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New Articles

February 2016

Free and Almost Free Petroleum Information: Low-Cost and Open-Source Software, Susan Smith Nash, #70209 (2016).

Evaluating Shale Play Opportunities, Optimizing Your Own Operations, Susan Smith Nash, #80512 (2016).

Browse Basin 2014 Marine Survey - Investigating Containment for Potential Late Cretaceous CO2 Storage Plays, Chris Nicholson, Rowan Romeyn, Megan Lech, Steve T. Abbott, George Bernardel, Andrew Carroll, David Caust, Emmanuelle Grosjean, Ron Hackney, Floyd Howard, Rachel Melrose, Scott Nichol, Lynda Radke, Nadege Rollet, Justy Siwabessy, and Janice Trafford, #80511 (2016).

Cretaceous Stratigraphic Play Fairways and Risk Assessment in the Browse Basin: Implications for CO2 Storage, Nadege Rollet, Steve T. Abbott, Megan E. Lech, David Caust, Rowan Romeyn, Karen Romine, Jane Blevin, Kamal Khider, Chris Nicholson, Emmanuelle Grosjean, Richard F. Kempton, Eric Tenthorey, Jennifer Totterdell, Victor Nguyen, Liuqi Wang, and Ron Hackney, #80513 (2016).

PS 3D Seismic Attributes Analysis in Reservoir Characterization: The Morrison NE Field, Clark County, Kansas, A. Vohs, A. Raef, and M. Totten, #20342 (2016).

PS Integrating Standard Petrophysical Analysis with Statistical Measures of Petrophysical Heterogeneity to Estimate Petrofacies in Mississippian Limestone, North-Central Oklahoma, Fnu Suriamin and Matthew J. Pranter, #41767 (2016).

Petrophysical Challenges and Triumphs in the Gippsland Basin, Andrew A. Mills and Kumar Kuttan, #10835 (2016).

PS Paleogeographic Evolution of Early Campanian to Maastrichtian Supersequences in the Caswell Sub-Basin—Implications for CO2 Storage and Hydrocarbon Entrapment, M. E. Lech, N. Rollet, D. Caust, and K. K. Romine, #10825 (2016).

The Source of Oil and Gas Accumulations in the Browse Basin, North West Shelf of Australia: A Geochemical Assessment, Emmanuelle Grosjean, Dianne S. Edwards, Tehani J. Kuske, Lisa Hall, Nadege Rollet, and John Zumberge, #10827 (2016).

AAPG Education Directorate, Geoscience Technology Workshop, Carbonate Reservoirs of the Middle East, Abu Dhabi, UAE, November 23-24, 2015, Abstracts, #90247 (2016).

AAPG Education Directorate, Geoscience Technology Workshop, Unconventionals Update, Austin, Texas, November 3, 2015, Abstracts, #90245 (2016).

Resistivity not Required: Fluid Identification From Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Logs, Charlie H. Smith, Layne Hamilton, and Lynda Ziane, #41768 (2016).

Wave-Equation-Based Target-O riented Inversion for Reservoir Characterisation, Dries Gisolf, P.R. Haffinger, and P. Doulgeris, #41759 (2016).

The Problem of Paleotopography in Structurally Active Slope Basins, Frank Peel, Gillian Apps, Esther Sumner, and David Stanbrook, #41758 (2016).

Hydrocarbon Exploration Challenges in Fold and Thrust Belts-Bhittani Range, Trans Indus Range, Pakistan, Moin Raza Khan, Mudassar Z. Khan, and Ali Raza, #100008 (2016).

Integrity of Wells in the Nearshore Area Gippsland Basin, Todd Goebel, Barry Nicholson, and Nick Hoffman, #80510 (2016).

CarbonNet Storage Site Selection Process and Certification to DNV-RP-J203, George Carman and Nick Hoffman, #80509 (2016).

Intraformational Seals for CO2 Storage, Nick Hoffman, Tom Evans, and Natt Arian, #80508 (2016).

CarbonNet Storage Site Characterisation, Nick Hoffman, George Carman, Mohammad Bagheri, and Todd Goebel, #80507 (2016).

Resources of the Galilee Basin, Australia: Insights From Burial History and Exhumation Analysis, Amy I'Anson, Adriana Dutkiewcz, Dietmar Müller, and Ian Deighton, #80506 (2016).

Direct Oil and Gas Evidences from Punta Del Este Basin, Offshore Uruguay: New Data From Fluid Inclusions, Matías Soto, Bruno Conti, Pablo Gristo, and Héctor de Santa Ana, #10833 (2016).

Speculative Petroleum Systems of the Southern Pelotas Basin, Offshore Uruguay, Bruno Conti, Alexandre Perinotto, Matías Soto, and Héctor de Santa Ana, #10832 (2016).

Seismic and Well Interpretation of Fluvial Clastic and Coal Packages for Stratigraphic Traps Within the Patchawarra Formation, Cooper Basin, Christopher Webb, #10831 (2016).

Bringing Australian Geophysical Data onto a High Performance Data Node at the National Computational Infrastructure, Jingbo Wang, Irina Bastrakova, Ben Evans, Carina Kemp, Ryan Fraser, and Lesley Wyborn, #70210 (2016).

Innovations in South Australian Cooper Basin Acreage Management, Elinor Alexander and Alan Sansome, #70207 (2016).

Mud Diapirism Induced Structuration and Implications for the Definition and Mapping of Hydrocarbon Traps in Makran Accretionary Prism, Pakistan, Moin Raza Khan, Abid Hussain, Muhammad Sajid, and Tahir Javed, #51216 (2016).

PS Short Junction Field Core Description and Petrophysical Analysis of the Hunton Group, Cleveland County, Oklahoma, Tim Hunt, John Speight, Huabo Liu, Valentina Vallega, Curtis Helms, and Julio Garcia, #51217 (2016).

PS Geological Evaluation of Natural Gas Sandstone in the Snyderville Shale Member, Oread Limestone Formation, Medicine Lodge-Boggs Field, Barber County, Kansas, Keithan Martin and Benjamin Crouch, #20343 (2016).

PS Analysis of Potential Uncertainties in Opening-Mode Fractures Characterization through the Scanline Technique of Aptian Carbonates, Araripe Basin, Northeast Brasil, Rafael Santos, Tiago Miranda, Antonio Barbosa, Igor Gomes, Gabriel Matos, Virginio Neumann, Leonardo Guimaraes, and Julia Gale, #10830 (2016).

PS Source Rocks of the Cooper Basin, Tehani J. Kuske, Lisa Hall, Tony Hill, Alison Troup, Dianne Edwards, Chris Boreham, and Tamara Buckler, #10829 (2016).

PS High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy and Provenance of the Ordovician St. Peter Sandstone in Iowa and Illinois Basins: Insights into the Evolution of Mid-Continent Intracratonic Basins of North America, Diar Ibrahim, William C. McClelland, Michael Pope, Brian Witzke, and Emily Finzel, #10828 (2016).

PS Subsurface Geological Model of Basement Structure in Ellis County Using Potential Field Data, Muhammad Karim, Hendratta Ali, Andrew Ketumwehe, and Estella Atekwana, #41766 (2016).

Geological and Geophysical Expression of a Primary Salt Weld: An Example from the Santos Basin, Brazil, Christopher A. Jackson, Clara Rodriguez, Atle Rotevatn, and Rebecca Bell, #41726 (2016).

January 2016

The Gobe Field, PNG: Influence of Basement Architecture on Fold and Thrust Belt Structural Style, Armelle Kloppenburg and Kevin C. Hill, #20339 (2016).

Diagenesis of Unconformity Semi-Weathered Rock Layer and Its Influence on Reservoir Physical Property: A Case of Unconformity on the Top of Triassic in Xia 9 Wellblock, Junggar Basin, NW China, Changhai Gao, Ming Zha, and Jiangxiu Qu, #51215 (2016).

AVDiscovering Oil in Uganda: Opening the East African Rift Play, Bob Cassie, Charles Sheen, and Paul Burden, #110224 (2015)
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Planning and Operating a Transition Zone 2D Seismic Survey on Lake Tanganyika, Doug Roberts and Jeremy P. FitzPatrick, #41765 (2016).

A New AVO Attribute for Hydrocarbon Prediction and Application to the Marmousi II Dataset, Changcheng Liu and Prasad Ghosh, #41764 (2016).

Geological Factors Affect Horizontal Well Completions, Charles H. Smith, Alena Bashkirtseva, Marcel Robinson, Jeffrey Atteberry, and Rusty Barber, #41763 (2016).

Where's the Data? Acquisition and Processing of Seismic Data in the PNG Highlands, Geoff Mansfield, Subhash Chandra, and Peter Carver, #41762 (2016).

3D Seismic Reservoir Characterization and Delineation in Carbonate Reservoir, M. N. Alamsyah, Bambang W. Handono, and Andri Syafriya, #41760 (2016).

Petroleum Potential of the Gage Submarine Fan, Offshore Perth Basin, Western Australia from Palaeogeographic Mapping and Geological Modelling, Megan E. Lech, Diane C. Jorgensen, Chris Southby, Liuqi Wang, Victor Nguyen, Irina Borissova, and David Lescinsky, #10826 (2016).

PS Quantifying Inter- and Intra-Channel Architecture Controls on Reservoir Performance in a Deep-Water Slope Channel System, Tres Pasos Formation, Magallanes Basin, Chile, Casey Meirovitz, Lisa Stright, Allie A. Jackson, Brian W. Romans, and Stephen M. Hubbard, #10824 (2016).

The Success Application of Weighted Stack AVO Attribute for Feature Imaging in Horst Trend Area, Arthit Field, Thailand, Ratchadaporn Uttareun, Phansakorn Kaewprain, Prang Sinhabaedya, Noppadol Boonsawang, Helge Ivar Sognnes, and Kittipong Srisuriyon, #20341 (2016).

Construction of 2D and 3D Models of the Kutubu Oilfield, Papua New Guinea Fold Belt, Louise Munro, Kevin C. Hill, and Ruth H. Wightman, #20340 (2016).

A Collaborative Approach to Seismic Interpretation for Offshore Field Development—A Case Study, Satyabrata Mishra, Lawrence Grant-Woolley, and Long T. Dang, #20338 (2016).

PS The North Rankin Gas Field, Carnarvon Basin, Australia—Late Authigenic Pyrite Evidence of Early Oil Entrapment and Oil-Charged Fluid Flow, Grant K. Ellis, #20337 (2016).

Innovative 3-D Reservoir Characterization in the Papua New Guinea Fold Belt, Georgia A. Boyd, Vanni Donagemma, John G. McPherson, Mathew K. Dubsky, Yingying Sun, and Stuart A. Barclay, #30440 (2016).

Analogue Modeling of the Papua New Guinea Fold and Thrust Belt, Romain Darnault, Kevin C. Hill, Jean-Marie Mengus, Jean-Marc Daniel, and Nigel Wilson, #30439 (2016).

Mapping Sub-Surface Geology from Magnetic Data in the Hides Area, Western Papuan Fold Belt, Papua New Guinea, Irena Kivior, Stephen Markham, and Leslie Mellon, #30438 (2016).

PS Integrated Chemostratigraphy of the Bakken Formation, Williston Basin, North Dakota-Montana, Jesse Berney, Stephen C. Ruppel, and Harry Rowe, #51214 (2016).

AAPG-SPE Joint Forum: Reality-Based Reservoir Development: New Teams, Techniques, Technologies, Oklahoma City, OK, September 23, 2015, Abstracts, #90244 (2016).

Rudists Reservoir Characterization in Middle Cretaceous Mishrif Formation of H Oilfield, Iraq, Zhang Jie, Zhao Limin, Lv Fuliang, Han Haiying, Wu Dongxu, and Duan Tianxiang, #20336 (2015).

Cambrian Rogersville Shale (Conasauga Group), Kentucky and West Virginia: A Potential New Unconventional Reservoir in the Appalachian Basin, David C. Harris, John B. Hickman, and Cortland F. Eble, #10787 (2016).

GC Controlled-Source Electromagnetic (CSEM) Technology Helps Exploration Investment Decisions, Daniel Zweidler, Daniel Baltar, and Neville Barker, #41755 (2015).

Mineralogical and Petrophysical Characterisation of a Fine-Grained Sandstone With Significant Clay Coating Using 3D Micro-CT and SEM Imaging From a 5 mm Plug, Alexandra Golab, Alessio Arena, Ishtar Barranco, Rafael Salazar-Tio, Joseph Hamilton, Nasiru Idowu, Puvaa Rajan, Silvano Sommacal, Benjamin Young, Anna Carnerup, Josephina M. Schembre-McCabe, and Keith Boyle, #41756 (2015).

Petroleum Exploration in Geologically Complex Areas: Opportunities for Geochemical and Non-Seismic Hydrocarbon-Detection Methods, Dietmar Schumacher and Luigi Clavareau, #80505 (2016).

Improving Success of Surface Geochemical Surveys: 7 Pitfalls to Avoid, Dietmar Schumacher, #80504 (2016).

Hydrocarbon Exploration Survey Strategies for Frontier Basins and Other Under-Explored Areas, Dietmar Schumacher and Luigi Clavareau, #80503 (2016).

The Impact of CA-IDTIMS on the Understanding of Permian and Triassic Lithostratigraphy and Correlation in Eastern Australian Coal Basins, Robert S. Nicoll, John R. Laurie, Simon Bodorkos, Jim Crowley, and Tegan E. Smith, #51209 (2015).

Middle Cambrian Chemostratigraphy and Biostratigraphy in the Southern Georgina Basin: Correlating the Arthur Creek "Hot Shale", Tegan E. Smith, John R. Laurie, and Dianne S. Edwards, #51208 (2015).

The CA-IDTIMS Method and the Calibration of Endemic Australian Palynostratigraphy to the Geological Timescale, John R. Laurie, Simon Bodorkos, Tegan E. Smith, Jim Crowley, and Robert S. Nicoll, #51207 (2015).

Characteristics of the Frontier Northern Houtman Sub-Basin Formed on a Magma-Rich Segment of the Western Australian Margin, Irina Borissova, Jennie Totterdell, Chris Southby, Kathryn Owen, and George Bernardel, #10823 (2015).

The Paleozoic Hudson Bay Basin in Northern Canada: New Insights Into Hydrocarbon Potential of the Last North-America Conventional Frontier Basin, Denis Lavoie, Nicolas Pinet, Jim Dietrich, and Zhuoheng Chen, #10817 (2015).

Modes of Extension and Oceanization at Magma-Poor Margins: An Example from the Brazilian/African Margins, Marta Pérez-Gussinyé, Mario Araujo, Marco Romeiro, Miguel Andres Martinez, Jason Phipps Morgan and Elena Ros, #30435 (2016).  Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5

December 2015

Unconventional Gas Reservoir Productivity in Australian Proterozoic Rocks - Studies from the McArthur, Beetaloo, Mount Isa, and Amadeus, Bruce A. McConachie, Peter Stanmore, Lucas McLean-Hodgson, Anargul Kushkarina, and Edward Lewis, #80501 (2015).

An Experimental Study on the Flood Characteristic and Fluid Rock Interactions of a Supercritical CO2, Brine, Rock System, Ali Saeedi, Claudio Delle Piane, Lionel Esteban, and Linda Stalker, #80500 (2015).

Hydrocarbon Type Discrimination Using AVO analysis, Sama Field, WDDM, Nile Delta, Egypt, Mahmoud M. Hemdan, Mostafa El-Sadek, Islam Yehia, Ahmed Hosny, and Islam Ali, #20335 (2015).

Petroleum Systems Modelling for Unconventional Play Analysis in the Cooper Basin, Australia, Lisa Hall, Anthony J. Hill, Liuqi Wang, Dianne S. Edwards, Tehani J. Palu, Alison J. Troup, and Christopher J. Boreham, #10818 (2015).

Water Washing: A Major Hydrocarbon Alteration Process. Part 2 - Processes, Controls and Hydrocarbon Type Prediction, Lindsay G. Elliott, #41750 (2015).

Using Biodegradation to Date Hydrocarbon Entry Into Reservoirs: Examples From the Cooper/Eromanga Basin, Australia, Lindsay G. Elliott, #41749 (2015).

A Pragmatic Approach to Exploration Petrophysics in Lacustrine Shales, Carrie Trembath, #41747 (2015).

Quantitative Formation Evaluation of Hith-Gotnia Evaporites by Integrating Logging-While-Drilling and Cased Hole Wireline Measurements, Ali Abu Ghneej, Badruzzaman Khan, Pratik Sangani, Meshal Alwadi, Sanjeev S. Thakur, Omur Nohut, and Abdullah Al-Hamad, #41746 (2015).

Fluid/Rock Interactions in Porous Carbonate Rocks: An Integrated Mechanical, Ultrasonic and Microstructural Study, Claudio Delle Piane, Michael B. Clennell, Jeremie Dautriat, and Graham Price, #41745 (2015).

Halite Microstructures Reveal Deformation Mechanisms Occurring in Salt Detachments Underlying Resource-Rich Fold-Thrust Belts, L. Richards, R. King, A.S. Collins, S. M. Reddy, M. Sayab, C.K. Morley, G. Backé, A. Draack, and J. Browne, #51210 (2015).

Permian Deposition in the Eastern Nappamerri Trough, Cooper Basin, Carrie Trembath, Martin Berry, Andrew Wilson, and Jeremy Prosser, #51206 (2015).

The Tiaka-Tiara Fault Bend Fold Structures and its Implication to Control Hydrocarbon Entrapment within Fracture Carbonate Reservoir in the Eastern Arm of Sulawesi, Indonesia, Deddy Hasanusi, Judha Sumarianto, Rahmat Wijaya, and Dicki Hendrian, #51213 (2015).

Sedimentology and Characteristics of Pliocene Shallow Marine Carbonate as Reservoir Alternative Based on Outcrop Analogue in Madura and Puteran Island, Northeast Java Basin, Albert S. P. Pakpahan, Jasmin Jyalita, and Sugeng S. Surjono, #51212 (2015).

Stratigraphic Trap Identification Based on Restoration of Paleogeophology and Further Division of System Tract: A Case Study in Qingshui Subsag, Cao Laisheng, Yu Lin, Liu Jianlun, Xiang Sheng, Chen Hong, Meng Yang, Liu Hua, Du Yinjie, and He Yan, #51211 (2015).

Enhanced Reservoir Characterization Using Continuous Mineral Composition Logs, Ralf R. Haese, Scott Ooi, Grant Jiang, and Jay R. Black, #80502 (2015).

Australian Palaeogeographic Studies – Outcomes and Future Opportunities, Marita T. Bradshaw, Peter J. Cook, Jennifer Totterdell, Robert P. Langford, and Monica Yeung, #70206 (2015).

Deepwater Taranaki Basin, New Zealand – New Interpretation and Modelling Results for Large Scale Neogene Channel and Fan Systems: Implications for Hydrocarbon Prospectivity, J. Grahame, #10822 (2015).

Basin Architecture from Gravity Gradiometer and Seismic data, South-Western Margin of the Fitzroy Trough and Gregory Sub-basin, Canning Basin Western Australia, Jurriaan Feijth, Carlos Cevallos, Tony Rudge, and Peter Edwards, #10821 (2015).

Petroleum Potential of the Late Cretaceous-Palaeogene Sediments of the Reinga, Northland and Deepwater Taranaki Basins, Pedro Martinez Duran, Robert Gater, Kevin Chesser, Thomas Coates-Harman, Bleddyn Davies, Jim Fenton, Jarrad Grahame, Annemone Haager, Cesar Marin, Gabor Vakarcs, and Peter Baillie, #10820 (2015).

Stratigraphy, Age and Provenance of Madura Shelf Sediments, WA: Implications for the Evolution of the Bight Basin and Australia's Southern Margin, Milo Barham, Shane Reynolds, Michael O'Leary, and Chris L. Kirkland, #10819 (2015).

History of Petroleum Exploration and Development in the Cooper and Eromanga Basins, Steve Mackie, #10814 (2015).

Mineral-Chemistry Quantification and Petrophysical Calibration for Multi-Mineral Evaluations, Paul N. Theologou, Douglas McCarty, Timothy Fischer, Arkadiusz Derkowski, Rebecca Stokes, and Ann Ollila, #41754 (2015).

Horizontal Image Analysis Applied to Fracture Stage Optimization in a US Gas Shale Reservoir, David Martinez, Roger Reinmiller, and Mario Habermueller, #41753 (2015).

Insights Into the Tectonic Stress History and Regional 4-D Natural Fracture Distribution in the Australian Cooper Basin Using Etchecopar's Calcite Twin Stress Inversion Technique, 2-D/3-D Seismic Interpretation and Natural Fracture Data From Image Logs and Core, David Kulikowski, Khalid Amrouch, Khalda Hamed Mohammed Al Barwani, Wei Liu, and Dennis Cooke, #41752 (2015).

Integrated Reservoir Characterization and Modeling of the Umm Gudair Minagish Oolite Reservoir, Kuwait, Nasser Al-Khalifa, Asmaa Al-Blooshi, Zee Ma, William Clark, Jason Sitchler, Gennady Makarychev, Gary Forrest, and Kelsey Schiltz, #41751 (2015).

Regional Gravity and Magnetic Interpretation over East Coast-Pegasus Basin, New Zealand, P.S. van Heiningen, L. De Luca, I. Guerra, S. Panepinto, K. Hayo, S. Klug, and M. Uzcategui Salazar, #30437 (2015).

Integrated Shelly Fossil Biostratigraphy and Chemostratigraphy: Applying a Multi-Proxy Toolkit to Correlating the Lower Cambrian of South Australia, Marissa J. Betts, Glenn A. Brock, John R. Paterson, James B. Jago, and Anita S. Andrew, #30436 (2015).

A Tectono-Stratigraphic Development of the Albertine Graben of Uganda, Western Arm of East African Rift System Based on Sedimentary Exposures, Seismic and Well Data, Dozith Abeinomugisha and Nurudin Njabire, #30427 (2015).

Stratigraphic Forward Modelling for Investigating Hidden Reservoir Geometries and Connectivity: Springbok Formation (Surat Basin, Queensland), V. Bianchi, J. Esterle, and T. Salles, #51202 (2015).

Grain Assemblages in Organic-Rich Mudstones Dominated by Extrabasinal Sediment Sources, Yanchang Formation (Triassic), Ordos Basin, China, Kitty Milliken, Xiangzeng Wang, Ying Shen, Quansheng Liang, Tongwei Zhang, Bob Loucks, and Harry Rowe, # 51203 (2015).

3D Forward Stratigraphic Modeling in Reservoir Quality Prediction - Arab-D Reservoir, Ghawar Field, Saudi Arabia, Rainer Zuhlke, Dave Cantrell, Robert F. Lindsay, and Yousef Mousa, #20325 (2015).

Using Remote Sensing Data to Find and Illustrate an Oil and Gas Prospect, Robert Olson, #41743 (2015).

How is Onshore Gas Development Benefitting Rural Queensland?, Katherine Witt, Will Rifkin, Jo-Anne Everingham, and Vikki Uhlmann, #41742 (2015).

Recent Site Characterization Studies Being Investigated by the Department of Energy (DOE)/National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) for Potential Geologic Storage of CO2, Brian Dressel, #80496 (2015).

Repurposing Trenton-Black River Gas Fields as Low-Temperature Geothermal Reservoirs in New York State, Erin Camp, Teresa Jordan, Matthew Hornbach, Maria Richards, Xiaoning He, Zachary Frone, and Kelydra Welcker, #80495 (2015).

Contrasting Extensional Basin Styles and Sedimentary Fill across the Eastern Russian Arctic Shelf as Imaged in Crustal-Scale PSDM Reflection Data, James W. Granath, Katie-Joe McDonough, Edward J. Sterne, and Brian W. Horn, #10811 (2015).

The Search for New Exploration Plays: When Only the Best Will Do, Julie Garvin, #10810 (2015).

Cambrian Rogersville Shale: A Potential New Unconventional Reservoir in the Southern Appalachian Basin, John Hickman, David Harris, and Cortland Eble, #10809 (2015).

The History of Oil Exploration in the Union of Myanmar, Scott E. Thornton, #10807 (2015).

Implications for the Hydrocarbon Presence: An Example from Lower Indus Basin, Syed Ali Asghar, #10808 (2015).

Unconventional Resource Potential of the Taroom Trough in the Southern Surat-Bowen Basin, Queensland, Australia, Peter Nicholls, Rodney Bresnehan, Brad Hayes, Kathleen Dorey, and William McDougall, #10804 (2015).

The Upper Mancos Shale in the San Juan Basin: Three plays, Conventional and Unconventional, Ronald F. Broadhead, #10791 (2015).

Innovation and Entrepreneurship for the Independent: What Is Different Now Than Before?, Susan Nash, #70203 (2015).

Reservoir Revitalization: Key Questions to Address, Susan Nash, #70202 (2015).

Optimizing Knowledge Transfer between Geologists and Engineers: Infographics as Working Memory Boosters and Engagers for Learning, Susan Nash, #70201 (2015).

Science and Policy in the U.S. Congress, Edith Allison, #70200 (2015).

A Detailed Oklahoma Stress Map for Induced Seismicity Mitigation, Richard C. Alt and Mark D. Zoback, #70198 (2015).

Beyond the Blue Horizon – A View from Two Perspectives: Technology and Thinking, Steve Phelps, #70204 (2015).

Pressure and Basin Modeling in Foothills: A Study of the Kutubu Area, Papua New Guinea Fold and Thrust Belt, Jean-Paul Callot, Kevin C. Hill, Renaud Divies, Steven Wood, Francois Roure, and William Sassi, #30431 (2015).

Assessing New Zealand's Petroleum Endowment: The Atlas of Petroleum Prospectivity, Kyle J. Bland, H. Seebeck, M.J. Arnot, D.P. Strogen, and P.R. King, #30434 (2015).

Quantitative Modeling of Depositional Processes and Sedimentary Facies of Shallow Water Deltas, Xiu Huang and Keyu Liu, #51205 (2015).

PS Subsurface Analysis of Tripolitic Chert in Northwest Arkansas, Thomas Liner and Christopher Liner, #51204 (2015).

Facies Distribution and Impact on Petroleum Migration in the Canterbury Basin, New Zealand, Tusar R. Sahoo, Karsten F. Kroeger, Glenn Thrasher, Stuart Munday, Hugh Mingard, Nick Cozens, and Matthew Hill, #10816 (2015).

Integrated Sequence Stratigraphy of the Cretaceous Lower Goru Deposits, Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan, Salah Mahmoud, #10815 (2015).

PS Stratigraphy and Reservoir Characteristics of the Desmoinesian Granite Wash (Marmaton Group), Southern Anadarko Basin, Alyssa M. Karis and Matthew J. Pranter, #10813 (2015).

PS Reservoir Characterization, Depositional System, and Diagenesis of the Atokan Grant Sand, Fort Worth Basin, Texas, Victoria R.L. Wood and Christopher L. Liner, #10812 (2015).

A Time-Slice of the Lake Eyre Basin: Towards Better Facies Models, Gresley A. Wakelin-King and Kathryn Amos, #10806 (2015).

Petroleum Systems of the Perth Basin, Western Australia, K.A.R. Ghori, #10805 (2015).

PS Microseismic Tool Utilization in Helping Characterize the Woodford Shale, North Oklahoma, Jing Zhang, Jennifer Scott, Roger Slatt, and Bryan Turner, #80499 (2015).

Seismicity Rates in Oklahoma: A Look at the Seismicity Increase of 2014, Amberlee Darold and Austin Holland, #80498 (2015).

The Earthquake Process in Oklahoma, Robert B. Herrmann, Han Su, and Hao Guo, #80497 (2015).

The Role of Convection in Basin Modeling: Lessons from the Perth Basin, J. Florian Wellmann, Thomas Poulet, Rebecca Tung, and Klaus Regenauer-Lieb, #41744 (2015).

Overburden Stress Estimation: A New Model for the UK Sector of the Central North Sea, Kingsley Nwozor and Gareth Yardley, #41741 (2015).

PS Integration of Sequence Stratigraphy, Petrophysical and Geomechanical Analysis for Planning and Design of Shale Gas Reservoir Stimulation, Gamaliel Bazunu, Sheik S. Rahman, Liuqi Wang, and Fengde D. Zhou, #41740 (2015).

November 2015

PS An Oil-Source Rock Correlation Examining the Potential of the Chattanooga Shale as a Source Rock for Oil within the Spivey-Grabs-Basil Field, Kingman and Harper Counties, Kansas, Meagan Wall, Matthew Totten, Sambhudas Chaudhuri, Drew Evans, Brianna Kwasny, Brian Jarvie, and R. Paul Philp, #20331, (2015).

Enhanced Field Safety through Social Media Collaborative Digital Inspections, Susan Smith Nash, #70199 (2015).

PS Class I and Class II Wells in Kentucky-A New Map Service of Waste-Disposal, Brine-Injection, and Enhanced-Recovery Wells in Kentucky, Thomas Sparks, #80493 (2015).

The Mananda Anticline, Papua New Guinea: A Third Oil Discovery, Appraisal Programme and Deep Potential, Scott E. Keenan and Kevin C. Hill, #10803 (2015).

Testing the Tertiary Basin Floor Fan Play in the Gulf of Papua, PNG, Brad Bailey, Galal Salem, and Patrick Haltmeier, #10802 (2015).

PS Paleozoic Basins of Western Australia - Conventional Plays Abound, Richard Bruce, #10801 (2015).

PS Maturation profile at the Glyde Gas Discovery in the Southern McArthur Basin, Australia, Sandra Rodrigues, Joshua Bluett, Benjamin R. Ferguson, Suzanne D. Golding, and Luke Titus, #10799 (2015).

PS Reservoir Characterisation of the East Coast and Pegasus Basins, Eastern New Zealand, Angela G. Griffin, Kyle J. Bland, Brad D. Field, Gareth Crutchley, Richard Kellett, Dominic P. Strogen, and Mark J.F. Lawrence, #10796 (2015).

A Structural Re-Evaluation of the Ardmore Basin, Molly Simpson, #10795 (2015).

PS New Albany Shale Maps in the Illinois Basin, Agnieszka Drobniak, Maria Mastalerz, Joan Crockett, and Brandon C. Nuttall, #10794 (2015).

Polygonal Faulting and Seal Integrity in the Bonaparte Basin, Australia, H. Seebeck, E. Tenthorey, C. Consoli, and A. Nicol, #10792 (2015).

Advances in Vibroseis Technology Enhance Low-Frequency Recording and Provide Significant Operational Benefits, Charles J. Criss, #41736 (2015).

Integration of Magnetic, Gravity and Geologic Data in Mapping Geologic Structures: A Case Study of a part of Lafiagi [Sheet 203], Southwestern Nigeria, Kehinde A. Olawuyi, Bankole D. Ako, Gregory O. Omosuyi, and Obasanmi A. Adelusi, #41737 (2015).

Understanding Reservoir Complexity and Heterogeneity: Unique Aspects of Developing Core and Cuttings Based Chemostratigraphic and Lithologic Facies; Examples from Williston, Gulf Coast and Anadarko Basins, A. Morrell, N. Gasner, H. Rowe, and J. Mckinney, #41734 (2015).

Is Poor Federal Stewardship Threatening the American Energy Renaissance?, Ned Mamula, #70205 (2015).

PS An Experimental and Numerical Modelling Study on Stability of Wellbores with Pre-existing Breakouts, B. Wu, Z. Chen, X. Zhang, and X. Choi, #41732 (2015).

Structural Analysis for Fracture Optimization, Catalina Luneburg, Bob Ratliff, and Alex Page, #41728 (2015).

Relay Ramps and Rhombochasms: Step Overs in the Marcellus and Utica of the Northern Appalachian Basin, Robert D. Jacobi, Joel Starr, and Craig Eckert, #41727 (2015).

LiDAR and Its Use in the Identification of Faults, Fractures and Subsurface Structures in Drift Covered Areas, Chuck Knox, #41723 (2015).

Structural Style in the Eastern Papuan Fold Belt, From Wells, Seismic, Maps and Modelling, Kevin C. Hill, Ruth H. Wightman, and Louise Munro, #30433 (2015).

Petrophysical and Stratigraphic Characterization of Michigan Silurian Reefs, Matthew Rine, David Barnes, William Harrison III, Charlotte Sullivan, and Stephen Kaczmarek, #30429 (2015).

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