dave Cantrell, and John D. Humphrey, #51229 (2016).

February 2016

Construction and Calibration of a Fractured Tight Reservoir in a Mature Field, José Marín and E. Escobedo, #20347 (2016).

Seven Cretaceous Low-Order Depositional Sequences from the Browse Basin, North West Shelf, Australia: A Framework for CO2 Storage Studies, Steve T. Abbott, David Caust, Nadege Rollet, Megan E. Lech, Rowan Romeyn, Karen Romine, Kamal Khider, and Jane Blevin, #51224 (2016).

Influence of Provenance and Sediment Supply on Sandstone Composition and Depositional Styles: Pennsylvanian Upper Morrowan and Cherokee, Oklahoma: Why Are These Sandstones so Different?, Jim Puckette, #51223 (2016).

Composition and Mechanical Properties of the Woodford Shale, Northern Oklahoma, Katie Foltz, Andrew Snider, and Jim Puckette, #51220 (2016).

GC Poisson Impedance Application to Shale Resource Characterization, Ritesh Kumar Sharma and Satinder Chopra, #41772 (2016).

A Case History of the East Hardy Unit, Mississippian Highway 60 Trend, Osage County, OK, Ronald Snyder, #20345 (2016).

AV Pushing the Boundaries of Exploration in East Malaysia: Building on Early Success, Mark Jones, Stuart Burley, Neil Sharp, and Nick Wilson, #110226 (2016).
Click to view presentation in PDF format.

PS Geological Modeling of Outcrop Successions to Assess Analog-Based Predictions of the Sedimentary Heterogeneity in Fluvial Reservoirs, Luca Colombera, Nigel Mountney, John Howell, Andreas Rittersbacher, and Bill McCaffrey, #41771(2016).

Oklahoma Earthquakes, Jeremy Boak, Kyle Murray, and Jefferson Chang, #70211 (2016).

New Interpretations for the Deposition of Mississippian Limestones in the Mid-Continent: A Reflection of Sequence Stratigraphy and Associated Migration of Facies Belts, Miranda Childress and G. Michael Grammer, #51225 (2016).

Spatial Analysis of Selected Earthquake Clusters Recorded by a Dense Network of Seismic Stations Around Stillwater, Oklahoma, Tim Sickbert, Mohamed Abdelsalam, Nathan Campbell, and Manahloh Yihun, #51222 (2016).

Surprise Production from the Lansing Kansas City Formation, Cimarex Mendota Ranch Wells, Hemphill County, Texas, Wally Dow, #51221 (2016).

Lithostratigraphy of the 'Burbank' (Red Fork) Sand in Western Osage County, Oklahoma, Chris P. Cunningham, #51227 (2016).

3D Seismic Evidence for Strike-Slip Faults in Kansas, Dennis Hedke and W. Lynn Watney, #51226 (2016).

Oklahoma's Recent Earthquakes and Saltwater Disposal, F. Rall Walsh, Randi J. Walters, Mark D. Zoback, Jack W. Baker, and Gregory C. Beroza, #80516 (2016).

PS Geologic Factors Controlling Production in the Codell Sandstone, Wattenberg Field, Colorado, Stephen A. Sonnenberg, #20346 (2016).

AAPG Education Directorate, Geosciences Technology Workshop, Revitalizing Reservoirs, San Antonio, Texas, December 1-2, 2015, Abstracts, #90248 (2016).

Permeability Anisotropy Related to Braided Fluvial Facies Architectural Elements in Middle Boggy Formation, Middle Pennsylvanian, McIntosh County, Oklahoma, Mingyu Yang and Dennis R. Kerr, #51219 (2016).

Importance of Modern Logs and Accurate Mudlogs: An Example of a New Field Discovery, Paul W. Smith, #41770 (2016).

Helium: A Commercial Discussion: Helium Market Fundamentals, Processing and Marketing, IACX Otis Plant Case Study, Jeremy Jordan, #70212 (2016).

Evolution of Large-Scale Topography and River Drainage Direction from Mantle Flow Models, Nicolas Flament, R. Dietmar Müller, Michael Gurnis, Sabin Zahirovic, Grace E. Shephard, Dan J. Bower, Maria Seton, Simon Williams, and Jakob Skogseid, #41769 (2016).

AV The Bauer Field, Cooper/Eromanga Basin: Case Study of a Low-Relief, High-Productivity Oil Field, Glen Buick, #110225 (2016)
Click to view presentation in PDF format.

Recovering Subsurface Coverage in the Emerging Smackover Brown Dense Unconventional Play in Northern Louisiana, Richard Verm, #80515 (2016).

Importance of Field Projects and Regional Mapping to Demonstrate Geologic Storage Potential in the Midwestern United States, Neeraj Gupta, Lydia Cumming, and Rodney Osborne, #80514 (2016).

Precambrian Surface (Great Unconformity) in Eastern Midwest, Paul E. Potter, #30441 (2016).

GC Using Volumetric Calculators for Better Accuracy, Lennon Infante Paez and Kurt J. Marfurt, #41757 (2016).

Mystery in the Mushwad: The Origin of Gas in the Big Canoe Creek Field, Saint Clair County, Alabama, USA, Richard Drozd, #20344 (2016).

Anomalous Thermal Indicators from the Authigenic Minerals in Upper Paleozoic Strata of the Michigan Basin, Kyle Cox and David A. Barnes, #10836 (2016).

Reassessment of Exploration Risks in Taranaki Basin Related to Gondwana Margin Evolution and Establishment of an Active Plate Boundary in New Zealand Using Integrative 3-D Basin Modelling, Karsten F. Kroeger, Rob Funnell, Malcolm J. Arnot, Suzanne Bull, Matt G. Hill, and Hai Zhu, #10834 (2016).

Free and Almost Free Petroleum Information: Low-Cost and Open-Source Software, Susan Smith Nash, #70209 (2016).

Evaluating Shale Play Opportunities, Optimizing Your Own Operations, Susan Smith Nash, #80512 (2016).

Browse Basin 2014 Marine Survey - Investigating Containment for Potential Late Cretaceous CO2 Storage Plays, Chris Nicholson, Rowan Romeyn, Megan Lech, Steve T. Abbott, George Bernardel, Andrew Carroll, David Caust, Emmanuelle Grosjean, Ron Hackney, Floyd Howard, Rachel Melrose, Scott Nichol, Lynda Radke, Nadege Rollet, Justy Siwabessy, and Janice Trafford, #80511 (2016).

Cretaceous Stratigraphic Play Fairways and Risk Assessment in the Browse Basin: Implications for CO2 Storage, Nadege Rollet, Steve T. Abbott, Megan E. Lech, David Caust, Rowan Romeyn, Karen Romine, Jane Blevin, Kamal Khider, Chris Nicholson, Emmanuelle Grosjean, Richard F. Kempton, Eric Tenthorey, Jennifer Totterdell, Victor Nguyen, Liuqi Wang, and Ron Hackney, #80513 (2016).

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