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New Articles

August 2016

PS Evaluation of Mercury Intrusion and Capillary Pressure Results: Development of a New Methodological Approach for Analyzing Carbonates, Cameron Manche and Stephen E. Kaczmarek, #41863 (2016).

Data-Driven Quantitative Reservoir Characterization and New Insights in Pubei Field of Turpan-Hami Basin, Western China, Jianbin Ran, Haiyin Li, Zhengtao Hu, Zhe Zhu, Jia Chen, and Xuejun Wang, #41857 (2016).

Fully Controlled Sampling Workflow for Multi-Scale X-Ray Imaging of Complex Reservoir Rock Samples to be Used for Digital Rock Physics, Sven Roth, Youli Hong, Hrishikesh Bale, Tianpeng Zhao, Sreenivas Bhattiprolu, Matthew Andrew, Chai Weichao, Jeff Gelb, and Benjamin Hornberger, #41840 (2016).

Advanced Chromatography, Cuttings Analysis and Well Logging Integration: An Optimized Petrophysical Approach, Carlos Vargas Caña, D. Llanos, N. DeCastro, and S.Vija, #41838 (2016).

Cross-Strike Structures and Hydrocarbon Migration and Accumulation: Examples in Three Alpine Thrust Belts, Raffaele di Cuia, Raffaele Bitonte, and Paolo Pace, #51288 (2016).

The Role of Islands in Influencing Carbonate Platform-Top Deposition, Paul (Mitch) Harris and Sam J. Purkis, #51287 (2016).

PS The Cardium Formation Production and Injection Database. Gas to Oil Ratios, Production Forecasting and GOR Risk Assessment, C.A. Rojas-Aldana, F.F. Krause, and R.O. Meyer, #51284 (2016).

PS The Mississippian Thick Cypress Sandstone: A Nonconventional CO2-EOR Target in the Illinois Basin, Nathan D. Webb, Nathan P. Grigsby, Joshua J. Arneson, Leo G. Giannetta, and Scott M. Frailey, #10859 (2016).

PS Control of Intra-Plate Tectonic Inversion on the East and North Saudi Arabia Basins; New Exploration Horizon, Mesbah Khalil, #30458 (2016).

What Drives the Link? Salt, Oil, Gas and Metals, John K. Warren, #70219 (2016).

The Importance of Ground Water Aquifer Identification on Well Planning: An Example from the São Sebastião Aquifer, Northeast Brazil, Felipe S. Moreira, Elvio C.O. Garcias, and Gregory S. Soule, #80547 (2016).

PS Pitfalls in Geological Mapping Within Unconventional Plays: A Case Study From the Three Forks Play in the Williston Basin, Riley Brinkerhoff, Sarah Edwards, and Mark Millard, #80546 (2016).

GC Volumetric Fault Enhancement Applications, Satinder Chopra and Kurt J. Marfurt, #41869 (2016).

PS A Diagenetic Origin for δ18O Variability on the Margins of the Great Bahama Bank, Insights from Clumped Isotopes, Philip T. Staudigel, Peter Swart, and Harry Elderfield, #41867 (2016).

PS Treatment of Grey Water Using Jordanian Natural Zeolites, Nida'a A. Hammad, #41866 (2016).

Timing Mismatch Between Facies Change and Provenance Change in Large River Systems: Implications for Reservoir Development in Evolving Catchments, David Macdonald, Paula Robinson, and Uisdean Nicholson, #51290 (2016).

The Effect of Rapid Changes in Pressure, Temperature and Salinity Conditions on Methane Dissolution and Implication for the Volume of Accumulated Gas, Constantin Sandu and Marek Kacewicz, #51289 (2016).

PS Predicting Clearwater Formation Natural Fracture Intensity, Athabasca Oil Sands Area, Queena Chou, Andres Altosaar, and Kevin Gillen, #51286 (2016).

PS The Hartselle Sandstone, Alabama's Oil Sands Resource, Christopher H. Hooks, Denise J. Hills, and Marcella R. McIntyre-Redden, #51285 (2016).

PS TOC Prediction Analysis of Utica-Point Pleasant Formations in the Appalachian Basin, Guochang Wang, Alireza Shahkarami, and Jonathan Bruno, #51283 (2016).

The Use of Seismic Technologies in Different Reserve Standards: Applications of 3D Seismic and 4D Seismic to the SEC, NI-51 and PRMS Reserve Categories, Jeffrey B. Aldrich, Brandy M. Butler, and John P. Seidle, #41865 (2016).

Unconventional Approach to Estimate Permeability of Thin Beds in a Carbonate Reservoir with Vertical Interference Testing, Christophe Bassem Maalouf, Salem Al Jaberi, Irina Baca Espinoza, F.Elarouci, S. Smith, and H.Khairy, #41834 (2016).

Reservoir Characterization of Water Zone above Oil-Water Contact in a Carbonate Reservoir, Offshore Abu Dhabi, Christophe Bassem Maalouf, Irina Baca Espinoza, Nusrat Afrin Afzal, Jorge Costa Gomes, and Salem Al-Jaberi, #41833 (2016).

Oil Sands Pioneers: How Scientists and Entrepreneurs Made the Unconventional More "Conventional", Frances J. Hein, #80545 (2016).

Petro-Tourism: Canada's First Commercial Use of Natural Gas, Andrew Fox, #70218 (2016).

Calibration of Seismic Fracture Model Using Dynamic Data and Borehole Images: An Example of Fractured Carbonate Reservoir, Victor Ivanov and Reza Iskandar, #41861 (2016).

3D Inversion of Crosswell Electromagnetic Data Collected between Extremely Spaced Horizontal Wells, Ping Zhang, Alberto Marsala, Stig Lyngra, Wael Abdallah, and Mike Wilt, #41860 (2016).

Fluid Overpressures and Decollements in Source Rocks - Application of Thermo-mechanical Models to the Subalpine Chains, Josselin Berthelon, William Sassi, and Evgueni Burov, #41859 (2016).

From 3D Photogrammetric Outcrop Models to Reservoir Models: An Integrated Modelling Workflow, Julien Schmitz, Rémy Deschamps, Philippe Joseph, Olivier Lerat, Brigitte Doligez, and Anne Jardin, #41858 (2016).

Appalachian Shales Are Not Just Unconventional, They Are Downright Kinky, Paul Gillespie, #10857 (2016).

Quantitative Facies Analysis: A Tool Kit in the Characterization of Eagle Ford Sequence Stratigraphy and Facies Heterogeneity, Ariel E. Malicse, Erik Van Dusen, Bret Neff, Daniel Hurst, and Heather McGarity, #51279 (2016).

The Playa Lake Depositional Model for the Three Forks Formation, Beatriz Garcia-Fresca and Daniel Pinkston, #51278 (2016).

Examination of Petrophysical Characteristics of Carbonate Multimodal Porosity Systems, Mark Skalinski, Robert Mallan, Paul Theologou, and Rafael Salazar, #51282 (2016).

PS Origin of the Mid-Cretaceous Heavy Oils from the Safaniya Sandstone Reservoir, (Wasia Formation), Saudi Arabia, Ranya Algeer, Haiping Huang, and Steve R. Larter, #51277 (2016).

PS Evolution of Frasnian Mixed Carbonate-Siliclastics Systems: Outcrop-Based Characterization of Sequence Stratigraphy and Architecture, Cline Channel and Jasper Basin Areas, Alberta, Canada, Pak Wong, John Weissenberger, and Murray Gilhooly, #51276 (2016).

PS Fluid Inclusion and Isotope Studies of Calcite Veins in Shizhu Synclinorium, Central China: Record of Origin of Fluids and Diagenetic Conditions, Jian Gao and Sheng He, #51275 (2016).

Fault and Fracture Detection in Unconventional Reservoirs: A Utica Shale Study, Hesham Refayee, Steve Adcock, Hardeep Jaglan, Nanne Hemstra, and Kristoffer Rimaila, #80544 (2016).

Mass Fraction Maturity – Next Generation Geochemical Constraint of Basin Models, Haiping Huang, Jingping Ma, Ranya Algeer, and Steve Larter, #41862 (2016).

PS Placement Matters: Improving Survey Accuracy by Using Continuous Directional Data and Drilling Parameter Settings, Ed Stockhausen, Richard Ball, Pete Clark, Richard Mongan, and Philip Rice, #41856 (2016).

The Shale Activity Test (SAT), Konstandinos Zamfes, Chris Smart, and Steve Zamfes, #41855 (2016).

Analytical Formation Sampling During Drilling Using OPAL – On Surface Petrophysical Analytical Logging, Konstandinos Zamfes, Chris Smart, and Steve Zamfes, #41854 (2016).

PS The (Forgotten?) Art of Geological Field Sketches, Jon Noad, #41853 (2016).

PS Estimation of Source-To-Sink Mass Balance by a Fulcrum Approach Using Channel Paleohydrologic Parameters of the Cretaceous Dunvegan Formation, Canada, Wen Lin and Janok P. Bhattacharya, #41852 (2016).

PS Quantitative Characterization of the Sedimentary Architecture of Shallow-Marine and Paralic Reservoir Analogs: A Database Approach, Luca Colombera, Nigel P. Mountney, David Hodgson, and William D. McCaffrey, #41851 (2016).

PS New Petroleum Systems Related to the Structuring of Meso-Cenozoic Basins in North African Plate Tunisian Margin, Mourad Bédir, Mohamed Soussi, Hakim Gabtni, Hajer Azaiez, Taher Zouaghi, Sami Khomsi, Dorra Tanfous-Amri, Afif Arbi, Faten Houatmia, and Akram Soltani, #30459 (2016).

Origin of the Raised Rim in the Kashagan Buildup, Kazakhstan: A Hypothesis for Diagenesis Associated With Fractures and Burial Compaction, Joel F. Collins, Gareth D. Jones, Jackson Haffener, Sony R. Mohammad, Marat Nauryzgaliyev, and Roza Nursaidova, #20365 (2016).

Quebec's Horizontal New Play for Light Oil in the Gaspe Peninsula: Reprocessed 2-D Seismic Reveals Complex Structures that could be Significant Fields, Linda R. Sternbach, #20364 (2016).

Depositional Model for Shale Gas Deposits of the Besa River Formation in Liard Basin, British Columbia, Filippo Ferri, Margot McMechan, Robert Creaser, and Richard Friedman, #10858 (2016).

Oil to Source Rock Correlation and Implications for Petroleum System Analysis, Western Newfoundland, Martin Schwangler, Nicholas B. Harris, and John F. Waldron, #10856 (2016).

PS New Insights from Detrital Zircons into the Northern Provenance of Triassic-Jurassic Strata, Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic Islands, Derrick Midwinter, Thomas Hadlari, Bill Arnott, Bill Davis, and Keith Dewing, #10853 (2016).

Origin and Characterization of Eagle Ford Pore Networks in the South Texas Upper Cretaceous Shelf, Lucy Tingwei Ko, Robert G. Loucks, Stephen C. Ruppel, Tongwei Zhang, and Sheng Peng, #51281 (2016).

Organic Rich Facies in the Lewis Shale as an Oil and Gas Source Rock, Greater Green River Basin, Wyoming, United States, Ligia Carolina Mayorga-Gonzalez, Roger M. Slatt, and David Pyles, #51280 (2016).

Southeast Offshore Storage Resource Assessment: Opportunities in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico for CO2 Storage, Denise J. Hills, Jack C. Pashin, and Marcella R. McIntyre-Redden, #80543 (2016).

Geomechanical Properties of the Upper Ordovician Macasty Shale and its Caprock, Anticosti Island: A Regional Evaluation for a Promising Tight Oil Play, Denis Lavoie and Stephan Séjourné, #80542 (2016).

Stratigraphic Modeling of a Mix Siliciclastic-Carbonate System in a Passive Margin Setting: The Hettangian-Cenomanian Interval of the Shelburne Subbasin - Nova Scotia 2011 PFA SW Expansion, Emerson Marfisi, #10855 (2016).

Carbonate Buildups in the Post-Rift Sequence of the Pernambuco Basin, NE Brazil: Oil Play Implications, Bruno Varela Buarque, José Antônio Barbosa, Jefferson Tavares Cruz Oliveira, Osvaldo Correia Filho, and José Ricardo Gonçalves Magalhães, #10854 (2016).

PS Stratigraphy, Exploration and EOR potential of the Tensleep/Casper Formations, SE Wyoming, Steven G. Fryberger, Nick Jones, Matthew Johnson, and Curtis Chopping, #10851 (2016).

PS The Limitations of Lognormal Distributions: Using Subsurface Data to Make More Accurate Resource Estimations, David Liner, #41848 (2016).

PS Insar Monitoring in Heavy Oil Operations, Sara Del Conte, Andrea Tamburini, Andy Higgs, Jessica Morgan, Giacomo Falorni, and Marie-Josée Banwell, #41847 (2016).

PS Prediction of Fluvial Point-Bar Internal Architecture and Heterogeneity, Catherine E. Russell, Nigel P. Mountney, David M. Hodgson, Luca Colombera, and Robert Thomas, #41846 (2016).

PS Using SARA Data to Reduce Uncertainty about the Type of Petroleum Fluid in the Woodford Formation and the Meramec Formation in the Anadarko Basin and the Arkoma Basin, Oklahoma, Alan S. Kornacki and Doran B. Eddins, #41845 (2016).

Identifying a Bypassed Reservoir in Limestone "A" Sequence with Magnetic Resonance While Drilling, Oscar Morales, Fabricio Sierra, Nidal Hazboun, Guillermo Saucedo, Vikas Jain, Nate Bachman, and Kais Gzara, #41843 (2016).

Facies Analysis and Permeability Estimation in Late Cretaceous Giant Carbonate Reservoir using LWD Technology: A Case Study in Sabriyah Field, North Kuwait, Ahmed Elsherif, Kais Gzara, Hossam Ibrahim, and J. Krafft, #41842 (2016).

PS Carpathian Foredeep Basin (Miocene, Poland and Ukraine): Significance of Evaporite Deposition, Tadeusz M. Peryt and Danuta Peryt, #10852 (2016).

PS Geostatistical Modelling of Hydrothermal Dolomite by PluriGaussian Simulation from Digital Outcrop Dataset (Latemar, N-Italy), Nadya Kulyukina, Olivier Dubrule, and Carl Jacquemyn, #41844 (2016).

PS Facies, Stratigraphy and Lateral Stratigraphic Continuity in Lower Jurassic Reservoir Analogue Outcrops at Wadi Naqab, United Arab Emirates, C. Mircescu, M. Hönig, C. M. John, and C. Jacquemyn, #51270 (2016).

PS Impact of Heterogeneous Storm Event Deposits on Fluid Flow Behaviour of Late Jurassic Arab-D Reservoir, Saudi Arabia, C. Jacquemyn, M. D. Jackson, G. J. Hampson, C. M. John, R. Zühlke, D. L. Cantrell, A. AbuBshait, and R. F. Lindsay, #51269 (2016).

Unconventional Shale Hydraulic Fracturability-Effect of Porosity and Pore Shapes, Naeem-Ur-Rehman Minhas and Guodong Jin, #41837 (2016).

Chemostratigraphy and Provenance of the Carboniferous-Permian Unayzah Formation and Basal Khuff Clastics Deposits Encountered in Central Arabia, Mohamed Soua, #30457 (2016).

Steam Piloting in the Aruma Reservoir, Awali Field, Bahrain, Stanley W. Stearns, Aamer Al Balushi, Arief Hendroyono, and Mark R. Lambert, #20362 (2016).

Integrating Production and XPT Analysis for Field Development in a Complicated Carbonate Reservoir, Bahrain Field, Omar Matar and Khamis Al Abdali, #20361 (2016).

Predicting Tilted Fluid Contacts: Case Study from a Carbonate Reservoir in NW Oman, Mohammed Al Kindi and Ibrahim Al Ismaili, #20360 (2016).

3D Modelling of Longshore Bar Deposit in Modern Fluvial Dominated Delta: Case Study of Wulan Delta, Demak, Central Java Province, Hasan Tri Atmojo, Hanif Indra Wicaksana, Achmad Rizal, Irfan Cibaj, Hadi Nugroho, and Dwandari Ralanarko, #51274 (2016).

Reef Constructors of the Wuchiapingian Jablonna Buildup (Western Poland), Tadeusz M. Peryt, Pawel Raczynski, and Danuta Peryt, #51273 (2016).

An Overlooked Devonian Sequence – Sea-Level Changes During Middle Bakken Member Deposition, and the Importance of Clastic Dykes in the Lower Bakken Shale, North Dakota, USA, Sven Egenhoff, #51272 (2016).

Event Deposition in Shales – Woodford Shale, Oklahoma, USA, and Bjørkåsholmen Formation, Sweden, Sven Egenhoff, Neil Fishman, Per Ahlberg, Joerg Maletz, and Stanley T. Paxton, #51271 (2016).

Pore Throat Controlling Liquid Yield in Shale – Mismatch Between Dry Produced Gas at Surface and Wet Gas or Condensate in the Reservoir, Jean-Yves D. Chatellier and Renee Perez, #80541 (2016).

Importance of Recognizing Open Fracture Networks When Estimating Shale Gas Reserves – A Geochemical and Microseismic Perspective, Jean-Yves D. Chatellier, #80540 (2016).

Capturing Uncertainty in Prospect Economics, Cornelius W. "Neil" Barnes, #41850 (2016).

July 2016

Hanifa-Tuwaiq Mountain Zone: The Edge between Conventional and Unconventional Systems?, Yahya Al Ansari, Ahmed Fateh, Ali Shehab, Ghada Almoulani, Anindya Ghosh, Aqeel Ahmed, and Suresh Thampi, #80539 (2016).

Reservoir Characterization While Drilling – A Real Time Geosteering Answer to Maximize Well Values: A Case Study, Offshore Abu Dhabi, Amr Serry, Larisa Tagareiva, and Ulrich Herz, #20363 (2016).

What is Rt? Logging-While-Drilling and Wireline Resistivity Measurements Spotlighted: An Offshore Case Study in Abu Dhabi, Amr Serry, Sultan Budebes, Hassan Aboujmeih, Ahmet Aki, and Michael Bittar, #41839 (2016).

In-Situ Analysis of Traces, Minor and Major Elements in Rocks and Soils with a Portable XRF Spectrometer, Anthony Thomas, Joachim Heckel, and Dirk Wissmann, #41836 (2016).

Wettability Alteration During Low Salinity Waterflooding: Effect Oil Composition and Divalent Cations, Jie Yang, Zhaoxia Dong, Zihao Yang, Meiqin Lin, Juan Zhang, and Chen Chen, #41835 (2016).

Drilling Risk Assessment through Joint EM and Seismic Data Integrated Interpretation, Gang Yu, Zhanxiang He, Haicong Chen, Zhigang Wang, Jinchen Qin, and Yuyu Meng, #41832 (2016).

Experiences with Dual-Sensor Towed Streamer Acquisition and Imaging in the Eastern Mediterranean, Martin Widmaier and Øystein Lie, #41831 (2016).

Predicting Pore Pressure in Carbonates: A Review, Sam Green, Stephen A. O'Connor, and Alexander P. Edwards, #41830 (2016).

Prestack Seismic Data Inversion for Shale Gas Reservoir Characterization in China, Gang Yu, Yusheng Zhang, Uwe Strecker, and Maggie Smith, #41829 (2016).

Some Geological Aspects of Long- and Short-Term Climate Change Relevant to Pacific Tropical Islands, George Devries Klein, #70217 (2016).

Geosteering through Challenging Fractured Limestone Reservoir Becomes Achievable Utilizing High Definition Multi-Layer Boundary Mapping Technology – Case Study from a Deep Gas Reservoir, Saad A. Al-Ajmi, Chinmaya Pattnaik, Ahmed E. Al-Dawood, Qasem Dashti, Abdul Aziz H. Al-Failakawi, Sandeep Chakravorty, Chandan J. Keot, and Khaled M. El-Derini, #41828 (2016).

Establishing Minimum Economic Field Size and Analysing its Role in Exploration Project Risks Assessment: Three Examples, Virendra Singh, Elena Izaguirre, Ivan Yemez, and Horacio Stigliano, #41827 (2016).

Libya and the Great Challenges of Overcoming Difficulties to Exploring and Producing Shale Gas, and Tight Reservoirs (Shale Oil) Potential, Edres A. Abualkhir, #10850 (2016).

Optimizing Oil Development of a Super K Compartmentalized Reservoir with Large Gas Cap and Bottom Water Aquifer "Case Study", Ashraf El Gazar, Saleh A. Bin Sumaidaa, Mohamad Yousef Alklih, Syofvas Syofyan, and Tariq Ali Al Shabibi, #20359 (2016).

Evolution of the Middle Triassic - Middle Jurassic Tight Reservoirs in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Jialiang Hu, Johan Witte, and Fernando Neves, #51256 (2016).

Structural Controlled Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoirs in the Precambrian Dengying Formation of the Central Sichuan Basin, Southwestern China, Feng Mingyou, Liu Xiaohong, Qiang Zitong, Tao Yanzhong, and Xia Qingsong, #51268 (2016).

Numerical Simulation of Horizontal Alternate Steam Drive (HASD) for Heavy Oil Fields in the Marañon Basin, Victor A. Huerta Quiñones and Néstor A. A. Palacios Chun, #41826 (2016).

Calibrating Seal Risk against Global Analogues and Observations: Where Does the Middle East Fit?, Duncan Macgregor and Roger Davies, #41825 (2016).

Sealing – What Are We Risking?, Mark Hollanders and Steven Bloemendaal, #41824 (2016).

Predicting the Quality of Petroleums Generated by Lower Paleozoic Source Rocks, MENA Region, Brian Horsfield, Tiem Vu, Nicolaj Mahlstedt, and Victoria Sachse, #41823 (2016).

Source Rock Kinetics: Goal and Perspectives, Mathieu Ducros, #41822 (2016).

GC Extracting Large-Scale Fracture Networks, Ayon Kumar Dey, #41818 (2016).

Fractures Types of Volcanic Reservoir and its Significance to Reservoir in the Dixi Area of the Kelameili Gas Field, Junggar Basin, Northwestern China, Liu Xiaohong, Feng Mingyou, Xi Aihua, and Liu Chang, #20358 (2016).

Hydrocarbon Prospectivity Definition, The Kra Basin, Northern Gulf of Thailand, Tianpan Ampaiwan, Minarwan Minarwan, Paul Swire, and Paolo Tognini, #20357 (2016).

Revealing the Natural Fracture Network of the Berai Carbonate, Kerendan Field Complex, Indonesia, Nicolas Bianchi, Graham Aplin, Carey Davies, Elly Guritno, Windi Darmawan, Ari Subekti, and Gilang Airlangga, #20356 (2016).

Emerging Shale and Tight-Sand Plays, Perth Basin, Western Australia, Ameed Ghori, #10849 (2016).

June 2016

2016, AAPG Division of Professional Affairs, Pittsburgh Playmaker Forum, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, April 13, 2016, Abstracts, #90262 (2016).

2016, AAPG Division of Professional Affairs, Pacific Section Playmaker Forum, Bakersfield, California, May 13, 2016, Abstracts, #90263 (2016).

PS Architecture of Underwater Distributary Channel Reservoir in Member 3 of Qingshankou Formation in QianAn District, South of Songliao Basin, Wang Jun, Bao Zhidong, and Zhang Hongjing, #51262 (2016).

Integrating Seismic Elastic Properties and Discontinuity Analysis into Reservoir Modeling and Simulation - A Case History from the Gulf of Mexico Shelf, Randal Utech, Dan Shan, Ellya Saudale, Dianna Shelander, Kirk Rodgers, Ahmed Ammar, Tim Wilkinson, and Rick Clark, #41820 (2016).

Workflows for Fault Seal Prediction in Siliciclastics and Carbonates, Graham Yielding, Emma Michie, Pete Bretan, and Quentin Fisher, #41821 (2016).

Source Rocks: Global and Regional Control on Organic Matter Accumulation: Middle East Examples, A-Y. Huc, #30456 (2016).

2016, AAPG Division of Professional Affairs, The Rockies Playmaker Discovery Forum, Denver, Colorado, March 24, 2016, Abstracts, #90261 (2016).

AAPG 2016 Annual Conference and Exhibition, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, June 19-22, 2016; Abstracts, #90259 (2016).

2016 Middle East Region, Geosciences Technology Workshop, Exploring Mature Basins, Amwaj Islands, Bahrain, April 11-13, 2016, Abstracts, #90260 (2016).

GEO 2016, 12th Middle East Geosciences Conference & Exhibition, Manama, Bahrain, March 7-10, 2016, Abstracts, #90254 (2016).

Application of an OCGS Presentation Results in Economic Production: Examples from Hugoton Embayment and Williston Basin, John A. Brett, III, E. A. (Ted) Beaumont, and Dan J. Hartmann, #20355 (2016).

Petrographic Description and Petrochemical Character of Granitoid Rocks in Mudu Area, Northern Part of Maungmagan, Dawei District, Myanmar, Myo Zaw Set and Htay Win, #51267 (2016).

Transgressive Events in the Lower and Middle Miocene of the Gulf of Thailand: Implications for Reservoir Characterization, Joseph J. Lambiase, #51266 (2016).

Petrophysical Rock Typing: Enhanced Permeability Prediction and Reservoir Descriptions, Wanida Sritongthae, #51265 (2016).

Poroperm Evolution through Different Deformation Stages: Stable Isotopes Define Fluid Evolution in Permian and Older Carbonates in Thailand, John Warren, Chris Morley, Thasinee Charoentitirat, Ian Cartwright, Prueksarat Ampaiwan, Patcharin Khositchaisri, Maryam Mirzaloo, Mohammad Nazrul, Apsorn Panthong, and Jakkrich Yingyuen, #51264 (2016).

Horizontal Well Injector/Producer Pair Platong Field, Pattani Basin, Thailand, Abhiphat Pakdeesirote, Sonchawan Ackagosol, Sarayoot Geena, Nualjun Kitvarayut, Kenneth Lewis, Tom Tran, Nancy Wildman, Achiraya Soodsai, and Pattra Viriyasittigun, #20354 (2016).

Production-Focused Seismic: Applying 3D Seismic to Well Productivity Analysis and Completion Optimization, Examples from the Eagle Ford and Wolfcamp, Ross Peebles, #80538 (2016).

Characterization of Major Seals in Zubair Reservoir Leading to Multiple Fluid Contacts: Raudhatain Field, North Kuwait, Francia A. Galea Alvarez and Lamyaa Bogammaz, #20353 (2016).

PS Syn-Rift Lacustrine Axial Delta Reservoir Quality and its Distribution: New Insight from Sumpur Delta in Singkarak Lake, West Sumatra, Indonesia, Reybi Waren, Endo Finaldhi, Enry H. Sihombing, Iqbal Fardiansyah, Faizil Fitris, Habash Semimbar, Satia Graha, Abdullah F. Talib, and Willy R. Paksi, #51263 (2016).

Creating a 3-D Hydrocarbon Profile in the Eagle Ford Shale Play, Rick Schrynemeeckers, #51261 (2016).

PS Sedimentology of Reservoir-scale Aeolian-Fluvial Interactions, Wadi Batha, Northern Wahiba Sand Sea, Oman, Steven G. Fryberger, Caroline Y. Hern, and Ken Glennie, #51260 (2016).

Velocity for Pore Pressure Prediction Modeling and Risk Assessment, Selim Simon Shaker, #41819 (2016).

PS Horizontal Well Journey: Enhance Oil Recovery and Flatten the Oil Production Decline in the Gulf of Thailand, Artit Visatemongkolchai and Wirot Teeratananon, #41817 (2016).

PS Optimization of Formation Evaluation by Integration of Advanced Surface Fluid Logging and Downhole Tools in Difficult Geological Settings, Mazwan B. M. Ali, Hasbulnallah M. Razali, Nur Hasnidar Bt Zulkifli, Fatin Hamimi Azhar, Mark Alexander Samung, Ra himah Halim, Taufiq Yaakob, M. Amin Nizar B.C.A. Razak, Anna Lebohang Sempe, Ivan Fornasier, Andrea Di Daniel, Simon Botelho, Gokarna Khanal, Elias K. Mathew, Rajeswary Kandasamy, Thierry Chabernaud, and Mohd Ramziemran Abdul Rahman, #41816 (2016).

Qualifying Source Rock Properties with Reservoir Fluid Geodynamics, Armin I. Kauerauf, Oliver C. Mullins, Kang Wang, and Oluwaseun A. Fadipe, #41815 (2016).

PS Pre-Luning-Fencemaker Metamorphism and Deformation in the Northern Sand Springs Range, Nevada, Jacob Jarvis, Sean Czarnecki, and Joseph Satterfield, #41814 (2016).

PS Relative Timings of Structures and Mesozoic-Cenozoic Intrusions in the Sand Springs Range, Nevada, Sean Czarnecki, Jacob Jarvis, and Joseph I. Satterfield, #41813 (2016).

Deepwater Shallow Water Flow (SWF): Causes and Evasion, Selim Simon Shaker, #41809 (2016).

PS Integrated Geomechanical Approach in Characterizing Sealing Capability of Faults in Cretaceous Carbonate Reservoirs, Abu Dhabi, Manhal Sirat, Ashok Shinde, and Satya Perumalla, #41808 (2016).

PS Prediction of Carbonate Reservoirs Pore Pressure and Porosity in Onshore Abu Dhabi Using Petroleum Systems Modeling Technology, Oluwaseun A. Fadipe, Radzieman Mohamad, Andy MacGregor, Aziza Bouhlel, Abdelwahab Noufal, Manhal Sirat, and D. Popa, #41812 (2016).

PS The Hercynian Unconformity in Saudi Arabia Quantification of Erosion and the Associated Uncertainty through Monte-Carlo Analysis of Maturity Profiles, Guido Port, #41811 (2016).

PS 3D Numerical Stratigraphic Model for Basin Scale Modeling of the Organic Matter Deposition in a Marine Environment: Application to the Natih Formation (Late Cretaceous, Oman), Benoit Chauveau, Didier Granjeon, and Mathieu Ducros, #41810 (2016).

GC Spectral Decompostion for a More Accurate Image, Rongfeng Zhang, #41807 (2016).

AAPG Latin America Region, Geoscience Technology Workshop, Optimizing Geoscience and Engineering to Explore and Produce in a Low Price Environment, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 18-19, 2016, Abstracts, #90258 (2016).

May 2016

Use of Drilling Data to Generate Rock Mechanical and Natural Fracture Property Logs in Horizontal Wells, Mazeda Tahmeen and Geir Hareland, #41806 (2016).

Realities of Drilling that Geologists Need to Know, Sam Noynaert, #70216 (2016).

Exploration of the Rakhine Basin, Pushing Out the Barriers with New 3D, David Cliff and Paul Carter, #10848 (2016).

Petroleum System Charge Analysis for Liquid-Rich Unconventional Plays, Michael Abrams, #80537 (2016).

A "Cookbook" Approach to Exploring for, and Evaluating, Residual Oil Zones in the San Andres Formation of the Permian Basin, Robert Trentham and L. Stephen Melzer, #51259 (2016).

PS Soil Structure and Chemistries of Brine-Impacted Soils in West Texas, M. Foust, M. Dunlap, W. Bond, and J.W. Ward, #51258 (2016).

Dockum Group Revisited: Deposition and Tectonic Significance, Alton Brown, #51257 (2016).

PS Evaluation of Geophysical Techniques in the Determination of a Salt Contaminated Environment, Walter Reed, Michael Foust, Heather L. Lehto, James W. Ward, and Jason Payne, #80535 (2016).

Strategic Planning the Big Picture: Learning from the Positive Experiences from Companies Operating in Shale Plays, Gary Hanson, #80536 (2016).

Permeability Model using Minifracture Analysis in Tight Sands of Mature Fields, José Pajuelo, D. Escobedo, and G. Moreyra, #41805 (2016).

Unconventionals Update: Challenging the Assumptions, Susan Nash, #41804 (2016).

Using Advanced Logging Measurements to Develop a Robust Petrophysical Model for the Bakken Petroleum System, Gary A. Simpson, John Hohman, Iain Pirie, and Jack Horkowitz, #80534 (2016).

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