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New Articles

August 2015

Exploration in the UK Weald Basin: Déjà Vu, Peter Wigley, #70182 (2015).

AV Evaluating and Hy-Grading Wolfcamp Shale Opportunities in the Midland Basin, A. D. James, #110213 (2015).
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AV Characterizing and Exploiting the “Clear Fork Shale” near the Midland Basin Margin in Eastern Andrews County, Texas, Paul S. Molnar, #110211 (2015).
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AV Preliminary Results from Wolfcamp Spacing Pilots and Microseismic in Southwestern Martin County, Texas, Michael Langeler, #110210 (2015).
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AV Applying Fundamentals "101" of Unconventional Shale Production to the Exploration and Development of the Wolfcamp "A", Wolfcamp "B", and Lower Spraberry Shale — A Case Study, Keith Skaar, #110209 (2015).
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Midland Basin Wolfcamp Horizontal Development, Greg Wilson, #110208 (2015).

AV OOIP Utilizing GEOCHEM (ECS) Data, Triple Combo Data Only, and Pyrolysis S1 Data, Permian Wolfcamp “A” and “B” Shales, Midland Basin, Texas, George B. Asquith, #110207 (2015).
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AV Legacy of Discovery: Resources for Explorers, Charles A. Sternbach, #110205 (2015).
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AV From Petroleum Scarcity to Abundance: Opportunities and Implications for the U.S. and World, Thomas S. Ahlbrandt, #110200 (2015).
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Paleotopographic and Depositional Environment Controls on "Sweet Spot" Locations in Unconventional Resource Shales: Woodford and Barnett Shale Examples, Roger M. Slatt, Brenton McCullough, Carlos Molinares, Elizabeth Baruch, and Bryan Turner, #80467 (2015).

Benchmarking Well Performance for Variable Geology and Engineering in the Utica/Point Pleasant Play, Murray Roth and Michael Roth, #10766 (2015).

Geologic Expansion of the Eagle Ford, Murray Roth and Michael Roth, #10765 (2015).

EIA Marcellus Shale Play Map, Olga H. Popova, Margaret Coleman, Evan Frye, Gary Long, and Elizabeth Panarelli, #10767 (2015).

Thinly Bedded Pay in Clastic Reservoirs, Recognition, Geological Occurrence, Understanding, and Quantification, Dirk Bodnar, #51126 (2015).

Shale Velocity and Density as Functions of TOC and Thermal Maturity: Upper Devonian Woodford Shale, Permian Basin, Texas, Nicholas B. Harris, #51124 (2015).

Paleotopographic Control on the Variability of Woodford Shale strata Across the Southern Cherokee Platform Area of Central Oklahoma: a Mechanism for Increased Preservation-Potential of Organic Content, Brenton J. McCullough and Roger M. Slatt, #51125 (2015).

PS Facies Architecture Analysis and Modelling of the Sandy Slope Channel Fills at San Clemente, California, Pan Li and Benjamin C. Kneller, #51128 (2015).

PS The Orientation of Sandstone-Filled U-Shaped Trace Fossils as Indicators of Deepwater Channel Axis Position, Tres Pasos Formation, Chile, Daniel D. Niquet, Stephen M. Hubbard, Aaron P. Reimchen, Dallin P. Laycock, Zane Jobe, and Brian W. Romans, #51127 (2015).

PS Anthropogenic CO2 for Enhanced Oil Recovery: An Under-Utilized Resource for Greener Fuels, Gerald C. Blount and Mary K. Harris, #80471 (2015).

PS The Influence of Resolution on Scale-Dependent Clustering in Fracture Data, Ankur Roy, Atilla Aydin, Antonino Cilona, and Tapan Mukerji, #41670 (2015).

PS A Quantitative Approach to the Characterization of Sedimentary Architecture in Mixed Eolian-Fluvial Reservoir Successions, Mohammed A. Al-Masrahy and Nigel P. Mountney, #41669 (2015).

PS Three-Dimensional Stratigraphic Complexity Within Mixed Eolian-Fluvial Successions: Implications for Reservoir Connectivity, Oliver Wakefield, Nigel Mountney, Ed Hough, and Jo Thompson, #41668 (2015).

GC Joint Impedance Inversion Transforms Aid Interpretation, Satinder Chopra, Ritesh Kumar Sharma, Mohammad Hossein Nemati, and Peter Cary, #41667 (2015).

GC Prestack Impedance Inversion Aids Interpretation, Satinder Chopra and Ritesh Kumar Sharma, #41664 (2015).

AAPG Latin America Region, Geoscience Technology Workshop, Extended Mature Fields' Life Cycles: The Role of New Technologies and Integrated Strategies, May 11-12, 2015, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Abstracts, #90237 (2015).

AAPG DPA Playmaker Forum, Legacy of Discovery: Resources for Explorers, January 14, 2015, Midland, Texas, Abstracts, #90231 (2015).

Sequence Stratigraphic Control on Distribution and Porosity Evolution in Cherts in the Mississippian of the Mid-Continent, Buddy Price and G. Michael Grammer, #51123 (2015).

PS Seismic Methodologies Adapted for Use in Acoustic Logging, Shreya B. Ley and Partha Biswas, #41666 (2015).

PS A New Analytical Method to Evaluate Maximum Flexure for Improved Fracture Characterization from 3-D Seismic Data, Haibin Di and Dengliang Gao, #41665 (2015).

PS Cambrian Rogersville Shale in the Rome Trough, Kentucky and West Virginia: A Potential Unconventional Oil and Gas Reservoir in the Appalachian Basin, John Hickman, David Harris, and Cortland Eble, #10764 (2015).

PS Testing the Distributary Channel Model Against Predicted Changes in Fluvial Reservoir Geometry During Transitions From Low to High Accommodation Settings: Upper Pennsylvanian of the Central Appalachian Basin, Jonathan M. Ney, Shea Atkins, and John Holbrook, #10763 (2015).

PS Codell Sandstone, Northern DJ Basin, Wyoming and Colorado: Reservoir Characteristics in a Tight Oil Play, Kevin H. Smith, Richard J. Bottjer, Robert H. Sterling, Henry C. Nowak, and Thomas A. Berkman, #10761 (2015).

Codell Sandstone, DJ Basin, Kevin H. Smith, #10760 (2015).

PS A Successful Seismic Integration Case in Exploration of the Deep Thrust Zone in Mountain Area of Qaidam Basin, West China, Chuan Wu, Fangjian 'Jack' Xue, Peng Wang, Jie Hu, Chuanwu Wang, and Yongsheng Wang, #10762 (2015).

PS Plan-View Paleochannel Reconstruction of Ancient Meanderbelts, Cretaceous Ferron Sandstone, Henry Mountains Region, Utah, Jianqiao Wang and Janok P. Bhattacharya, #51122 (2015).

PS Recognition of Fluvial Megafans: Comparison of Early Eocene Green River Formation in the Uinta Basin and Late Cretaceous Williams Fork Formation in the Piceance Basin, Jianqiao Wang, Piret Plink-Bjorklund, and Chayawan Jaikla, #51121 (2015).

PS Full-Physics Thinking in Unconventional Plays, Gary D. Couples, #80466 (2015).

PS Savannah River National Laboratory Core Repository: Core Used in Real World Fluid and Chemical Transport Assessments, Mary K. Harris, Margaret Millings, Laura Bagwell, and Gerald C. Blount, #70184 (2015).

PS Projecting Cores into the Time Dimension, Helen Lewis, Jim Buckman, Alessandro Mangione, Zeyun Jiang, Jingsheng Ma, and Gary D. Couples, #41663 (2015).

PS X-Ray Imaging for Compaction Band Characterisation in Porous Sandstones, E.M. Charalampidou, S. Stanchits, S. Hall, G. Viggiani, H. Lewis, and G. Couples, #41662 (2015).

PS "3-D Close-the-Loop" Modeling of the Grosmont Reservoir, Nikita Krylov, Gregor Baechle, Gottfried Tiller, Fahad Al Hadhrami, and Maria Balzarini, #41661 (2015).

PS Interpreting Permeability from Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure Data, Alton A. Brown, #41660 (2015).

PS Role of Relative Sea Level Change on Geometric Characteristics of Submarine Fans (Onlapping versus Non-Onlapping), Jianqiao Wang and Dipanwita Nandy, #41659 (2015).

PS Role of Salt in Decoupling Deformation and Fault Evolution in the Smørbukk Area, Halten Terrace, Offshore Mid-Norway, Debapriya Paul and Shankar Mitra, #30412 (2015).

PS Seismic Expression of Karst-Related Features in the Persian Gulf and Implications for Characterization of Carbonate Reservoirs, Caroline M. Burberry, Shelby R. Chandler, and Christopher A-L. Jackson, #30411 (2015).

ArcGIS Maps Depicting Topography of the Basement-Cover Contact (the Great Unconformity), and the Traces of Faults and Folds, in the Cratonic Platform of the United States, Stefanie L. Domrois, Stephen Marshak, Curtis C. Abert, and Timothy H. Larson, #30410 (2015).

PS Mexican Frontier Hydrocarbon Basins, Colin Stabler, Michele Bishop, and Edwin Moritz, #10743 (2015).

PS Updated Nomenclature for Plio-Pleistocene Formations in the Onshore Ventura Basin, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara 30' × 60' Quadrangles, Brian J. Swanson and Pamela J. Irvine, #10758 (2015).

Exploring for Tight Oil in the Pennsylvanian Cleveland Sandstone on the Nemaha Uplift Using High-Resolution 3D Seismic & Stratigraphic Analysis: A New "Resource" Play Model?, Tony Lupo and Lee Krystinik, #10759 (2015).

AAPG Asia Pacific Region, Geoscience Technology Workshop, Tectonic Evolution and Sedimentation of South China Sea Region, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, May 26-27, 2015, Abstracts, #90236 (2015).

PS An Investigation into the Sedimentary Organization of the Walloon Sub-Group via BHI's, Daren Shields and Joan Esterle, #51116 (2015).

Monitoring Aquifer Integrity in a Multi-Zone Environment: A Fit-For-Purpose Single-Trip Solution, Robert Rees, #80455 (2015).

A Review on Development of CBM Industry in China, Qin Yong and Ye Jianping, #80454 (2015).

PS Coal Bed Methane Reservoir Simulation Study, Chawarwan Khan, Lei Ge, Victor Rudolph, and Tom Rufford, #80453 (2015).

The Advanced Technology of Drilling and Completion for CBM in China, Ruichen Shen, Zijian Wang, Lei Qiao, Kailong Wang, and Aiguo He, #80452 (2015).

Concurrent In-Situ Measurement of Flow Capacity and Gas Content, Quentin Morgan, #41648 (2015).

Extend Well Life by Optimizing Well Completion and Pumping Operation, Xingjin Wang, #41647 (2015).

PS Lab Measurements of Gas-Liquid Relative Permeability in Coals, Lei Ge, Chawarwan Khan, Thomas E. Rufford, and Victor Rudolph, #41646 (2015).

Coalbed Methane Geology of the Jurassic Middle-Lower Series, Southern Junggar Basin, China: Low-Rank Coal Forming Environment, Enrichment Characteristics, Accumulation Model, and Resource Evaluation, Chenghua Ou, Dongming Zhi, and Lie Xue, #80451 (2015).

Origin of Botryoidal Dolostone of the Sinian Dengying Formation in Sichuan Basin, China, Jie Zhang, Brian Jones, Anjiang Shen, Liyin Pan, and Jingao Zhou, #51101 (2015).

Mineralogy and Diagenetic History of the Temblor Formation Sandstones, McKittrick Oil Field, California, Alyssa Beth Kaess, Robert A. Horton, Shruti Shertukde, and Monique Armijo, #20318 (2015).

Write Off the Pacific Offshore? or the Last Best Hope for New Pacific Discoveries, Kenneth A. Piper and Michael R. Brickey, #30409 (2015).

Think Small for Nascent Alternative Energy Technologies, Kenneth A. Piper, #41658 (2015).

PS Updated Mapping of Active Surface Traces of the San Cayetano Fault Zone between Fillmore and Piru, Ventura Basin, Southern California, Brian P.E. Olson, #10757 (2015).

Codell Sandstone: A Review of the Northern DJ Basin Oil Resource Play, Laramie County, Wyoming and Weld County, Colorado, Robert H. Sterling, Richard J. Bottjer, and Kevin H. Smith, #10754 (2015).

Evolution of the Southwestern Midcontinent Basin During the Middle Pennsylvanian: Evidence From Sequence Stratigraphy, Core and XRF in Southeastern Colorado, William R. Drake, Caleb J. Pollock, Bo Henk, Justin B. Anderson, and Kristopher M. Clemons, #10753 (2015).

Geology, Water Quality and Aquatic Life in Malibu Creek: An Unusually Severe Example of Geologic Impacts, Randal Orton, #80464 (2015).

Challenges and Values of Formation Testing in Tight Sand in Monterey Formation Using Modular Dynamic Tester (MDT), Manish K. Lal, Viet Hoang Tran, and Larry E. Drennan, #80463 (2015).

Mandated Monitoring For Potential Hydraulic Fracturing Impacts Upon Groundwater In California: Update On SB-4 Expert Recommendations, Joseph P. Morris and Bradley K. Esser, #80462 (2015).

Offshore Renewable Energy and the California State Lands Commission, Holly Wyer, #80461 (2015).

Kinematics and Timing of Deformation of Nellis Dunes Recreational Area, Nevada, Shaimaa Abdelhaleem and Wanda J. Taylor, #51120 (2015).

PS Tight Oil Potential in Neogene Monterey-Like Biosiliceous Shale of Japan, Satoru Yokoi and Takashi Tsuji, #51119 (2015).

Sandstone Injectites Record Pre-, Syn-, and Post-folding Deformation at Sheep Mountain Anticline, Wyoming, Jennifer Beyer and W. Ashley Griffith, #51118 (2015).

Got Lemons? Make Lemonade!, Gary Perry, #70181 (2015).

New Evidence for Long-Term, Salt-Related Deformation at Upheaval Dome, SE Utah, Patrick J. Geesaman, Bruce D. Trudgill, Thomas E. Hearon IV, and Mark G. Rowan, #10756 (2015).

PS Unraveling the Geometry and Origin of a Northeast-Southwest Striking Linked Fault Array at Marshall Mesa, Western Denver Basin: a (Possible) Solution through Integrated Digital Mapping, Bruce Trudgill, #10755 (2015).

CSPG/CSEG/CWLS Convention 2006, What's New? Where is Our Industry Heading? Calgary, AB, Canada, May 15-18, 2006, Abstracts, #90211 (2015).

July 2015

PS Optical Luminescence Age Dating of Modern Desert Sediments and Paleosols, Saudi Arabia, Stephen G. Franks, William J. Carrigan, Clemens Van Dijk, Rami Kamal, Abdul Jaleel AbuBshait, Bader Al-Mutairi, Kent Norton, Chris Heine, C.I. Burbige, D.C.W. Sanderson, and R. Fulop, #41657 (2015).

PS Porosity, Permeability, Pore Characterization and Rock Mechanics of the Triassic Cow Branch and Walnut Cove Formations: A Continuous Gas Assessment Unit, Dan River Basin, Stokes and Rockingham Counties, North Carolina, USA, Part 3, Jeffrey C. Reid, Kenneth B. Taylor, and Michael M. McGlue, #10752 (2015).

Stratigraphy, Depositional Environments, and Reservoir Characteristics of the Tussy (Desmoinesian) Sandstones, Southeast Joiner City Field, Love and Carter Counties, Oklahoma, Jeffrey M. Cook, #20317 (2015).

PS Review of Traditional and New Maturity Indicators: Differences and Complementarities, Jean-Yves Chatellier and Renee Perez, #41654 (2015).

Coeval Oligocene- Miocene Extension in East Andaman Basin / North Sumatra Region and in the South China Sea: Geodynamic Consequences and Implications for Hydrocarbon Research, Claude Rangin, #30408 (2015).

PS Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of the Deep Water Phu Kanh Basin, Tad Choi and Jo McArdle, #10751 (2015).

Is it the Geological Environment, Engineering Skill or Luck that Differentiates the Success of Hydraulic Fracturing in Australian Coal Seam Gas Projects?, Raymond L. Johnson, Jr., #51115 (2015).

Lessons From High-Resolution Continuous XRF on Stratigraphy and Geomechanics of Shale, Jean-Yves Chatellier, Tom Moslow, and Beth Haverslew, #41656 (2015).

PS 3-D and 4-D Visualization of Geochemistry and Production Data to Refine a Structural Model, Jean-Yves Chatellier and Bob Menard, #41655 (2015).

PS Horizontal Detachments, Planes of Weaknesses and Layer-Parallel Shortening in Shale: Potential Impact on Unconventional Shale Development, Jean-Yves Chatellier, #41653 (2015).

PS Prediction of Seals Performance for Coal Seam Gas Production Impact Assessment, Jim Underschultz, Peter Pasini, Micaela Grigorescu, and Thamires Laranjeiras de Souza, #41651 (2015).

Development of Kern County's Rose Oil Field, Dan Wynne and Mel Patel, #20316 (2015).

PS Establishing the Base of Underground Sources of Drinking Water (USDW) using Geophysical Logs and Chemical Reports in the Southern San Joaquin Basin, California, David Kong and Janice Gillespie, #80468 (2015).

Geological, Hydrogeological and Related Subsurface Conditions Affecting Well Integrity: How Do We Identify and Evaluate Potential Risk Factors Based on Available Data?, Brent Miyazaki, #80457 (2015).

Produced Water Disposal in the Southern San Joaquin Basin: A Direct Analog for Brine Leakage in Response to Carbon Storage, Preston Jordan and Janice Gillespie, #80459 (2015).

Identifying and Addressing Environmental Effects and User Conflicts For Offshore Wind on the West Coast, Andrea Copping, #80456 (2015).

Using Oil Field Chemical Analyses to Determine Salinity Gradients and the Depth to Underground Sources of Drinking Water in Kern County's Oilfields, Janice Gillespie, Joshua Meyer, David Kong, and Stephen Anderson, #80458 (2015).

PS Using B4 LiDAR and CRN Age Data to Constrain Slip Rates Along the San Andreas Fault System at Millard Canyon, San Gorgonio Pass, Ian Desjarlais, Doug Yule, and Richard Heermance, #41652 (2015).

PS From Plate to Pore: Plate Motion, Paleoclimate, Paleosols, and Porosity in the Permo-Carboniferous Unayzah Reservoir, Saudi Arabia, Stephen G. Franks, #51117 (2015).

Application of Hyperspectral Core Logging for Coal Mineral Characterisation in CSG Reservoirs, Natalya Taylor, Frank Honey, Ronell Carey, Rodney Borrego, Sandra Rodrigues, and Joan Esterle, #41645 (2015).

Reserves Estimation and Influences on Coal Seam Gas Productivity in Eastern Australian Basins, Bruce McConachie, Peter Stanmore, Michael Creech, Lucas McLean Hodgson, Anargul Kushkarina, and Edward Lewis, #10749 (2015).

Explorers from New Zealand: Application of Modern and Ancient Depositional Environments to Construct Paleo-Depositional Environment Maps of the Canterbury and Great South Rift Basins, Robert C. Shoup and Nick Cozens, #10750 (2015).

PS Understanding Enterprise and Industry Transition Through the Use of Coal Seam Water in Agriculture: A Case Study of Chinchilla District, Queensland, David Monckton, Jim Cavaye, Sue Vink, and Neil Huth, #41650 (2015).

Seismic Imaging of the SW South China Sea Deep Crustal Structure Shows Evidence for a Ductile Lower Crust during Rifting, M. Delescluse, T. Pichot, N. Chamot-Rooke, M. Pubellier, Y. Qiu, G. Sun, J. Wang, and J.-L. Auxiètre, #30404 (2015).

Geological and Structural Interpretation of Ado-Ekiti Southwest and its Adjoining Areas Using Aeromagnetic Data, Ayodeji Jayeoba and Dare Odumade, #30407 (2015).

Processing the KTK 3D seismic Survey for Azimuthal Information: San Joaquin Basin, California, M. Lee Bell and Gary Myers, #41649 (2015).

The K/Rb Ratio and Its Geological and Petrophysical Implications: A Test Case of the San Jorge Gulf Basin, Argentina, Fernando Larriestra, Maria Eugenia Covo, Ricardo Cuneo, Ariel Benso, Adrian Corbellieri, and Claudio N. Larriestra, #41644 (2015).

DPA Playmaker Forum, Houston, Texas, January 23, 2014, Abstracts, #90230 (2015).

DPA Playmaker Forum, From Prospect to Discovery, Houston, Texas, January 24, 2013, Abstracts, #90229 (2015).

June 2015

PS An Investigation into the Sedimentary Organization of the Walloon Sub-Group via BHI's, Daren Shields and Joan Esterle, #51116 (2015).

Monitoring Aquifer Integrity in a Multi-Zone Environment: A Fit-For-Purpose Single-Trip Solution, Robert Rees, #80455 (2015).

A Review on Development of CBM Industry in China, Qin Yong and Ye Jianping, #80454 (2015).

PS Coal Bed Methane Reservoir Simulation Study, Chawarwan Khan, Lei Ge, Victor Rudolph, and Tom Rufford, #80453 (2015).

The Advanced Technology of Drilling and Completion for CBM in China, Ruichen Shen, Zijian Wang, Lei Qiao, Kailong Wang, and Aiguo He, #80452 (2015).

Concurrent In-Situ Measurement of Flow Capacity and Gas Content, Quentin Morgan, #41648 (2015).

Extend Well Life by Optimizing Well Completion and Pumping Operation, Xingjin Wang, #41647 (2015).

PS Lab Measurements of Gas-Liquid Relative Permeability in Coals, Lei Ge, Chawarwan Khan, Thomas E. Rufford, and Victor Rudolph, #41646 (2015).

Coalbed Methane Geology of the Jurassic Middle-Lower Series, Southern Junggar Basin, China: Low-Rank Coal Forming Environment, Enrichment Characteristics, Accumulation Model, and Resource Evaluation, Chenghua Ou, Dongming Zhi, and Lie Xue, #80451 (2015).

Origin of Botryoidal Dolostone of the Sinian Dengying Formation in Sichuan Basin, China, Jie Zhang, Brian Jones, Anjiang Shen, Liyin Pan, and Jingao Zhou, #51101 (2015).

Eagle Ford Development Case Study Utilizing 3D Seismic in Structurally Complex Area, Atascosa County, Texas, Lee T. Billingsley, Bill Layton, and Luke Finger, #10744 (2015).

Application of the Radioactive Tracer Log for Flow Measurement in Polymer Injection Wells, S.P. Figliuolo, F. Peñalba, H.P. Burbridge, M. Ichard, M. Ravicule, J.E. Juri, and A.M. Ruiz Martinez, #41640 (2015).

Data Automation and Operations Management in Chihuido de la Sierra Negra Field, Juan Inchauspe, Horacio Albarracín, Juan Tagliorette, Leandro Giannini, and Pablo Miguel, #41641 (2015).

IOR: Improving Polymer Selection, Connecting Lab Results with Field Operation, Isabel Vega, M. Isabel Hernández, Diana Masiero, Leticia Legarto, Silvana Gandi, Sergio Bosco, and Remigio Ruiz, #41642 (2015).

Recovering Historical Decline Rates and Maximizing Production in a Mature Field, Julián José Blanco, Valeria Riveros, Juan Tagliorette, Flavio Donadio, and Horacio Albarracín, #20312 (2015).

Cerro Dragón: History and Future Challenges for an Integrally Managed Field, Javier Gomez, #20313 (2015).

Visual Kerogen Analogues and Palynofacies Applications to Hydrocarbon Exploration in New Zealand, Lucia Roncaglia, Christopher Clowes, Erica Crouch, and Joe Prebble, #41639 (2015).

The Modern Mahakam Delta: An Analogue for Transgressive-Phase Deltaic Sandstone Reservoirs on Low Energy Coastlines, Joseph J. Lambiase and Salahuddin Husein, #51108 (2015).

Correlation across the South China Sea Using VIM Transgressive-Regressive Cycles, Robert J. Morley, Tony Swiecicki, and Pedro Restrepo Pace, #51109 (2015).

Collapse and Rifting in the South China Sea, Manuel Pubellier, Matthias Delescluse, Dimitri Savva, Dieter Franke, Florian Meresse, Jean-Luc Auxietre, Mario Aurelio, Nicolas Chamot-Rooke, Ugo Nanni, and Lung Sang Chan, #30406 (2015).

One Basin with Several Sediment Sources: Stratigraphic Records of the Bunguran Trough, Central South China Sea, John Jong, Steve Barker, Franz L. Kessler, and Tran Quoc Tan, #30405 (2015).

Hydrocarbon Production from the South Ellwood Field and the Effects on Naturally Occurring Oil and Gas Seeps, Christer B. Peltonen and James R. Boles, #23010 (2015).

Miocene Teleost Fish From Chino Hills: Preliminary Results From The Vila Borba Project, San Bernardino County, California, Benjamin Scherzer, #51104 (2015).

Lateral Variation of Siliceous Sedimentary Lithofacies in the Upper Monterey Formation, South Belridge-Lost Hills Fields, Kern County, California, Hannah Erbele and Richard Behl, #51103 (2015).

Once Upon a Time… In the Colombian Foothills: Discovery of the Cusiana and Cupiagua Fields, Bernard C. Duval, #20309 (2014).

Deciphering Tectonic Controls on Fluvial Sedimentation within the Barmer Basin, India: the Lower Cretaceous Ghaggar-Hakra Formation, Hazel Beaumont, Stuart M. Clarke, Stuart D. Burley, Andrew Taylor, Thomas Gould, and Pinakadhar Mohapatra, #51100 (2015).

High Resolution 3D Process-based Modelling the Distribution of Organic Matter in the Late Jurassic Hekkingen Formation in the Hammerfest Basin (Barents Sea) for Basin Modelling, Gerben de Jager, Matthias C. Daszinnies, Benjamin U. Emmel and Ane E. Lothe, #51099 (2015).

Potential Shale Plays in Sub-Andean Basins of Peru, Diego Timoteo, #80450 (2015).

Permeability and Tortuosity Variations in Naturally Fractured Carbonate Reservoir, Adenike Tokan-Lawal, Maša Prodanović, and Peter Eichhubl, #41630 (2015).

Using XRF, SEM, and Pyrolysis for an Economic Appraisal of the Marcellus Formation of Western Virginia for Hydraulic Fracturing Purposes, Paul Comet, Chuck Stringer, Christian Scheibe, Albert Maende, and Erik Boice, #41629 (2015).

PS Diagenetic Controls on Reservoir and Seal Quality at the Field and Basin Scale, John Pantano and Stephen Franks, #41626 (2015).

Successful Mature Field Re-Development at Mount Poso Oil Field, Kern County, California, Marc Cooper, Eddie Behm, Michael Lebaron, and Katy Jensen-Doescher, #20314 (2015).

Reaping Potential Reserves in Mature Channel Sand Field Using Boundary Mapping Technology, Yong Hu, Jinchang Su, Junliang Zhou, Kang He, Ming Liu, Xiaoning Yu, Fei Wang, Jeffrey Kok, Kai Wu, and Zhong Hu, #20311 (2015).

PS Petrographic Analysis and Provenance of Ground Stone Tools from the Northern Channel Islands and Coastal Southern California, Shawna Couplin, Kathleen Marsaglia, and Colleen Delaney, #51114 (2015).

Pore Structure of Opal-CT and Quartz Phase Porcelanites, Monterey Formation, California, Tesfalidet G. Kassa and Richard J. Behl, #51113 (2015).

PS Physical and Mechanical Characteristics of the Opal-A to Opal-CT Transition Zone: Enhanced Diatomite Permeability from Heterogeneous Diagenetic Embrittlement, Ryan Weller and Richard J. Behl, #51112 (2015).

Diagenetic and Compositional Controls of Wettability in Siliceous Sedimentary Rocks, Monterey Formation, California, Kristina M. Hill and Richard J. Behl, #51111 (2015).

PS Monterey Event in the Cyrenaican Miocene Carbonate Platform (Central Mediterranean), NE Libya, Khaled S. Amrouni, Michael C. Pope, Ernest A. Mancini, and Ahmed S. El-Hawat, #51110 (2015).

Carbonate Eolianites in the Exumas – The Legacy of Vanishing Ebb Tidal Deltas During a Sea Level Rise, Paul (Mitch) Harris, Kelly L. Jackson, Maaike Petrie, and Gregor P. Eberli, #51107 (2015).

Integrated Reservoir Characterization and Depositional Model of Zubair Formation in Exploration Phase, in Bahrah Area, Kuwait, Prabir K. Nath, Sunil Singh, Afrah Saleh Al-Ajmi, Subrata K. Bhukta, and Eman Saleh Al-Shehri, #51106 (2015).

Definition and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Late Devonian Three Forks Formation, Williston Basin, South Dakota, Michelle Ozarowski, #51105 (2015).

Multiscale Characterization of Analogue Outcrops Integrating Reservoir Properties and Geologic Processes, Antonio Jorge Vasconcellos Garcia, Márcio Vinicius Santana Dantas, Gleidson Lima Correia, Samuel Alécio Silva Tavares Figueiredo, and Karen Ariadne Santos Leite, #51098 (2015).

Development Characteristics and Guiding Significance to Oil and Gas Exploration of the Sinian Rift in Tarim Basin of China, Yongbin Liu, Lei Wang, Changwei Han, Lei Dong, Haifeng Li, Yingfu He, and Jixun Wang, #10748 (2015).

Seismic-Based Volcano Identification and Characterization in HD Oilfield, Tarim Basin, Yaonan Li, Guizhong Wang, Desheng Sun, Hongmei Zhang, Zhen Zou, Lin Yu, and Sheng Cao, #10747 (2015).

Analysis of Geological Effects on Methane Adsorption Capacity of Continental Shale: A Case Study of the Jurassic Shales in the Tarim Basin, Northwestern China, Xiaoyue Gao, Luofu Liu, Ying Wang, Fei Xiao, Zeying Ren, and Zhengyang Xiao, #10746 (2015).

A Deterministic Lithology Model for the Green River-Upper Wasatch Interval of the Uinta Basin, Robert Cluff, Suzanne Cluff, Ryan Sharma, and Chris Sutton, #10745 (2015).

Unravelling Paradigms in Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuquén Basin, Argentina: The Construction of Geochemical Wellbore Images by Geostatistical Integration of Geochemistry and Conventional Log Data with Wellbore Resistivity Images, Claudio Larriestra, Roberto Merino, and Veronica Larriestra, #41643 (2015).

Dissolution Kinetics of Iron Containing Materials in Sour Wells, Jun Ma, Tihana Fuss, Jingyu Shi, and Juanying Liu, #41638 (2015).

Attributes Assisted Seismic Interpretation in Pre-Stack Time versus Depth Migration Data, Tengfei Lin, Hang Deng, Zhifa Zhan, Zhonghong Wan, and Kurt Marfurt, #41637 (2015).

Calibration, Repeatability, and Interpretation of In-Situ Tectonic Stress Measurements from Wireline Straddle Packer MicroFrac Testing: Case Study of an Onshore Field in the UAE, Dee A. Moronkeji, Javier A. Franquet, Steve Smith, Umesh Prasad, Noora S. Al-Shehhi, and Mohamed El-Hamawi, #41635 (2015).

Geologic Frameworks Derived from Lightning Maps and Resistivity Volumes, Kathleen S. Haggar, Louis J. Berent, and H. R. Nelson Jr., #41636 (2015).

Subsurface-Driven Completion and Well-Design Changes to Maximize Value in the Marcellus, Ben Stephenson, Babak Nesheli, Karan Christopher, Abhijit Mookerjee, David Rampton, and Nina Teff, #41634 (2015).

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