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New Articles

February 2021

Source-Rock Evaluation. Best Tactics for Finding the Sweet Spots within Unconventional and Conventional Reservoirs in the Permian Basin, David Entzminger and Mohamed K Zobaa, #42569 (2021).

PS How Artificial Fractures and Bedding Plane Influence the Fluid Movement in the Fracture-Matrix Dual-Connectivity System of Barnett Shale, Qiming Wang, Xiaoming Zhang, Qinhong Hu, and Xiang Lin, #11353 (2021).

Tracer Gas Diffusion in the Eagle Ford Shale, Austin Chalk, and Adjunct Vertical Formations in Southwestern Texas, Qiming Wang, Qinhong Hu, and Xiang Lin, #42568 (2021).

Structural Inheritance for the Laramide, Central Montana Uplift: A Wrench-Fault Tectonic Model Related to Proterozoic Orogenesis in the Foreland of the North American Cordillera, Jeffrey Bader, #30676 (2021).

The Complications in Defining Oil-In-Place Estimates in Source Rock Reservoirs - Total vs. Producible Oil and Mass Balance Characterization, Chad Hartman, #42567 (2021).

Core to Log Integration in Alaska's North Slope Nanushuk Formation Using High Resolution Petrophysical Profiling, R. Ahmadov, S. Carhart, K. Johnson, L. Louis, and G. Boitnott, #51689 (2021).

Nano-Petrophysical Studies of Avalon-Bone Spring-Wolfcamp and Dean-Sprayberry-Wolfcamp Shale Systems, (Max) Qinhong Hu, Collin Adon, Sam Becker, Jordan Bevers, Ashley Chang, Ryan Jones, Griffin Mann, Benton Mowrey, Nabil Mzee, Ryan Quintero, and Ben Rogers, #51688 (2021).

Predicting Brittleness for Wolfcamp Shales Using Statistical Rock Physics and Machine Learning, Jaewook Lee and David Lumley, #42566 (2021).

Seismic Determination of Dolomitization and Associated Reservoir Quality Using Supervised Machine Learning Techniques: Lower-Middle Permian Carbonates of the Midland Basin, Abidin Berk Caf and John D. Pigott, #42565 (2021).

PS Loss of Organic Carbon from Source Rocks During Thermal Maturation: Past, Present, and Future, Janell D. Edman, #42450 (2021).

Middle Permian Coarse‐Crystalline Dolostone Reservoirs in the Northwest Sichuan Basin (SW China): Their Formation and Evolution, Liyin Pan, #11352 (2021).

Near-Surface Hydrocarbon Seeps as Indicators of Petroleum Charge: The Evolution of Site Selection, Sample Collection, Laboratory Analysis, and Interpretation, Bernie Bernard and Michael Abrams, #42455 (2021).

PS Correlation of the Pore Pressure Gradient and Maturity of the Niobrara Formation Across the Powder River Basin, Wyoming, Adriana G. Perez, David Yale, Robert Raney, and Ross Taylor, #30634 (2021).

Cretaceous Napo U and Napo T Sandstone Channels Accommodation Space Created by Erosion and Tectonism, Exploration and Development Implications on Western Ecuadorian Oriente Basin, Felix A. Ramirez, #11351 (2021).

January 2021

EA New Insights into the Tectono-Stratigraphic Evolution and Hydrocarbon Systems of the Pannonian Basin: A 2D Basin Modeling Study, Attila Bartha, Attila Balázs, and Árpád Szalay, #11349 (2021).

A New Standard Facies Belt and Biofacies Approach Based on Acropora Coral in Ujunggenteng Area, West Java Province, Indonesia, Wahyu Dwijo Santoso, Yahdi Zaim, and Yan Rizal, #51371 (2021).

Multidisciplinary Approach in Tight Oil Appraisal: A Case Study from Barmer Basin, India, Chandan Saha, Shubhodip Konar, Ajoy K. Bora, Prem Kumar, Archana Dhanasetty, Pinaki Majumdar, and Pranay Shankar, #11173 (2021).

Unconventional Reservoir Facies Characteristics of the Montney Formation Resource Play in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, Thomas F. Moslow, Matthew G. Adams, Alessandro Terzuoli, and Beth Haverslew, #11029 (2021).

Alternative Workflow for 3D Basin Modeling in Areas of Structural Complexity – Case Study from the Middle Magdalena Valley, Colombia, Román González, Carlos Suarez, and Luis Rojas, #10920 (2021).

Floods and Foibles in Calgary, Alberta, Jerry Osborn, #70375 (2021).

Exploration Lessons from the Land of 'Magic Realism', Juan Francisco Arminio, #70374 (2021).

Incremental Recovery Factor of at Least 9% can be Achieved Designing Optimum Inter-Well Distance Patterns on a 3-D Model for Polymer Flooding in Multilayer Fluvial Reservoirs, F. T. Schein, J. Juri, M. Pacchy, A. M. Ruiz, M. Thill, P. Guillen, and V. Serrano, #42469 (2021).

EA Automatic Seismic-to-Well Tie by Restricted Adjustment of Sonic Logs, Gabriel R. Gelpi, Daniel O. Pérez, and Danilo R. Velis, #42466 (2021).

Reservoir Insights Enabled by Machine Learning Technology: A Supervised Machine Learning Method for Probabilistic Rock Type Prediction, Bruno de Ribet and Gerardo Gonzalez, #42465 (2021).

Faults in Northeastern Oklahoma: Their Occurrence, Relation to Modern Seismic Activity and to Producing Reservoirs, James Puckette and Xitong Hu, #30675 (2020).

October 2020

EA Advance Mud Gas Evaluation in Complex Clastic Reservoirs while Drilling in Usano Field of PNG, Alan Morrison, Ahmad Shoeibi, Harris Khan, Rob Stevens, Adel Gasmi, and Majid Moazami, #42562 (2020).

EA Role of Modern Analogs in Subsurface Reservoir Modeling, Paul (Mitch) Harris and Sam J. Purkis, #51684 (2020).

PS Influence of Graphite on Strain in a Gently Dipping Fault Zone, Elizabeth S. Petrie, Bradford R. Burton, and Paul K. Link, #51687 (2020).

EA Evolution of the Shallow Pleistocene Carbonates of New Providence Island, Bahamas – Using GPR and Outcrop Data, Emad Alothman, Paul (Mitch) Harris, Gregor P. Eberli, and Mark Grasmueck, #51686 (2020).

EA Quantitative Comparative Sedimentology – Value Added for a Refined Interpretation, Paul (Mitch) Harris and Sam J. Purkis, #51685 (2020).

EA Quantifying Reservoir Architecture of the Upper Cretaceous Panther Tongue Sandstone, Star Point Formation, Spring Canyon, UT, Claire Atlas, #51682 (2020).

Potential Formation Damage: An Integrated Reservoir Characterization Study of the Naturally Fractured Carbonate Middle Duperow Formation at the Kevin Dome, Montana, Minh C. Nguyen, Morteza Dejam, Mina Fazelalavi, Ye Zhang, David W. Bowen, and Philip H. Stauffer, #80735 (2020).

Understanding Mass Transport Processes during Geochemical Characterization of Source Rock and Tight Reservoirs, Daniel Xia, Changrui Gong, and Lucia Rodriguez, #80734 (2020).

Investigation and Identification of Pyrolysis Attributes that Can Assist in Predicting Producible Hydrocarbon in the Unconventional Eagle Ford Formation, Albert Maende, Brian Horsfield, Sascha Kuske, Brian Jarvie, Dan Jarvie, and W. David Weldon, #80733 (2020).

Deconvoluting Mixed Petroleum and the Effect of Oil and Gas-Condensate Mixtures on Identifying Petroleum Systems, Kenneth Peters and Andrew Murray, #42564 (2020).

Geochemical Interpretation on Clumped and Position-Specific Isotopes in Natural Gas, Daniel Xia and Yongli Gao, #42563 (2020).

EA When Doodlebugs Ruled the Earth: Pseudo-Geophysical Devices in Oil Exploration, Dan Plazak, #42558 (2020).

Role of Geology Operation Facing the Subsurface Uncertainties, in Mitigation, While Drilling and Logging in The Mahakam Delta, Rio Sitorus, Roy Lesmana, Wahyu Pramono, Rian Ikhsan, and Gustiadi Rosa, #42561 (2020).

EA Porosity Determination from Mechanical Measurements in Carbonates Affected by Severe Drilling Fluid Invasion, Peter Kirkham, #42560 (2020).

Deep Clastic Reservoir Quality in Ciputat Low, Onshore North West Java Basin, Rania R. Sofya, Thomas C. Atarita, Fuji Koesumadewi, and Mohamad Wahyudin, #51683 (2020).

EA Lacustrine Carbonate Facies as Modern Analogues of Pre-Salt Units in Mexico, Elizabeth Chacón Baca, #51681 (2020).

EA Scoring System as a Quick and Objective Method to Conclude Fluid Analysis (Gas/Water Reservoir) and Standardization of Fluid Identification, Feli Betha Guardena and Rio Sitorus, #42559 (2020).

EA Novel Workflow in Modeling Cycles of a Complex Carbonate Reservoirs, Coupling Sequence Stratigraphy and Geostatistics Techniques, Andi A. B. Salahuddin, Reem Al Ali, Karem Khan, Khaled E. Al Hammadi, and Nidhal M. Aljneibi, #42556 (2020).

The Construction of Predictive Model to Reductions in Time and Cost of the Appraisal / Exploratory Well, Enrique Estrada, Michelle Celestino, and Angelo Lima, #42432 (2020).

EA Importance of Good Time to Depth Conversion Method to Reduce GRV Uncertainties of Producing Fields in the South Sumatra Block, Danar Yudhatama, Aurora Juniarti, Erwin Muhamad Indra Kusumah, and Yudi Yanto, #20494 (2020).

EA Sedimentary Environments of the Oligocene Krosno Beds: A New Interpretation in the Polish Outer Carpathians, Piotr S. Dziadzio, Roger Higgs, and Arkadiusz Drozd, #11350 (2020).

Petroleum System Analysis of Small Scale Miocene Troughs in the Pannonian Basin, Results of a 3D Basin Modeling Case Study from Southern Hungary, Viktor Lemberkovics, Edina Kissné Pável, Balázs Badics, and Katalin Lõrincz, #30674 (2020).

GC Using Shale Capacity for Predicting Well Performance Variability, Ritesh Kumar Sharma and Satinder Chopra, #42557 (2020).

Geological Re-Evaluation of the Mature Reservoirs of the Hochleiten-Pirawarth Fields (Vienna Basin), Isabell Schretter, Andras Zamolyi, and Rudolf Finsterwalder, #20493 (2020).

September 2020

Sand Distribution Within a Topographically Complex Basin – From Channelized Sheets to Onlap Margins: Grès D'Annot, SE France, David A. Stanbrook, Jamie K. Pringle, and Julian D. Clark, #51680 (2020).

EA The Role of Forward Seismic Modeling: Outcrop Analogs of Deep-Water Architectures, Jamie K. Pringle and David A. Stanbrook, #51679 (2020).

Fundamental Study of CO2 Substitution in Methane Hydrates for Energy Production and Long Term Sequestration, Navid Saeidi, Bjørn Kvamme, Yu-Chien (Alice) Chien, and Derek Dunn-Rankin, #80732 (2020).

Environmental Factors Associated with Hydrates Extraction; Physical and Chemical Mitigation for a Marine Consent, Kate Bromfield and Brett Rogers, #80731 (2020).

A Hydrothermal Dolomite Model for the Cheyenne Wells and Smoky Creek Fields, Colorado, R. Mark Maslyn, #20492 (2020).

Soil Gas Sampling Enhanced Existing Plays and Indicate Multiple New Oil and Gas Trends in Fortesa's Onshore Coastal Position (Senegal), Rogers Beall, #11348 (2020).

EA Constraining the Regional Slope of Western Papua New Guinea: A Study of Lithospheric Flexure, Michael Rieger, Samuel A. Fraser, and Reinaldo Ollarves, #30673 (2020).

EA Insights from Geomechanical Modelling of 2D Cross-Sections in Fold-Thrust Belts, Reinaldo Ollarves, Samuel Fraser, and Ken McClay, #30672 (2020).

PS Varimax-Rotated Visible Derivative Reflectance Spectroscopy of the Utica Shale / Point Pleasant Formation in Ohio, Julie M. Bloxson, Beverly Z. Saylor, and Barbara M. Kemeh, #51678 (2020).

Far-field Tectonic Controls on Deposition of the Ordovician Utica/Point Pleasant Play, Ohio using Core Logging, Well Logging, and Multi-variate Analysis, Julie M. Bloxson, #51677 (2020).

EA A Summary of the Petroleum Distribution and Potential of PNG, John Chambers and Lewis Maxwell, #11347 (2020).

August 2020

PS The Impact of Stress on Gas Production from the Shale, K. Aminian, M. El Sgher, and Samuel Ameri, #42555 (2020).

Comparative Methodology for USDW Determination to Support Abandonment of Offshore Rincon Oil Field, Daniel Schwartz, Terence O'Sullivan, and Eric White, #20490 (2020).

EA Geodetic and Vertical Datums Used in Papua New Guinea - An Overview, Richard Stanaway, #70410 (2020).

EA Neotectonics of the Papuan Fold and Thrust Belt - Insights from Space Geodetic Analysis, Richard Stanaway, Luke Mahoney, John Noonan, and Sandra McLaren, #30671 (2020).

Global Tectonic and Basin Maps, Albert W. Bally, D. Sawyer, and A. Sinkewich, #30444 (2020).

Machine-Learning with Multi-Seismic Attributes in Cambro-Ordovician Carbonates of Southwestern Pennsylvania, Randall Hunt, #42554 (2020).

PS Integrated Case Study from Reservoir Characterization to Improved Well Performance Evaluation in Abnormal HPHT Tight Gas Reservoir, Shusheng Guo, Zhijie Huang, Yongde Gao, Ming Chen, Bei Gao, Huimin Cai, Bo Liu, Jichao Chen, HuiGeng Li, and Wei Zhang, #42449 (2020).

Silurian Reef Reservoir Heterogeneity in the Illinois Basin with a Focus on Germantown and Wapella East Fields: Reservoir Quality Variability as a Result of Differences in Depositional Environments, Diagenesis and Erosional Truncation at the End of the Silurian, Dennis Prezbindowski, Richard Inden, Michael Grammer, and Mary Frush, #20491 (2020).

PS Characterization of Seal Potential and Distribution Using Pre-Stack Seismic Inversion: A Field Case Study of Onshore Abu Dhabi, Anni Xie, Maria Helena Caeiro, Stefan Steiner, Ahmed Taher, Martin Jagger, Kate Al Tameemi, Amogh Chitrao, Fakhera Al Qubaisi, Huda Al-Salmi, and Jawaher A. Alshamsi, #20489 (2020).

Case Study: 25 Years of Historic Hydrocarbon Seep Studies in Santa Maria Basin, Offshore California Using Seismic and Stratigraphic Data (1995 through 2020), Joseph Saenz, Thomas O'Neil, and Frank Denison, #11346 (2020).

EA Tectonics and Geodynamics of the New Guinea Region Since the Triassic, Sabin Zahirovic and Daniela Garrad, #30670 (2020).

EA Benefits of a Chronostratigraphic Framework, An Example from the Papuan Fold Belt, Lewis Maxwell, Lawrence Grant-Woolley, Geoff Wood, and Sarah Hawkes, #51676 (2020).

EA An Integrated Structural Interpretation and Modelling Workflow for the Barikewa Field, Papua New Guinea, Emma Alexander, Julie Mackintosh, Jonathon Hyde, and Peter Boult, #20488 (2020).

PS Characterization of the Porous System of Carbonate and Siliciclastic Sequences of Oligo-Miocene in the La Vela Offshore Field, Venezuela, Yolimar Rojas, Zureisy Marín, Ignacio Mederos, and María Gómez, #20487 (2020).

PS Alaskan Unconventional Shale Core Characterization, Dustin Crandall and Shuvajit Bhattacharya, #11343 (2020).

Following the Pre-Salt Play to its Outermost Extent in the Campos and Santos Basins, Brazil – an analog for Gulf of Mexico presalt?, Cian O'Reilly and J. Keay, #11315 (2020).

EA A New Crustal Model of the Gulf of Mexico – From Seismic and Potential Fields Data, J. Bain, J. Kegel, and Cian O'Reilly, #30658 (2020).

From Deep Horizon to Deep Water, a North Eastern Latin America Success Story, for Some..., Xavier Moonan and Javed Razack, #30669 (2020).

It's Time For A Fresh Look At Berea and Clinton Secondary Recovery, Robert D. Winland, #51674 (2020).

The Origin and Significance of the Lower Mississippian Sunbury Shale in East-Central United States, Frank R. Ettensohn and Jun Li, #11345 (2020).

Extension of Appalachian Black-Shale Source Rocks into Adjacent Intracratonic Basins through Basin Yoking, Frank R. Ettensohn, #11344 (2020).

PS Cross-comparison of Stacked Unconventional Plays of Delaware and Appalachian Basins: Reservoir Characteristics and Production Profiles, Olga Popova, Emily Geary, April Patel, Gary Long, Jeffrey Little, Steven Grape, and Elizabeth Panarelli, #11342 (2020).

July 2020

PS Curious Case of Lack of Strata Assignable to the Pterospathodus celloni Superzone (Telychian, Llandovery, Silurian) in the Eastern Portion of the Midwestern Basins and Arches Region (New York, Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana), Mark A. Kleffner and Stig M. Bergström, #51675 (2020).

Production and Water Use in Pennsylvania's Organic Shales, Katherine Schmid, #20486 (2020).

CCUS Opportunities in Southwestern Pennsylvania Oil Fields: Case Studies from the Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership, Kristin M. Carter, Brian J. Dunst, Robin V. Anthony, and Katherine W. Schmid, #80730 (2020).

A Retrospective Accounting of the Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership's Technical Achievements and Contributions, Kristin M. Carter and Neeraj Gupta, #80729 (2020).

The Rock-Solid Scientific Evidence for Anthropogenic Global Warming, James F. Kasting, #80728 (2020).

Managing Potential Injection-Induced Seismicity through Monitoring and Mitigation, Thomas E. Tomastik, J. Daniel Arthur, and Steve Tipton, #42553 (2020).

Challenges Facing Class II Disposal Well Operations in the Appalachian Basin, Thomas E. Tomastik and J. Daniel Arthur, #42552 (2020).

Large Potential Reserves Remain for Secondary Oil Recovery in Ohio, Thomas E. Tomastik, #11341 (2020).

The Pennsylvanian Desmoinesian Mudstone and Carbonates Reservoirs in Southern Denver Basin, Steven Tedesco, #11340 (2020).

GC A Tale of Two Conventional Reservoirs: Nanushuk and Torok on the North Slope, Alaska, Sumit Verma and Shuvajit Bhattacharya, #42551 (2020).

Reservoir Architecture of Climatic Driven Sedimentary Cycles Within a Fluvial Fan Sequence and its Implication for 3-D Modeling, Remi Lehu, Pablo Barros-Arroyo, Agustín Arguello Scotti, Ignacio Weisman, and Silvana Gandi, #42545 (2020).

Gas Field Production Data Analysis: The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Whole Truth, Christopher Evans, #42550 (2020).

PS Hydraulic Fracture Injection Strategy Influences the Probability of Earthquakes in the Eagle Ford Shale Play of South Texas, Shannon L. Fasola, Michael R. Brudzinski, Robert J. Skoumal, Teresa Langenkamp, Brian S. Currie, and Kevin J. Smart, #80727 (2020).

PS Silurian Tuscarora Sandstone in Western West Virginia: Will It Work as a Geothermal Reservoir Rock?, Ronald R. McDowell, J. Eric Lewis, Gary W. Daft, Philip A. Dinterman, Sarah R. Brown, and Jessica P. Moore, #80726 (2020).

PS Seal Capacity of Upper Ordovician Units in the Midwest Region: A Quantitative Approach Using Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure, Cristian R. Medina, Maria Mastalerz, Richard W. Lahann, and John A Rupp, #80725 (2020).

Salt Creek - A Wyoming Giant and a Cast of Characters, Sam L. Pfiester, #20485 (2020).

Hydrogeologic Repository and Colombia Water Well Installation, September 2018, Joseph Saenz, Kimo Zaiger, Andrew Tiedman, Chad Mitchell, and Robert Nordahl, #80724 (2020).

Can the Hydrocarbons Industry be a Strong Driver to the Grow of the Geothermal Energy Sector?, Claudio Alimonti, Elena Sodlo, and Davide Scrocca, #42549 (2020).

PS UAV Application to Mud Volcano Monitoring: A Devil's Woodyard Case Study, Xavier Moonan, Varendra Rambaran, and Ibraheem Ali, #42546 (2020).

GC Improving the Quality of Coherence and Curvature Attributes by Using Multispectral Dip Components, Satinder Chopra and Kurt J. Marfurt, #42548 (2020).

Multi-Phase Flow Petrophysics: A Physics-Based Approach for Deriving Sw from NMR and Formation Sampling in Low Resistivity Pay Carbonates, Nicolas Leseur and Charles Smart, #42547 (2020).

An Integrated Approach to Unlock Low Resistivity Carbonate Reservoir in North of Sultanate of Oman, Marta Becerra Ruiz, Abdul Rahim Shukaili, Hamood Nabhani, El Hafed Habhouba, Jokha Busaidi, Saud Naabi, and Zaher Hinai, #20484 (2020).

Cyanobacteria from the Big A Butte Member of the Supai Formation (Lower Permian) in the Holbook Basin of Arizona: Indications of a Fresh to Brackish Water Depositional Environment, Karl W. Schwab, Michael A. Smith, and Carmon D. Bonanno, #51647 (2020).

PS Petroleum Charge Analysis of the Southern San Joaquin Basin, California: Implications for Future Exploration, Alton A. Brown, #30665 (2020).

Testing Landfill Coverture Leaks Using Surface Geochemical Techniques San Justo, Entre, Argentina, P. Kokot, H. A. Ostera, and G. Garbán, #80723 (2020).

Ventura Basin Oil Generation, Timing, Migration, and Entrapment, Stuart Gordon, #11333 (2020).

PS Tracing Main Structures with Radon, Thoron, and Carbon Dioxide Fluxes in Sedimentary Basins of Argentina, H. A. Ostera, M. Fasola, and G. Garbán, #11339 (2020).

Can Surface Geochemical Exploration Be Used to Forecast Production in Oilfield Development? An Example in the Neuquen Basin, Argentina, H. A. Ostera, M. Fasola, G. Garbán, L. Navarro, M. Piedrabuena, and G. Malizia, #11338 (2020).

June 2020

EA Movable Fluid Distribution and the Permeability Estimation in Tight Sandstones Using NMR, Chaohui Lyu, Zhengfu Ning, Qing Wang, and Mingqiang Chen, #42544 (2020).

Exploring and Evaluation of Paleozoic Saudi Arabian Sand for Proppant Applications, Kazi Faiz Alam and Osman Abdullatif, #42543 (2020).

Microseepage vs. Macroseeepage: Defining Seepage Type and Migration Mechanisms for Differing Levels of Seepage and Surface Expressions, Michael A. Abrams, #42542 (2020).

Surface Sediment Hydrocarbons as Indicators of Subsurface Hydrocarbons: Field Calibration of Existing and New Surface Geochemistry Methods in the Marco Polo Area, Gulf of Mexico, Michael A. Abrams and Nicola F. Dahdah, #20483 (2020).

PS Cenozoic Turbidite Systems in the Onshore Angola: Facies Analysis and Paleoenvironmental Interpretation of the Massambala Heavy Oil Accumulation, Martin Pereira, Estefania Tudisca, Mariano Ragazzi, and Atilio Viera, #51673 (2020).

Sedimentological Characterization of Submarine Canyons and Channel Complexes in Los Molles Formation, Neuquén Basin, Argentina, Martin Pereira, #11337 (2020).

Facies, Petrography, Geochemistry and Reservoir Potential of the Upper Cretaceous Adaffa Formation, Red Sea Region, Saudi Arabia, Mohammad Monirul Islam, Osman M. Abdullatif, and Mutasim Sami Osman, #11336 (2020).

Assessing the Hydrocarbon Exploration Potential of the Jurassic Cuyo Goup, SW Neuquén Basin: Through Outcrop Analog Studies, Juan Francisco P. Iñigo, Raul Gutierrez, Ronald Steel, and Cornel Olariu, #11335 (2020).

The Intramalmic-Intersenonian Interval in the NE Border of the Neuquén Basin. Remaining Prospectivity Assessed Through Paleoenvironmental Models and Sequential Analysis, Juan Francisco P. Iñigo, Renzo Vargas, Maria Eugenia Novara, Martin Pereira, Ignacio Cambon, Pablo J. Pazos, and Ernesto Schwarz, #11334 (2020).

PS A Key Section for the Early Pannonian (Late Miocene) of the Transylvanian Basin (Romania): Integrated Stratigraphic Results from the Guşteriţa Clay Pit, Dániel Botka, Vivien Csoma, Michal Šuja, Régis Braucher, Karin Sant, Stjepan Ćorić, Koraljka Bakrač, Krešimir Krizmanić, István Róbert Bartha, Lóránd Silye, and Imre Magyar, #11329 (2020).

PS Effect of Reservoir Heterogeneity by Depositional Environment and Its Application to the SAGD Process, Shin Hyundon, Jun Chang-Hyeok, and Lee Jeongbin, #42541 (2020).

EA Subsurface Process Improvement to Minimize Subsurface Uncertainties for Workover Optimization, A Case Study from Mature Waterflood Field, Central Sumatera Basin, Indonesia, Ardi Nazamzi, Irdas Muswar, and Shuhaimi Mohd Mokhtar, #42540 (2020).

EA Thermo-Tectono-Stratigraphic Modelling of a Northern Red Sea Transect and Implications for the Petroleum Systems, T.A. Cunha, P. Baptista, L.H. Rüpke, D.W. Schmid, I. Davison, and R. Bertolotti, #30666 (2020).

Deformation Patterns of Neoproterozoic and Earliest Cambrian Rocks at the Western Sector of the Jabal Akhdar Dome, Central Oman Mountains, Ivan Callegari, Wilfried Bauer, Frank Mattern, Andre Jorge Pinto, Heninjara Rarivoarison, Andreas Scharf, Katharina Scharf, and Mohammed Al Kindi, #30664 (2020).

The Importance of Multi-Scale Petroleum System Assessment for Plays and Prospects De-Risking in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin, G. Pérez-Drago, N. Mouchot, M. Dubille, L. Montadert, D. di Biase, P. Lacone, M. Mazzarelli, M. Hosni, and A. Thebault, #11332 (2020).

PS Regional Seismostratigraphic Model of the Tertiary Sedimentary Fill of the Austral–Magellan Fuegian Basin and its Potential Reservoirs, Pablo Barros-Arroyo, Juliana Marino, Muriel Miller, Gladys Angelozzi, Diana Ronchi, Luciana Hiriart, and Pablo Giampaoli, #11331 (2020).

PS Assessment of Shale Gas Potential of Lower Permian Transitional Shanxi-Taiyuan Shales in the Southern North China Basin, Pei Li, Jinchuan Zhang, Xuan Tang, Zhipeng Huo, Zhen Li, Zhongming Li, and Hui Feng, #11330 (2020).

PS U-Pb Direct Dating of Multiple Diagenetic Events in the Upper Cretaceous Carbonate Reservoir of Bekhme Formation, Kurdistan-NE Iraq, Namam Muhammed Salih, Howri Mansurbeg, Kamal Kolo, Axel Gerdes, and Alain Préat, #51671 (2020).

Tectonic Control on the Deposition of Organic-Rich Basinal Facies of Vaca Muerta Formation, Alejandro Bande, Ricardo Veiga, Horacio Acevedo, and Alfonso Mosquera, #51670 (2020).

PS Depositional Facies, Depositional Processes, and Reservoir Quality of the Miocene Sandstones of the Midway-Sunset Oil Field, San Joaquin Basin, CA, USA, Olawale E. Olabisi, #20481 (2020).

EA Supervised Learning Applied to Rock Type Classification in Sandstone Based on Wireline Formation Pressure Data, Jose Victor Contreras, #42539 (2020).

PS Application of Surface Geochemistry Survey in the HC Exploration, János Csizmeg, Alejandro Morelos, Béla Márton, David Blažević, and Marko Cvetković, #42538 (2020).

Mesozoic Breakup of Southwest Gondwana and Basin Formation Along the Argentinean Atlantic Margin, Juan Pablo Lovecchio, Sebastien Rohais, Victor A. Ramos, Philippe Joseph, and Nestor D. Bolatti, #30668 (2020).

Rifting Evolution of the Malvinas Basin, Offshore Argentina: New Constrains from Zircon U-Pb Geochronology and Seismic Characterization, Juan Pablo Lovecchio, Maximiliano Naipauer, E. Lubin Cayo, Sebastien Rohais, David Giunta, Gonzalo Flores, Ricardo Gerster, Nestor D. Bolatti, Philippe Joseph, and Victor A. Ramos, #30667 (2020).

PS The Terrigenous Depositional Response During the Relative High Sea Level Period, Example from Ancient Delta System in East Kalimantan, Indonesia, Erlangga Septama, #51672 (2020).

PS New Insights in the Characterization of the Springhill Fm Play in the Austral Basin, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, Daniela Ancheta, Juan Pablo Lovecchio, Graciela Covellone, Maximiliano Naipauer, Guillermo Azpiroz, Mario Atencio, and Viviana Meissinger, #11327 (2020).

Reservoir Geochemistry: The Changing Landscape from the 1950's to the Present, David K. Baskin and Mark A. McCaffrey, #70409 (2020).

EA Anomalous Uplift at Pitas Point and the 2019 Ventura River Earthquake Swarm: Whose Fault is it Anyway?, Craig Nicholson, Christopher C. Sorlien, Marc J. Kamerling, Thomas E. Hopps, and Egill Hauksson, #30663 (2020).

EA Geology of West Karun Oil Fields Shared Between Iran and Iraq, Yosef Shahin, #20480 (2020).

A Geochemical Appraisal of the Potential Source(s) of Oils in the STACK and SCOOP Plays in the Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma, R. Paul Philp and Carl Symcox, #51669 (2020).

EA The Possibility of Hydrodynamic Trap in Tarakan Sub-Basin as an Explanation of the Existence of Water in an Identified Hydrocarbon Zone, Andika Wicaksono, Agus M. Ramdhan, Hade B. Maulin, and Bayu R. Ma'aarij, #11328 (2020).