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New Articles

June 2020

EA Movable Fluid Distribution and the Permeability Estimation in Tight Sandstones Using NMR, Chaohui Lyu, Zhengfu Ning, Qing Wang, and Mingqiang Chen, #42544 (2020).

Exploring and Evaluation of Paleozoic Saudi Arabian Sand for Proppant Applications, Kazi Faiz Alam and Osman Abdullatif, #42543 (2020).

Microseepage vs. Macroseeepage: Defining Seepage Type and Migration Mechanisms for Differing Levels of Seepage and Surface Expressions, Michael A. Abrams, #42542 (2020).

Surface Sediment Hydrocarbons as Indicators of Subsurface Hydrocarbons: Field Calibration of Existing and New Surface Geochemistry Methods in the Marco Polo Area, Gulf of Mexico, Michael A. Abrams and Nicola F. Dahdah, #20483 (2020).

PS Cenozoic Turbidite Systems in the Onshore Angola: Facies Analysis and Paleoenvironmental Interpretation of the Massambala Heavy Oil Accumulation, Martin Pereira, Estefania Tudisca, Mariano Ragazzi, and Atilio Viera, #51673 (2020).

Sedimentological Characterization of Submarine Canyons and Channel Complexes in Los Molles Formation, Neuquén Basin, Argentina, Martin Pereira, #11337 (2020).

Facies, Petrography, Geochemistry and Reservoir Potential of the Upper Cretaceous Adaffa Formation, Red Sea Region, Saudi Arabia, Mohammad Monirul Islam, Osman M. Abdullatif, and Mutasim Sami Osman, #11336 (2020).

Assessing the Hydrocarbon Exploration Potential of the Jurassic Cuyo Goup, SW Neuquén Basin: Through Outcrop Analog Studies, Juan Francisco P. Iñigo, Raul Gutierrez, Ronald Steel, and Cornel Olariu, #11335 (2020).

The Intramalmic-Intersenonian Interval in the NE Border of the Neuquén Basin. Remaining Prospectivity Assessed Through Paleoenvironmental Models and Sequential Analysis, Juan Francisco P. Iñigo, Renzo Vargas, Maria Eugenia Novara, Martin Pereira, Ignacio Cambon, Pablo J. Pazos, and Ernesto Schwarz, #11334 (2020).

PS A Key Section for the Early Pannonian (Late Miocene) of the Transylvanian Basin (Romania): Integrated Stratigraphic Results from the Guşteriţa Clay Pit, Dániel Botka, Vivien Csoma, Michal Šuja, Régis Braucher, Karin Sant, Stjepan Ćorić, Koraljka Bakrač, Krešimir Krizmanić, István Róbert Bartha, Lóránd Silye, and Imre Magyar, #11329 (2020).

PS Effect of Reservoir Heterogeneity by Depositional Environment and Its Application to the SAGD Process, Shin Hyundon, Jun Chang-Hyeok, and Lee Jeongbin, #42541 (2020).

EA Subsurface Process Improvement to Minimize Subsurface Uncertainties for Workover Optimization, A Case Study from Mature Waterflood Field, Central Sumatera Basin, Indonesia, Ardi Nazamzi, Irdas Muswar, and Shuhaimi Mohd Mokhtar, #42540 (2020).

EA Thermo-Tectono-Stratigraphic Modelling of a Northern Red Sea Transect and Implications for the Petroleum Systems, T.A. Cunha, P. Baptista, L.H. Rüpke, D.W. Schmid, I. Davison, and R. Bertolotti, #30666 (2020).

Deformation Patterns of Neoproterozoic and Earliest Cambrian Rocks at the Western Sector of the Jabal Akhdar Dome, Central Oman Mountains, Ivan Callegari, Wilfried Bauer, Frank Mattern, Andre Jorge Pinto, Heninjara Rarivoarison, Andreas Scharf, Katharina Scharf, and Mohammed Al Kindi, #30664 (2020).

The Importance of Multi-Scale Petroleum System Assessment for Plays and Prospects De-Risking in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin, G. Pérez-Drago, N. Mouchot, M. Dubille, L. Montadert, D. di Biase, P. Lacone, M. Mazzarelli, M. Hosni, and A. Thebault, #11332 (2020).

PS Regional Seismostratigraphic Model of the Tertiary Sedimentary Fill of the Austral–Magellan Fuegian Basin and its Potential Reservoirs, Pablo Barros-Arroyo, Juliana Marino, Muriel Miller, Gladys Angelozzi, Diana Ronchi, Luciana Hiriart, and Pablo Giampaoli, #11331 (2020).

PS Assessment of Shale Gas Potential of Lower Permian Transitional Shanxi-Taiyuan Shales in the Southern North China Basin, Pei Li, Jinchuan Zhang, Xuan Tang, Zhipeng Huo, Zhen Li, Zhongming Li, and Hui Feng, #11330 (2020).

PS U-Pb Direct Dating of Multiple Diagenetic Events in the Upper Cretaceous Carbonate Reservoir of Bekhme Formation, Kurdistan-NE Iraq, Namam Muhammed Salih, Howri Mansurbeg, Kamal Kolo, Axel Gerdes, and Alain Préat, #51671 (2020).

Tectonic Control on the Deposition of Organic-Rich Basinal Facies of Vaca Muerta Formation, Alejandro Bande, Ricardo Veiga, Horacio Acevedo, and Alfonso Mosquera, #51670 (2020).

PS Depositional Facies, Depositional Processes, and Reservoir Quality of the Miocene Sandstones of the Midway-Sunset Oil Field, San Joaquin Basin, CA, USA, Olawale E. Olabisi, #20481 (2020).

EA Supervised Learning Applied to Rock Type Classification in Sandstone Based on Wireline Formation Pressure Data, Jose Victor Contreras, #42539 (2020).

PS Application of Surface Geochemistry Survey in the HC Exploration, János Csizmeg, Alejandro Morelos, Béla Márton, David Blažević, and Marko Cvetković, #42538 (2020).

Mesozoic Breakup of Southwest Gondwana and Basin Formation Along the Argentinean Atlantic Margin, Juan Pablo Lovecchio, Sebastien Rohais, Victor A. Ramos, Philippe Joseph, and Nestor D. Bolatti, #30668 (2020).

Rifting Evolution of the Malvinas Basin, Offshore Argentina: New Constrains from Zircon U-Pb Geochronology and Seismic Characterization, Juan Pablo Lovecchio, Maximiliano Naipauer, E. Lubin Cayo, Sebastien Rohais, David Giunta, Gonzalo Flores, Ricardo Gerster, Nestor D. Bolatti, Philippe Joseph, and Victor A. Ramos, #30667 (2020).

PS The Terrigenous Depositional Response During the Relative High Sea Level Period, Example from Ancient Delta System in East Kalimantan, Indonesia, Erlangga Septama, #51672 (2020).

PS New Insights in the Characterization of the Springhill Fm Play in the Austral Basin, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, Daniela Ancheta, Juan Pablo Lovecchio, Graciela Covellone, Maximiliano Naipauer, Guillermo Azpiroz, Mario Atencio, and Viviana Meissinger, #11327 (2020).

Reservoir Geochemistry: The Changing Landscape from the 1950's to the Present, David K. Baskin and Mark A. McCaffrey, #70409 (2020).

EA Anomalous Uplift at Pitas Point and the 2019 Ventura River Earthquake Swarm: Whose Fault is it Anyway?, Craig Nicholson, Christopher C. Sorlien, Marc J. Kamerling, Thomas E. Hopps, and Egill Hauksson, #30663 (2020).

EA Geology of West Karun Oil Fields Shared Between Iran and Iraq, Yosef Shahin, #20480 (2020).

A Geochemical Appraisal of the Potential Source(s) of Oils in the STACK and SCOOP Plays in the Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma, R. Paul Philp and Carl Symcox, #51669 (2020).

EA The Possibility of Hydrodynamic Trap in Tarakan Sub-Basin as an Explanation of the Existence of Water in an Identified Hydrocarbon Zone, Andika Wicaksono, Agus M. Ramdhan, Hade B. Maulin, and Bayu R. Ma'aarij, #11328 (2020).

May 2020

Adding Hydrocarbon Reserves in the Uncertainty of a Structurally Complex Area, Llanos Foothills, Colombia, Roberto Linares, #42535 (2020).

EA It All Begins in The Field and Ends in The Field: How We Leverage Our 90-Year Legacy to Successfully Explore In PNG, Joshua Kidu, Mervin Kendino, Pedro A Restrepo-Pace, and Luke Mahoney, #42534 (2020).

GC 3-D Seismic Volume Visualization in Color: Part 3, Satinder Chopra and Kurt J. Marfurt, #42533 (2020).

EA Geomechanics Wellbore Stability Analysis in Successful Drilling of a Challenging HPHT Exploration Well in North Sumatra, Restio Adhyaksa Brata, Muhamad Yanuar Mahardi, Apollinaris Stefanus Leo Anis, and Fatrial Bahesti, #42532 (2020).

Value of Information (VOI) Concept to Systematically Justify Observation and Appraisal Wells, Iwan Setya Budi, Epo Kusumah, Astra Pramana, Jati Arie Wibowo, and Agus Rudiyono, #42531 (2020).

Oil vs. Gas: What are the Limits to Prospect-Level Hydrocarbon Phase Prediction?, Andrew Murray and Zhiyong He, #42513 (2020).

Pore Imaging of Late Miocene Calcareous Marl from the Pannonian Basin (Tótkomlós Member, Endrőd Formation) and Comparison with North America Productive Calcareous Marls, G. Mallarino, A. É. Csoma, K. Milota, A. Sóron, and Á. Szabó, #51664 (2020).

PS An Overview of Geochemical Exploration of Hydrocarbons in Papuan Basin, Papua New Guinea, Shadrach K. Noku, #11326 (2020).

Structural Traps and Hydrocarbon Resources of the Papuan Basin: An Overview, Shadrach K. Noku, Susan Nasinom, Eddie Guru, and Elliona Maso, #11325 (2020).

Recent Advancements in Mechanical Earth Modeling at Farnsworth Unit, Texas, USA, Robert Balch, Robert Will, and Marcia McMillan, #80722 (2020).

Flow and Performance of Geothermal Doublets in Deep Dinantian Carbonates of The Netherlands, Jan Ter Heege and Sander Osinga, #80720 (2020).

PS Shortening Values in the Southern Fars Arch of the Zagros: Assessing Uncertainties by Structural and Gravity Sensitivity Analysis, Ralph Hinsch, Martin Vögele, Gholamreza Gharabeigli, Abbas Majidi, Tam Lovet, Ali Asghar Julapour, Gabor Tari, and Walter Kosi, #51668 (2020).

The Role of the Basement and Salt Tectonics on the Cenozoic Contractional Deformation in the Southeastern Zagros Fold Belt, Ralph Hinsch, Martin Vögele, Gholamreza Gharabeigli, Abbas Majidi, Davoud Morsalnezhad, Christopher Sellar, Bernhard Bretis, Karin Gruber, Tam Lovett, Ali Asghar Julapour, Gabor Tari, and Walter Kosi, #51667 (2020).

Stratigraphic Architecture of Incised Valleys and Unincised Channel Systems in the Carbonera Formation (C6-C1 Members: Upper Oligocene - Lower Miocene), Llanos Basin, Colombia, Hugo Roberto Caycedo Garcia and Octavian Catuneanu, #51666 (2020).

Numerical Modeling of Cenozoic Compressional Events of Northwest Himalayas, Pakistan, Muhammad Armaghan Faisal Miraj, Naveed Ahsan, and Muhammad Wajid Manzoor, #30660 (2020).

How Not to Squander Billions on Your Next Unconventional Venture, Creties Jenkins and Mark McLane, #42537 (2020).

PS Turning Rocks into Oil: Understanding Fluid GOR and API without any Fluid, M. H. Tobey, G. Loew, R. Shah, J. Mansoori, T. M. Smagala, K. Etcheverry, and R. E. Newhart, #42536 (2020).

PS Real-Time Resistivity Images Using High Data-Rate Telemetry in Papua New Guinea, Rob Stevens, Leo Blawan, and Harris Khan, #42518 (2020).

EA Mitigating Reservoir Property Uncertainty and Identifying the Boundary between Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs: An Integrated Case Study from Mature Fields in the South Sumatra Basin, Abraham J. S. Simanjuntak, Ricky N. Syamri, Abdurahman F. Muslim, Feruz Kausar, Wawan Hermawan, and Grace S. Titaley, #20479 (2020).

PS Geologically Constrained Seismic Imaging in Andean Thrust Belts, Rob Vestrum, #42530 (2020).

Improving The Reliability Of Reservoir Models Using Diverse Software Workflows, Philip Neri, #42529 (2020).

PS Tectonic Evolution Of The Malargüe Fold And Thrust Belt At 34.5°S, Sofia C. Brisson, Guillermo Palmieri, Damian A. Pontet, Federico Martos, Lucas M. Fennell, and Andrés Folguera, #30662 (2020).

PS Principal Stress Orientations and Relative Stress Magnitudes in Unconventional Oil and Gas Basins, Central and Eastern USA, Jens-Erik Lund Snee and Mark D. Zoback, #30659 (2020).

Compressional Evolution of the PNG Margin; A Tale of Two Collisions, Kevin C. Hill, Luke Mahoney, and Sandra McLaren, #30661 (2020).

EA The First Oil Seep Discovery in South East PNG and its Implications to Torres Basin Petroleum System Analysis, Michael Swift, Ric Malcolm, and H. Davies, #11323 (2020).

EA Uncertainty Distributions in Practice: Which, How, What?, Jan de Jager, #42528 (2020).

EA Current Workflow for Seismic Facies Identification and Characterization in the Miocene Carbonates of the Gulf of Papua and the Eastern Fold Belt of Papua New Guinea, Stefan Sowei, David John Holland, Mervin Kendino, and Velencia Komun, #42527 (2020).

Beyond Geometry: 2D Structural Thermo-Kinematic Models of the Papuan Fold and Thrust Belt, P.A. Restrepo-Pace, Marie Callies, and Julianne Lamb, #42526 (2020).

Understanding the Akchagyl and Apsheron in the Greater Caspian Sea Region: New Biostratigraphic Insights, Keith Richards, Christiaan G.C. van Baak, Thomas M. Hoyle, and Olga D. Nadina, #51665 (2020).

PS Late Lutetian 40AR/39AR Age Dating of a Mafic Intrusion into the Jafnayn Formation and its Tectonic Implications (Muscat, Oman), Frank Mattern, Masafumi Sudo, Ivan Callegari, Bernhard Pracejus, Wilfried Bauer, and Andreas Scharf, #51663 (2020).

PS The Semail Gap Fault Zone (Oman Mountains) – Influences of an Inherited Basement Structure on Cenozoic Deformation?, Andreas Scharf, Frank Mattern, Daniel Moraetis, Ivan Callegari, and Christian Weidle, #51662 (2020).

PS Early Cenozoic Listwaenite Formation at a Major Extensional Fault Zone of the Oman Mountains (Fanja Area) – Insights from Structural Analysis and U-Pb Carbonate Dating, Andreas Scharf, Frank Mattern, Robert Bolhar, Christopher M. Bailey, and Uwe Ring, #51661 (2020).

EA The Influence of Mechanical Stratigraphy on the Evolution of the Papua New Guinea Fold and Thrust Belt, Youseph Ibrahim, Patrice Rey, and Luke Mahoney, #51659 (2020).

PS Analogous Juxtaposition of Mixed Lithologies Against a Siliciclastic Hydrocarbon Reservoir and Proposed CO2 Storage Formation in the Norwegian North Sea, Johnathon L. Osmond, Mark J. Mulrooney, Elin Skurtveit, and Alvar Braathen, #80721 (2020).

Transitional Role of the Oil and Gas Industry in Addressing Climate Change, Ray Leonard and Art Berman, #80719 (2020).

EA The Uncertainty in Assessing Fault Seal Analysis in Carbonate Reservoir, Perdana Rakhmana Putra, Muhamad Natsir, and Ricky Adi Wibowo, #42525 (2020).

PS A Novel Methodology of Using Well Log Analyses to Identify Brownfield and Greenfield ROZs in the Illinois Basin, Nathan P. Grigsby, Nathan D. Webb, and Scott M. Frailey, #42524 (2020).

EA Integrated Seismic Processing Challenges in Karstified Terrain of Papua New Guinea Fold Belt, Subhash Chandra, Michael Szczepaniak, and Patrick Haltmeier, #42521 (2020).

PS Digital Outcrop Modeling of the Lower Silurian Qusaiba Shale Member - Implications for Reservoir Quality and Architecture, Central Saudi Arabia, Mutasim S. Osman and Osman M. Abdullatif, #11322 (2020).

PS Inter-Well Scale Heterogeneity of the Upper Khuff Carbonate Reservoir Units, Outcrop Analog Approach, Central Saudi Arabia, Mutasim S. Osman, #11321 (2020).

EA Provenance and Tectonics of the Allochthonous New Guinea Terranes: Implications for the Formation and Evolution of Regional Basins, Robert Holm, David Gold, Lloyd White, Max Webb, Luke Mahoney, Sandra McLaren, Kelly Heilbronn, Juergen Oesterle, Marcel Mizera, Dulcie Saroa, Moira Lunge, and Sam Webber, #11319 (2020).

The Use of Multiple Hypotheses as a Risk Mitigant Get A Second (Or Third) Opinion! Using Multiple Hypotheses, Peter Cockcroft, #70408 (2020).

Numerical Sand Box as a Tool for Hydrocarbon Exploration: Applications to the Hides Anticline and the Western Papuan Fold and Thrust belt, Romain Beucher, Kevin Hill, Rebecca Farrington and Louis Moresi, #42520 (2020).

PS Evaluating the Relationship Between Stoichiometry and Cation Ordering in Ancient Dolomites, Cameron J. Manche and Stephen E. Kaczmarek, #51660 (2020).

EA Karst - Is There a Magic Way to Model it?, Huijun Hou, Brad Bailey, Sigurdur Jonsson, Darren Blazak, Bruce Taylor, and Glen Johnson, #51656 (2020).

PS Understanding the Isolated Pores in Bakken Shale Using SANS Method, Kouqi Liu, Mehdi Ostadhassan, Liangwei Sun, Jie Zou, Yujie Yuan, Thomas Gentzis, Yuxiang Zhang, Humberto Carvajal-Ortiz, and Reza Rezaee, #51657 (2020).

PS Origin Analysis on Anomalies in Enriched 25-Norhopanes in Crude Oil from the Karamay Formation of Santai Oilfield in Junggar Basin, Northwest China, Maoguo Hou, Ming Zha, and Xiujian Ding, #20478 (2020).

EA Hydrocarbons Putting on a Show! – Development of a PNG Shows Database, Mervin Kendino, Amy-Yvette Kaumi, David-John Holland, Julianne Lamb, and Andrew Murray, #11320 (2020).

Geochemical Exploration Strategies for Papua New Guinea and other Geologically Complex Areas in Southeast Asia: Best Practices and Recent Exploration Case Histories, Luigi Clavareau and Dietmar Schumacher, #11318 (2020).

PS Pre-Messinian Tight Reservoir Characterization – Western Nile Delta, Egypt, Trisakti Kurniawan, Hasnor Farhana Hasnan, M Adni B Wahab, Wahyu Prasetyotomo, Christian Brinzer, and Alessandro Mannini, #11317 (2020).

PS SVALBOX: A Geoscientific Database for High Arctic Teaching and Research, Kim Senger, #70407 (2020).

Petroleum Exploration Onshore Svalbard: A Historical Perspective on the Start of the Norwegian Oil Adventure, Kim Senger, Peter Brugmans, Sten-Andreas Grundvåg, Malte Jochmann, Arvid Nøttvedt, Snorre Olaussen, Asbjørn Skotte, and Aleksandra Smyrak-Sikora, #70406 (2020).

PS Comparison of Clustering Techniques to Define Chemofacies in Mississippian Rocks in The STACK Play, Oklahoma, David Duarte, Rafael Pires de Lima, Roger Slatt, and Kurt Marfurt, #42523 (2020).

PS Development of an Analytical Method Based on Two Failure Criteria to Study Slip Risk Related to Fluid Injection: Case Study North-Central Oklahoma, U.S.A., David E. Duarte, Leily Candela-Becerra, and Roger M. Slatt, #42522 (2020).

April 2020

EA Papua New Guinea as an Exploration Destination, Joe Keith, #11316 (2020).

PS Palynology Studies in Lower to Middle Jurassic Red Beds of Northeastern Mexico, Erika Loyola Martínez, Enrique Martínez Hernández, and José Rafael Barboza Gudiño, #51654 (2020).

GC The Importance of Fracture Toughness – And its Azimuthal Variation for Fracability Analysis, Ritesh Kumar Sharma and Satinder Chopra, #42519 (2020).

PS A Multidisciplinary Approach for Rock Typing Characterization in a Highly Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoir in Abu Dhabi UAE, Leonardo J. Rojas, Alexey Tveritnev, and Carlos E. Pinillos, #42517 (2020).

Application of Saturation Height Model in Case of Depletion in Paleo Times, Jan van der Wal, #42516 (2020).

Advances in Characterization and Modeling of a Lower Cretaceous Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoir Onshore Abu Dhabi, UAE, Dario De Benedictis, Noor Al Hashmi, Shaymaa Al Maskari, and Tian Wenyuam, #51653 (2020).

Geochemical and Isotopic Characterization of Callovian Continental Volcanogenic Deposits in the Minas Viejas Formation, Mexico, Hermes Rochin Garcia, L. E. Martínez, and N. Amezcua, #51655 (2020).

EA Pre-Oxfordian Source Rocks on the Western Margin of the Gulf of Mexico, Samuel Eguiluz y de Antuñano and Alejandro Morelos García, #11314 (2020).

A Big Fan of Signals? Exploring Autogenic and Allogenic Processes in Lobyte3D, a Numerical Stratigraphic Forward Model of Submarine Fan Development, Peter Burgess, Isabella Masiero, Stephan Toby, and Robert Duller, #51593 (2020).

PS A Three-Dimensional Insight into the Lower Magdalena Valley Forearc Basin of Northwest Colombia: Implications for Thermal History and Petroleum Systems, Josué Alejandro Mora, Robert Ondrak, Román Gonzalez, Eliseu Kinoshita, Gabriel Veloza, Onno Oncken, Vickye Vélez, and Mario de Freitas, #30639 (2020).

GC Some Seismic Instantaneous Bandwidth Attribute Applications, Satinder Chopra and Kurt J. Marfurt, #42515 (2020).

GC Delineating the Geomorphological Character of Mass Transport Deposits: Examples from Upper Leonard Formation, Midland Basin, Paritosh Bhatnagar, Sumit Verma, and Ron Bianco, #42499 (2020).

EA A Model for Gas Hydrates Formation in Water Dominant Flow Established Employing a Flow Loop Investigation, Shunsuke Sakurai, Ben Hoskin, Joel Choi, Tomoya Nonoue, Eric May, and Zachary Aman, #42426 (2020).

Preliminary Strontium Isotope Stratigraphy of the Jurassic Minas Viejas Formation, México, Natalia Amezcua, H. Rochin, and L.E. Martínez, #51652 (2020).

Sedimentary Record of the Early-Middle Jurassic Inception of the Gulf of Mexico in Tlaxiaco Basin, Alberto Osmar Vite del Angel and J. Rueda-Gaxiola, #11313 (2020).

EA Pre-Salt Sedimentary Tectonics and Opening of the Gulf of Mexico, José Rafael Barboza-Gudiño, Valentina Castellanos-Rodríguez, Yam-Zul Ernesto Ocampo Déaz, Irene Guadalupe Pérez-Casillas, J. Francisco Pérez-Aguilar, Luis Uriel López-Gallegos, and Diego Jaime-Rodréguez, #30657 (2020).

Can a Propagating Rift Model Finally Explain all the Peculiarities of the Rift Drift Evolution in the South Atlantic and in the Gulf of Mexico Basins?, Gy Marton and R.P. Pascoe, #30656 (2020).

EA Pre-Salt Lacustrine Petroleum System, Onshore Mexico, Colin Stabler and Raul Gonzalez, #30655 (2020).

EA Structure and Development of Wedge-Shaped Thrusts in the Southern Flank of the Terek-Caspian Foredeep, Russia, Konstantin Sobornov, #30654 (2020).

March 2020

EA The Difficulty in the "Transgressive Seas" Explanation for Organically Enriched Rocks Is a Fundamental Problem with Applied Sequence Analysis, and it Is the Misunderstanding of the "Condensed Section", D. M. Parker, #70405 (2020).

EA Can "Volcanic Tephra Fall" Replace "Sea Level Transgression" as the Dominant Driver for Organically Enriched Rock Formation and Their Cyclic Deposition at the Well-Studied Cenomanian-Turonian Boundary (OAE2; 93-94 Ma)?, D. M. Parker, #70404 (2020).

EA Some Geoscientists Are Concluding that Organic Enrichment of Rock is by Volcanic Ash Fall. The Implications Are Dramatic; But Are They Probable?, D. M. Parker, #70403 (2020).

The Eastern Paratethys During the Messinian Salinity Crisis, Yuliana Rostovtseva and Alena Rybkina, #51651 (2020).

PS Three Rock-Typing Methods and Implementation as Part of the Reservoir Characterization and Uncertainty Assessment: An Example from the Arab Formation (Upper Jurassic), Onshore Field United Arab Emirates, Jose Gregorio Rodriguez Gonzalez, Wala Sahel Abdulla Mohammed Bin Ishaq, and Moza Ahmed Al Teneiji, #51650 (2020).

PS Geological Characterization of a Late Jurassic Carbonate Mudstone, Saudi Arabia: Sedimentology, Geochemistry, and Geomechanics, John D. Humphrey, Septriandi Chan, Muhammad Usman, Baqer Albensaad, and Yaser Alzayer, #51649 (2020).

Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of the Late Devonian (Frasnian) Duperow Formation in Western and Central Montana, Chris Steuer, David W. Bowen, and Chuck Calavan, #51648 (2020).

Effect of Clay Minerals in Oil and Gas Formation Damage Problems and Production Decline: A Case Study, Gulf of Suez, Egypt, Ahmed E. Radwan, #20477 (2020).

Wellbore Stability Analysis and Pore Pressure Study in Badri Field Using Limited Data, Gulf of Suez, Egypt, Ahmed E. Radwan, #20476 (2020).

Hydrocarbon Type Estimation Using the Synthetic Logs: A Case Study in Baba Member, Gulf of Suez, Egypt, Ahmed E. Radwan, #20475 (2020).

EA Crustal Framework Control of the Pre-salt, Santos and Campos Basins, Brazil, Pedro Zalán, E.P. Newman, and M. Saunders, #11312 (2020).

Paleoceanographic Evolution of the Hungarian Paleogene Basin During the Early Oligocene by coupling of Micropaleontology and Sulfur Isotopes, P. Ozsvárt, I. Vetö, and A. Nagymarosy, #11310 (2020).

PS Evolution of Normal Faults: Displacement Patterns in 3D Seismic Data from the Eastern Levant Basin, Nadav Navon, Benjamin Medvedev, and Amotz Agnon, #11309 (2020).

Refinement of Radiometric Analysis: Case Study Dongara Area of Onshore Western Australia, Afif Arbi and Ronald W. Klusman, #42514 (2020).

PS Compressibility and Brine Permeability of Reservoir and Seal of Pore Space Gas Storages, Carlo Dietl, Jennifer Szech, Hansjörg Baumgartner, and Eberhard Jahns, #42510 (2020).

New Generation of Uncertainty Analysis in Basin Modeling, Pierre Hacquard, Mathieu Ducros, Renaud Traby, Veronique Gervais, and Nicolas Maurand, #42508 (2020).

PS Integration of XRF and Shades of Grey Profiles for In-Depth Characterization of Shale Properties, Amjed Cheema, Jean-Yves Chatellier, Jamil Afzal, #42507 (2020).

A New Approach to Refine and Quality Control Correlations in Shale and Siltstone Formations Based on Principal Component Analysis of XRF Data, Jean-Yves Chatellier, Tristan Euzen, and Amjed Cheema, #42506 (2020).

Karaburun (NW Turkey): A Key Oligocene Section on the Margins of Paratethys, M.D. Simmons, M.D. Bidgood, S. Ćorić, A.I. Okay, D. Shaw, E. Tulan, J. Mayer, and G.C. Tari, #30653 (2020).

EA The Study of the Oligocene Electrofacies in the Paratethys Region, Dragos Cristea, #30652 (2020).

PS Source Rock Potential of Coal and Carbonaceous Shales of Petroleum Systems in the Eastern Venezuela Basin, Angel Francisco Callejon and Adry Bassada, #11308 (2020).

Methane Hydrates as a Tertiary Methane Source in the Transylvanian Basin, Z. Unger, D. LeClair, and I. Györfi, #11307 (2020).

3D Petroleum System Model of Southeastern Part of Pannonian Basin, Goran Bogicevic, Ivan Dulic, and Janko Sovilj, #11306 (2020).

EA Petroleum Systems and Reservoir Distribution Laws in the Pannonian Basin - Romanian Sector, Dragos Cristea, #11305 (2020).

PS Shale Gas Potential and Gas Characteristics in Mesozoic Mohe Basin, Northernmost China, Li Yi, Zhen Liu, Xingmin Zhao, and Jian Deng, #11304 (2020).

PS Complexities of Well Log Interpretation Observed Through Cored Samples, Mesaverde Group, Uinta Basin, Ellen Wilcox and Edmund Gustason, #11303 (2020).

Forward Stratigraphic Modelling in Rift Basins: An Investigation of Tectonic Rates Controlling Sedimentation, Matthieu Gravito, Joao Keller, and Julio Almeida de Carvalho, #51646 (2020).

Coupling Basin Modeling and Lithospheric Modeling for Exploring Rift Basins, Matthieu Dubille, Marie Callies, and Matthieu Gravito, #70402 (2020).

Modelling Biogenic Gas Generation and Migration - Application on the Levantine Basin, N. Maurand, A. Pujol, A. Ravin, S. Wolf, M. Dubille, P. -Y. Filleaudeau, and B. Lebreuilly, #51645 (2020).

EA A New Method for Assessing Fault Seal Integrity by Using Intersections Between Faults and Gas Chimneys, Sutieng Ho, Jean-Philippe Blouet, Martin Hovland, Patrice Imbert, and Andreas Wetze, #51644 (2020).

PS Applications of Machine Learning Techniques in Assessing Cap Rock Efficiency Based on Surface Data, Sanaz Salati, Frank J.A. van Ruitenbeek, and Freek D. van der Meer, #42512 (2020).

EA Combination of Deep-Reading and Near-Wellbore-Scale Measurement in Accessing Thin Layer Facies of a Carbonate Reservoir, Adrean Pudyaksa, Hendri Harsian, Takefumi Shibuya, Ni Made Wilasari, Olivia Azwar, and Ihsan Taufik Pasaribu, #42511 (2020).

Charge History Clues from Advanced Geochemical Mud Gas Logging, Alan Keith Fernandes and Dariusz Strąpćo, #42509 (2020).

EA New Method for Disassociate Rate and Permeability Evaluation in Gas Hydrate Reservoir, Bei Gao, Shim Yen Han, Cai Hui Min, Qu Chang Wei, Chen Jichao, and Hadrien Dumont, #80718 (2020).

EA Evidence for Microseepage in CO2-EOR Monitoring and Verification, Ronald W. Klusman, #80717 (2020).

EA Gas Microseepage as a Source of Seasonal Methane Variation in Martian Atmosphere, Ronald W. Klusman, #80716 (2020).

February 2020

Regional Correlation of Carboniferous Heath and Tyler Strata from Central Montana to the Williston Basin, North Dakota, USA, Richard J. Bottjer, Stephan H. Nordeng, and Timothy O. Nesheim, #30651 (2020).

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