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New Articles

November 2015

Mining Paleocene Fort Union Formation Coals of the Red Desert-Great Divide Basin, South-Central Wyoming, Over the Next 100 Years, Chris J. Carroll and Ranie Lynds, #80488 (2015).

Factors Controlling Organic-Richness in Upper and Lower Bakken Shale, Williston Basin: An Application of Inorganic Geochemistry, Dipanwita Nandy, Stephen A. Sonnenberg, and John D. Humphrey, #10775 (2015).

Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate System of "D" Facies in the Bakken Formation, Williston Basin, Dipanwita Nandy, Geraldus Listiono, Stephen A. Sonnenberg, and John D. Humphrey, #80487 (2015).

CSPG/CSEG/CWLS Convention 2004, Innovation, Collaboration, Exploration: Building to the Future, Calgary, AB, Canada, May 31-June 4, 2004, Abstracts, #90213 (2015).

PS Noble Gas Isotopes, Major Element Isotopes, and Gas Composition from the Cumnock Formation: Sanford Sub-Basin, Deep River Basin, Lee County, North Carolina, U.S.A., Jeffrey Reid, Andrew G. Hunt, Geoffrey S. Ellis, Kenneth B. Taylor, and O. F. Patterson, III, #80492 (2015).

The Mississippian-Age Oil Sands of Alabama: A Resource Worth (Re)Evaluation, Denise J. Hills, Berry H. Tew, Christopher H. Hooks, and Marcella R. McIntyre-Redden, #80491 (2015).

The Cause of Gas Saturation in the Coals of the Cherokee Formation (Desmoinesian Age) in the Cherokee and Forest City Basins, Mid-Continent, USA, Steven A. Tedesco, #80490 (2015).

PS A Multi-Disciplinary Approach for Planning a Horizontal Well in an Enhanced Oil Recovery Field, Forest Reserve, Trinidad, Reshma D. Maharaj, Therese A. Steele, and Michael Budri, #20329 (2015).

PS A Microtektite Horizon in the Miocene Cruse Formation of Southern Trinidad, Brent Wilson, Hasley Vincent, and Annalize Q. McLean, #51194 (2015).

Water and Other Volatiles on Mars: Resource Base and Implications for Terraforming, William Ambrose and Bruce Cutright, #70196 (2015).

GC Finding a Better Path to Impedance Inversion, Amit Kumar Ray, Ritesh Kumar Sharma, and Satinder Chopra, #41722 (2015).

GC Staged Stochastic Inversion, Arnaud Huck, Ayrat Sirazhiev, Richard Huis in’t Veld, Andries K.T. Wever, and Claire Pierard, #41720 (2015).

Sequence of Deformation in Thrust-Fold Belts: Implications for Cross-Section Balancing, Steven E. Boyer, #41724 (2015).

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Response to Textural Reservoir Changes, Charlie Smith, George Payne, and Jon Christensen, #41721 (2015).

Depositional Environments and Sequence Stratigraphy of Carbonate Mudrocks Using Sedimentology, Multi-Scale Electrofacies Visualization, and Geochemical Analyses: Tuwaiq Mountain and Hanifa Formations, Saudi Arabia, Mustafa A. Al Ibrahim, Rick Sarg, Neil Hurley, Dave Cantrell, and John D. Humphrey, #51192 (2015).

Structural Relationships and Development of the Pay-Khoy and Polar Urals Fold Belts, Russia, Konstantin Sobornov, #30425 (2015).

Strike-slip Faulting in the Northern Part of the West Siberian Basin and Enisey-Khatanga Trough: Structural Expression, Development and Implication for Petroleum Exploration, Konstantin Sobornov, Aleksandr Afanasenkov, and Georgiy Gogonenkov, #10784 (2015).

Rediscovering North Perth Basin in Unconventional Arena, Steve Broome, Arijit Chaudhuri, D.P. Singh, and Arnab Nag, #10785 (2015).

Increasing Reserves Through the Characterization and 3D Static Model of Thin Beds in a Middle Burgan Reservoir, Raudhtain Field, North Kuwait, Sabry Abd El-Aziz, Mariam Taqi, Saleh Al-Rashdan, and Saleh Al-Rasheedi, #20330 (2015).

Twenty Years of CBM Production and Monitoring of the Pine River Subcrop and Gas Seeps: No Depletion, Paul Oldaker, #80489 (2015).

Surviving the Red Planet: Living and Working on Mars, James F. Reilly, #70197 (2015).

"Big Data" Empowering Unconventional Resource Plays, Timothy Carr, Maneesh Sharma, and Frank LaFone, #41703 (2015).

AAPG Latin America & Caribbean Region, Geoscience Technology Workshop, Increasing the Recovery Factor in Mature Oil & Gas Fields, October 15-16, 2015, Lima, Peru, Abstracts, #90243 (2015).

October 2015

Pennsylvanian Source Rocks in the Anadarko Basin: An Example from the Missourian Series Hogshooter Formation in Mills Ranch Field, Texas and Oklahoma, Vincent Nowaczewski, Abbas Seyedolali, Steven Hoaglund, Bill Full, Alex Tang, Johnny Barton, Barbara Taylor, and Dominick Wytovich, #20328 (2015).

Using Noble Gas and Hydrocarbon Gas Geochemistry to Source the Origin of Fluids in the Eagle Ford Shale of Texas, USA, Jake Harrington, Colin Whyte, Karlis Muehlenbachs, and Tom Darrah, #41710 (2015).

Kinetics of the Opal-A to Opal-CT Phase Transition in Low- and High-TOC Siliceous Shale Source Rocks, Danica Dralus, Michael D. Lewan, and Kenneth Peters, #41708 (2015).

Organic Geochemical Evidence of Redox Conditions in the Eagle Ford Formation, Southwest Texas, Xun Sun, Yongge Sun, Tongwei Zhang, and Kitty Milliken, #10778 (2015).

A Comparative Inorganic Geochemical Analysis between the Marcellus and Utica Shales Based on XRF, Steve Saboda and Gary Lash, #10777 (2015).

Llanos Basin: Unraveling Its Complex Petroleum Systems with Advanced Geochemical Technologies, Mike Moldowan, Shaun Moldowan, Vladimir Blanco-Velandia, Yolima Blanco-Velandia, Claudia Orejuela-Parra, Geoffrey Bott, and Jeremy Dahl, #10776 (2015).

The Utilization of Carbazole and Benzocarbazole as Possible Indicators of Relative Migration Distances for Woodford Oils in the Anadarko Basin, Mu Liu, Richard P. Philp, and Ting Wang, #10774 (2015).

Possible Sources of Dissolved Inorganic Carbon in the Formation of Middle and Upper Devonian Carbonate Concretions, Appalachian Basin, Gary Lash, #51193 (2015).

Geochemical Evidence of Biotic Influence in Brazilian Pre-Salt Carbonates, Franek J. Hasiuk and Stephen E. Kaczmarek, #51190 (2015).

Evaporite Paleokarst on a Tectonically Enhanced Unconformity, Mississippian Madison Formation, Wyoming, USA, Chris Zahm, Charles Kerans, Joseph El-Azzi, Nabiel Eldam, and Travis Kloss, #51189 (2015).

Implications for Large-Scale Sea Level Change in the Turonian Western Interior Seaway: Evidence from the Codell Sandstone, Colorado, Matt Myers, Diane Kamola, Greg Ludvigson, and J. D. Walker, #51160 (2015).

Regional CO2 Storage Capacity Estimations for Arbuckle Saline Aquifer in South-Central and Southwestern Kansas, Yevhen Holubnyak, Eugene Williams, Mina FazelAlavi, Paul Gerlach, Tandis S. Bidgoli, and Lynn Watney, #80486 (2015).

Petroleum Exploration on Sukhbaatar Block in Eastern Mongolia, Debra K. Gomez, Thomas D. Fassio, Sandy Perry, and David Seneshen, #10783 (2015).

Microfracture Characterization in the Lower Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuquén Basin, Argentina, Eider Hernandez Bilbao, John D. Humphrey, and Stephen A. Sonnenberg, #10782 (2015).

Integrating Geochemical and Petrographic Analyses to Better Understand Proximal to Distal Variations in Source Rocks, Using an Example from the Bashkirian in the United Kingdom, Jennifer J. Graham, Sarah J. Davies, Joe H.S. Macquaker, and Mike J. Norry, #10781 (2015).

Assessing Compositional Variability and Migration of Natural Gas in Antrim Shale in the Michigan Basin Using Noble Gas Geochemistry, Tao Wen, M. Clara Castro, Brian Ellis, Chris Hall, Kyger Lohmann, and Laura Bouvier, #10780 (2015).

Petroleum Geochemistry of the Mississippian Limestone Play, Northern Oklahoma, USA: Evidence of Two Different Charging Mechanisms East and West of the Nemaha Uplift, Ibrahim Al Atwah, Jim Puckette, and Tracy Quan, #10773 (2015).

Non-Linear Full-Waveform Inversion Using Prior Geological Knowledge, Siddharth Sharma, Dries Gisolf, Stefan M. Luthi, and Runhai Feng, #41719 (2015).

A Data-Driven Proppant-Filled Fracture Model for Comparing Sliding Sleeve and Plug and Perf Completion Styles, Jonathan P. McKenna, Oscar Quezada, Nathan Toohey, and Michael Grealy, #41718 (2015).

Seismic Facies Analysis Using Generative Topographic Mapping, Satinder Chopra and Kurt Marfurt, #41717 (2015).

Stochastic Fault Network Simulation with Variable Connectivity: Application to a Compartmentalized Reservoir Affected by Large Structural Uncertainties, Charline Julio, Florent Lallier, and Guillaume Caumon, #41716 (2015).

Correlation of Geological Time Lines by Reducing Uncertainties to Regions - A Global Seismic Interpretation Workflow, Kristoffer Rimaila, Farrukh Qayyum, Steve Adcock, Nanne Hemstra, Yuancheng Liu, Crepin Bouanga, Brian W. Horn, and Katie McDonough, #41715 (2015).

Advanced Isotope Geochemistry to Increase Production from Horizontal Wells and Reservoirs, Yongchun Tang, Li Gao, Sheng Wu, Yongbin Jin, Andrei Deev, Andrew Sneddon, Tom Arnold, and Patrick Berglund, #41714 (2015).

Like Space and Time, Transformation Ratio is Curved, Doug Waples and Mark H. Tobey, #41713 (2015).

Noble Gases Help Trace the Behavior of Hydrocarbons in the Crust, Thomas Darrah, Robert J. Poreda, and Ronald Perkins, #41712 (2015).

Application of Noble Gas Isotopic Signatures at McElmo Dome-DOE Canyon Field to Investigate CO2 Source and System Characterization, Joshua G. Adams, David Gonzales, and Thomas Darrah, #41711 (2015).

Correlation of Highly-Mature Hydrocarbon Liquids Using Higher Diamondoids, Jeremy E. Dahl, Mike Moldowan, and David Zinniker, #41702 (2015).

Sequence Stratigraphic and Geochemical Insights into Paleoceanography and Source Rock Development in the Shublik Formation and Adjacent Units, Northern Alaska, Michael T. Whalen, April Knox, and Eric M. Hutton, #30424 (2015).

Characterizing Static Reservoir Connectivity of Deepwater Slope Deposits Using Sub-Seismic Outcrop-Based Facies Models, Tres Pasos Formation, Magallanes Basin, Chilean Patagonia, Allie Jackson, Lisa Stright, Stephen M. Hubbard, and Brian Romans, #30416 (2015).

Potential Induced Seismicity in the Midcontinent: One State's Experience and Response, Rex Buchanan, #70195 (2015).

Experimental Modeling of the Controls of Shapes and Flow Rates of Salt Diapirs, Pierre Karam and Shankar Mitra, #41707 (2015).

Kinematic and Thermal Modeling of Contractional Belts. An Example from the Colombian Eastern Foothill Belt, Andrès Mora, Richard Ketcham, Emili Carrillo, and Wilmer Robles, #41706 (2015).

New Integrated Workflows for Improved Pore Pressure Prediction and Seismic Imaging, Marek Kacewicz, Sankar Muhuri, and Weihong Fei, #41705 (2015).

Late Cretaceous-Paleogene Foreland Sediment-Dispersal Systems in Northern and Eastern Mexico: Interpretations from Preliminary Detrital-Zircon Analysis, Timothy Lawton, James Pindell, Alejandro Beltran-Triviño, Edgar Juárez-Arriaga, Roberto Molina-Garza, and Daniel Stockli, #30423 (2015).

Rock Physics Driven Seismic Modeling of CO2 Injection in a Carbonate Reservoir from Canada, Malleswar Yenugu, Ben Hardy, Alan Mur, Jeremy Gallop, and Cristian Malaver, #80485 (2015).

Geologic Characterization for CO2-EOR Simulation: A Case Study of the Farnsworth Unit, Anadarko Basin, Texas, Dylan Rose-Coss, William Wampomah, Ashley C. Hutton, Evan Gragg, Peter Mozley, Robert S. Balch, and Reid Grigg, #80484 (2015).

Characterizing Seal Bypass Systems at the Rock Springs Uplift, Southwest Wyoming Using Seismic Attribute Analysis, Yuri Ganshin and Fred McLaughlin, #80483 (2015).

Unconventional Jurassic Carbonate Source Rocks, Saudi Arabia, Robert F. Lindsay, Shahab Z. Khan, Abdullah G. Al-Dhubeeb, Salvatore Di Simon, Rick R. Davis, Felix R. Oyarzabal, Ivan F. Leyva, Ibrahim Al-Khardawi, and Eva Peza, #80482 (2015).

Understanding the Correlation Between Induced Seismicity and Water Injection in the Fort Worth Basin, Valerie Gono, Jon E. Olson, and Julia Gale, #80481 (2015).

Reservoir Induced Seismicity near Heron and El Vado Reservoirs, Northern New Mexico, and Implications for Fluid Injection within the San Juan Basin, Philip J. Carpenter and Issa W. El-Hussain, #80480 (2015).

PS Sedimentary and Stratigraphic Expression of Fluvial-Aeolian Interactions: Examples from the Skeleton Coast of Namibia and the Triassic Helsby Sandstone Formation, UK, With Implications for Reservoir Heterogeneity, Mahmud Alkathery and Nigel P. Mountney, #51188 (2015).

Geologic History and Petrology of the Tobago Volcanic Group, Keshra K. Thomas, #51172 (2015).

PS Modified Method and Interpretation of Source Rock Pyrolysis for an Unconventional World, Robert R. King, #41704 (2015).

Induced Seismicity in Oil and Gas Operations: Recent Activity, Monitoring and Regulations, Julie Shemeta, #41701 (2015).

Relationships between Pre-Existing Structure, Regional Stress Orientation, and Seismicity Induced by Wastewater Injection, Northern Appalachian Basin, USA, James Free, Brian S. Currie, Robert J. Skoumal, and Michael R. Brudzinski, #41700 (2015).

Findings and Update on the National Research Council's Committee on Induced Seismicity Potential of Energy Production and Related Technologies, David K. Dillon and Don Clarke, #70194 (2015).

Challenges and Strategies for Monitoring Induced Seismic Activity, Dario Baturan, Wesley Greig, and Neil Spriggs, #70193 (2015).

Record of Cretaceous through Paleogene Gulf of Mexico Drainage Integration from Detrital Zircons, Mike Blum, Kristy T. Milliken, John W. Snedden, and William E. Galloway, #30422 (2015).

Utilizing Channel-Belt Scaling Parameters to Constrain Discharge and Drainage Basin Character with Application to the Cretaceous to Tertiary Evolution of the Gulf of Mexico, Kristy T. Milliken, Mike Blum, John W. Snedden, and William Galloway, #30421 (2015).

Deep-Marine to Shelf-Margin Deltaic Sedimentation, Silurian Succession, Saudi Arabia, Osama M. Soliman and Ammar Y. Balilah, #51187 (2015).

Source to Sink Analysis of the Sarah Formation, Latest Ordovician, NW Saudi Arabia, Nikolas A. Michael, Conrad Allen, Y. Xu, C. Saragiotis, Eduardo Garzanti, Pieter Vermeesch, Salem Shammari, and Philip Allen, #51186 (2015).

Numerical Stratigraphic Modeling of Climatic Controls on Basin-Scale Sedimentation, Ashley D. Harris, Cristian Carvajal, Jake Covault, Martin Perlmutter, and Tao Sun, #51185 (2015).

Vertical Momentum Exchange and Implications for Runout Distances in Turbidity Currents, Mike Tilston, Bill Arnott, and Colin Rennie, #51183 (2015).

Development of Banding in the Deposits of Experimental Transitional Flows, Kelsi Ustipak, James Buttles, David Mohrig, Mauricio Perillo, and Benjamin Cardenas, #51182 (2015).

PS Structurally Controlled Stratigraphic Traps within the HGOR Area, Palo Seco, Southern Basin, Trinidad, Karuna Moonan, #10772 (2015).

PS Determining Percentage Carrying Capacity and Delayed Percentage-Dependency Lags in Palaeontological Time Series, Illustrated Using Benthonic Foraminifera in the Cipero Formation (Catapsydrax Stainforthi Zone, Lower Miocene) of Trinidad, Western Tropical Atlantic Ocean, Brent Wilson, #41698 (2015).

PS Non-Seismic Detection of Hydrocarbons: An Overview, Dietmar (Deet) Schumacher, #41697 (2015).

Geochemical Exploration in Northern South America: Strategies and Recent Successes, Dietmar (Deet) Schumacher, #30420 (2015).

PS A New Look at the Stratigraphy and Depositional Setting of the Shallow Herrera Sands in Penal-Wilson-Barrackpore Field, Lennon Blackman, #20323 (2015).

Paleo Residual Gas in Columbus Basin: Examples from TSP Oil/Gas Field, Giovanni Medouri, Reece Ramsingh, Candido Gomez, Javier Oviedo, and Luis Roncero, #20322 (2015).

PS The Geological Evaluation of the Middle Miocene Herrera Deepwater Turbidite Sandstones within the Overthrust Limb of the WSW Plunging Penal/Barrackpore Anticline, Southern Sub-Basin Trinidad, Josanne McMillan, #51176 (2015).

PS Micropalaeontological Reconnaissance of the Rockly Bay Formation, Tobago, Lai Shan Sum, Brent Wilson, and Xavier Moonan, #51175 (2015).

Foraminifera in the Concord Limestone Member (Brasso Formation, Early Middle Miocene) of Trinidad, Western Tropical Atlantic Ocean: a Product of Sediment Starvation Near an Oxygen Minimum Zone, Brent Wilson and Milshah Ramkissoon, #51174 (2015).

Foraminiferal Assemblages and Palaeoenvironmental Inferences of the Lowermost Colón Formation (Late Campanian): Catatumbo Basin, Colombia, German David Patarroyo, Gustavo Torres, Claudia Cárdenas, and Daniel Rincon, #51173 (2015).

Petrology of Volcanic Rocks from Bequia and St. Vincent, Michal Camejo, Richard Robertson, Elena Melekhova, Anna Hicks, and Thomas Christopher, #51171 (2015).

PS Lithostratigraphy of the Upper Miocene Monterey/Modelo Formation along Camino De La Cumbre, Sherman Oaks, California, Benjamin Davidson, #51170 (2015).

Structural Development and Tectonic Role of the Arrowhead Mine Fault, Pahranagat Shear Zone, Nevada, Michael D. Evans and Wanda J. Taylor, #51169. (2015).

PS Internal Architecture Of the Proto-Kern Canyon Fault At Engineer's Point, Lake Isabella Dam Site, Kern County, California, Zachary S. Martindale, Graham D.M. Andrews, Sarah R. Brown, William C. Krugh, and Junhua Guo, #51168 (2015).

Porosity Creation in Carbonate Reservoirs by Pre-Oil Charging With Source-Rock-Derived Corrosive Fluids: 1D/3D-Reactive Mass Transport Modeling, Wolfgang van Berk, Yunjiao Fu, and Hans-Martin Schulz, #51166 (2015).

Influence of Diagenetic Fluids on Mississippian Carbonate Rock Properties in the Southern Midcontinent, Sahar Mohammadi Dehcheshmehi, Jay M. Gregg, Kevin L. Shelton, and Martin S. Appold, #51165 (2015).

Origin and Characterization of the Nanopore/Micropore Network in the Leonardian Clear Fork Reservoirs in the Goldsmith Field in Ector Co., Texas, Robert G. Loucks and Mark Ulrich, #51164 (2015).

Integrated Diagenetic and Paleomagnetic Study of the Mississippian Limestone, North Central Oklahoma, Richard D. Elmore, Justin Haynes, Sarah Farzaneh, and Simon Anzaldua, #51163 (2015).

Mixed-Energy, Coupled Storm-Flood Depositional Model: Application to Miocene Successions in the Baram Delta Province, NW Borneo, Daniel S. Collins, Howard D. Johnson, and Peter A. Allison, #51133 (2015).

From 3-D Photogrammetric Outcrop Model towards Reservoir Models: An Integrated Modeling Workflow, Remy Deschamps, Philippe Joseph, Olivier Lerat, Julien Schmitz, Brigitte Doligez, and Anne Jardin, #41696 (2015).

Monsoonal and Ephemeral River Systems: Facies Model and Controls (A Review), Piret Plink-Bjorklund, #41695 (2015).

Rivers and Rifting: Evolution of a Fluvial System during Rift Initiation, Central Corinth Rift (Greece), Romain Hemelsdaël, Mary Ford, Fabrice Malartre, Robert Gawthorpe, Julien Charreau, and Sevket Sen, #30419 (2015).

Determining Flow Directions in Turbidites: An Integrated Sedimentological and Magnetic Fabric Study of Two Miocene Turbiditic Systems (Northern Apennines, Italy), Fabrizio Felletti, Eleonora Dall'Olio, and Giovanni Muttoni, #30417 (2015).

Wellsite Mineralogical Data Acquisition; Understanding Results From Multiple Analytical Sources, Brian J. Davis, Amber Koch, Gerald Braun, Cassie O'Connor, Elton Frost, Terry Quinn, Chi Vinh Ly, Guy Oliver, Graham Spence, Bill Whatley, Michael Wilson, and Neil Cardy, #80478 (2015).

Challenges and Opportunities in a Large Oil Field With Poor Quality Data: Integrated Modelling Solution for the Barrancas Field, Cuyana Basin, Argentina, Héctor J. Campos, Gaston Manestar, Fabricio Nissero, Silvana Gandi, Fabian D'Andrea, Elena Morettini, Anthony Thompson, Alejandro Fabian Saccomano, and Jazmin Propato, #20324 (2015).

Integrated Uncertainty Workflows for Field Development Planning: Example from the Jackdaw Discovery, Damien Ryan, Jacob Opata, John Luchford, Sadegh Taheri, Alexander Kononov, Nick Lee, and Andy Hall, #41699 (2015).

Remote Sensing of Subsurface Fractures: A South Australian Case Study, Adam Bailey, Rosalind King, Simon Holford, Joshua Sage, and Martin Hand, #41694 (2015).

A Geomaterials Approach to Fault-Zone Characterisation, Gary D. Couples, Helen Lewis, Elma Charalampidou, Jingsheng Ma, and Antonio Zamarron, #41693 (2015).

Elemental Analysis as a Tool in Determining Wellbore Stability Issues: Marcellus Shale Play, SW Pennsylvania, Charles Moyer, Milly Wright, and Nahysa Martinez, #41692 (2015).

Reservoir-Scale Controls on Fracture Orientation: Structural Position vs. Mechanical Variation, Caroline M. Burberry, #41691 (2015).

Lithological Controls on Mechanical Anisotropy in Shales to Predict In Situ Stress Magnitudes and Potential for Shearing of Laminations during Fracturing, Ken Glover, #41690 (2015).

Numerical Simulations of Hydraulic Fracture Propagation – A Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian Approach, Michael Baranowski and Timothy Masterlark, #41689 (2015).

Fundamental Units of Heterozoan Carbonates: Sedimentologic and Reservoir Properties of Shoaling- and Fining-Upward Cycles, Tony Pugliano, Robert Goldstein, and Evan Franseen, #41687 (2015).

Emplacement of Sand Injections during Contractional Tectonics, Giuseppe Palladino, Antonio Grippa, Denis Bureau, G. Ian Alsop, and Andrew Hurst, #41686 (2015).

Are Unbioturbated Mudstones Indicative of Anoxia?, Shahin E. Dashtgard, John W. Snedden, and James A. MacEachern, #51180 (2015).

The Role of Muddy Hyperpycnites in Shelfal Mudstones and Their Effect on Reservoir Quality: Examples From the Geneseo Formation of New York, USA, Ryan D. Wilson and Juergen Schieber, #51179 (2015).

Paragenesis of Mineralized Fractures in Organic Rich Shales, Richard D. Elmore, Shannon A. Dulin, Earl B. Manning, Alex K. Steullet, Alex Benton, Devin Dennie, Jennifer Roberts, Gerhard Heij, and John Deng, #51178 (2015).

The Sarah Formation: A Glaciogenic Reservoir Analogue in Saudi Arabia, Nikolas A. Michael, Salem Shammari, David LePain, Abduljaleel AbuBshait, Martin Guy, Clemens Van Dijk, and Rainer Zuhlke, #51167 (2015).

PS Confluence Scours Versus Incised Valleys: Examples From the Cretaceous Ferron Notom Delta, Southeastern Utah, USA, Mohammad S. Ullah, Janok Bhattacharya, and William R. Dupre, #51162 (2015).

PS Interpreting Backwater Effects on Fluvial Style and Architecture in a High-Gradient Compound Incised-Valley Deposits: Example from Cretaceous Ferron Notom Delta, Southeastern Utah, Mohammad S. Ullah and Janok P. Bhattacharya, #51161 (2015).

Changes in Eocene-Miocene Shallow-Marine Carbonate Factories along the Tropical Southeast Circum-Caribbean Responded to Major Regional-Global Environmental and Tectonic Events, Juan Carlos Silva-Tamayo, Anton Eisenhauer, Alcides Sial, Andres Pardo, Agustin Cardona, and Camilo Montes, #51159 (2015).

The Use of Chemostratigraphy to Refine Ambiguous Sequence Stratigraphic Correlations in Marine Shales: An Example From the Woodford Shale, Oklahoma, Bryan W. Turner, Jessica A. Tréanton, and Roger M. Slatt, #51181 (2015).

September 2015

AAPG Mid-Continent Section Meeting, The Art of Discovery, October 4-6, 2015, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Abstracts #90221 (2015).

AAPG/SEG International Conference & Exhibition, Energy for the Next Fifty Years, 13-16 September 2015, Melbourne, Australia; Abstracts #90217 (2015).

AAPG Eastern Section, Crossroads of the East, September 20-22, 2015, Indianapolis, Indiana; Abstracts #90218 (2015).

Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies & Gulf Coast Section of SEPM 65th Annual Convention, Discovery-Technology-Leadership-Education, September 20-22, 2015, Houston, Texas; Abstracts #90219 (2015).

AAPG Education Directorate, Geoscience Technology Workshop, Revitalizing Reservoirs-Rocky Mountains, MidContinent, Canada, International Focus, August 11-12, 2015, Golden Colorado, Abstracts, #90242 (2015).

AAPG Latin America & Caribbean Region, 20th Caribbean Geological Conference, A Collision of Ideas to Uplift our Understanding, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies, May 17-22, 2015, Abstracts, #90238 (2015).

Rapid Exploration in a Mature Area in Northwest Kansas: Improving the Definition of Key Reservoir Characteristics using Big Data, W.E. (Bill) Full and Steve James, #41685 (2015).

Slope Facies Controlling Processes Along Western Great Bahama Bank, Jara S.D. Schnyder, Gregor P. Eberli, Marco Wunsch, Linda Schiebel, Christian Betzler, Sebastian Lindhorst, Thomas Lüdmann, Thierry Mulder, and Emmanuelle Ducassou, #51152 (2015).

Regional Upwelling as a Major Control in Development of a Miocene Heterozoan-Dominated Carbonate System in a Tropical Setting, Puerto Rico, Diana Ortega-Ariza and Evan K. Franseen, #51151 (2015).

Geometry, Spatial Arrangement and Connectivity of Grain-Dominated, Storm-Event Deposits in Outcrop Analogues of Upper Jurassic Arab-D Reservoir, Saudi Arabia, Carl Jacquemyn, Matthew Jackson, Gary Hampson, Cédric John, Dave L.Cantrell, Rainer Zuhlke, AbdulJaleel AbuBshait, and Robert F. Lindsay, #51150 (2015).

A Regional Diagenetic and Petrophysical Model for the Montney Formation, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, Noga Vaisblat, Nicholas B. Harris, Vincent Crombez, Tristan Euzen, Marta Gasparrini, and Sebastien Rohais, #51149 (2015).

Controls on Deposition within Arid Continental Basin Margin Systems: Implications for Basin-Scale Fluid Migration, Amy Gough, Stuart Clarke, Philip Richards, and Antoni Milodowski, #10771 (2015).

Climatically Forced Progradation During Transgression? Supercritical-Flow Signature of an Extreme Fluvio-Deltaic Flood in the Late Carboniferous Pennine Basin (UK), Dario Ventra, Jochem F. Bijkerk, Matthieu Cartigny, and Sanem Açikalin, #10770 (2015).

Diagenetic Controls on the Evolution of Fault-Zone Mechanical Properties and Permeability Structure: Loma Blanca Fault Zone, Socorro Basin, NM, Randolph Williams, Laurel Goodwin, Peter Mozley, and Warren Sharp, #51158 (2015).

The Case for another Look at the Paleocene Fort Union Formation in the Eastern Greater Green River Basin, Wyoming, Ranie Lynds, and Chris Carroll, #51157 (2015).

Development and Distribution of Hypogenic Caves and Paleokarst Features in the Arbuckle Mountains of South Central Oklahoma, USA, Kevin Blackwood, Todd Halihan, and Kaitlyn Beard, #51156 (2015).

Mudstone Aggregate Origins and Depositional Interpretations of the Second White Specks and Carlile Formations in Eastern Alberta, Ben Montgomery, Dallin Laycock, Ron Spencer, and Per Pedersen, #51155 (2015).

Outcrop Example of Intrastratal Slope Deformation Controlled by Depositional Architecture, Tres Pasos Formation, Magallanes Basin, Chile, N.C. Auchter, B.W. Romans, S.M. Hubbard, L. Stright, and B.G. Daniels, #51154 (2015).

Textural Types of Evaporites in Holocene Sabkhas of Qatar and Their Geological Significance, Jeremy Jameson, #51153 (2015).

Sedimentology and Provenance from Upper Cretaceous Strata in Southern New Mexico: Implications for Sediment Dispersal Along the Southern Margin of the Sevier Foreland Basin, Cody J. Stopka, Brian A. Hampton, and Greg H. Mack, #30415 (2015).

Predicting Subseismic Fracture Density and Orientation in the Gorm Field, Danish North Sea: An Approach Using Elastic Dislocation Models, Brett Freeman, David Quinn, Cathal G. Dillon, Michael Arnhild, and Bastiaan Jaarsma, #20321 (2015).

Determining Failure Behavior at Hydraulic Fracturing Conditions through Experimental Rock Deformation, Robert Charles Choens and Frederick M. Chester, #41684 (2015).

Extreme Events on a Low-Gradient River and Delta: Evidence for Sediment Mass Movements on the Subaqueous Delta and a Mechanism for Creating Hyperpycnal Flow in the Lower River, Joseph Carlin, Timothy Dellapenna, and Joshua Williams, #41683 (2015).

Using Image Logs to Identify Facies in Heterogeneous Turbidite and Basinal Organic Mudstone Systems From the Wolfcamp Formation, Delaware Basin, West Texas, USA, Suspa Chowdhury Sinha, Dipanwita Nandy, William R. Morris, and Nathan Rogers, #41682 (2015).

Compensating for the Compensation Effect Using Simulated and Experimental Kinetics from the Bakken and Red River Formations, Williston Basin, North Dakota, Stephan H. Nordeng, #41680 (2015).

The Devonian-Mississippian Sappington Formation in the Bridger Range, Montana: An Outcrop-based Unconventional Reservoir Prediction for the Bakken Formation in the Williston Basin, Anna Phelps, Michael Hofmann, and Bruce Hart, #80474 (2015).

Distinguishing Organic Matter Pores Associated With Depositional Organic Matter versus Migrated Organic Matter in Mudrocks, Robert G. Loucks and Robert M. Reed, #80477 (2015).

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