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New Articles

April 2014

Petroleum Systems of the Northern Williston Basin: A Quantitative Basin Modeling Assessment, Oluseyi Olajide and Stephen Bend, #10592 (2014).

Structural Inheritance in the Barmer Basin, India: its influence on early-stage rift evolution and structural geometries, Andrew J. Bladon, Stuart M. Clarke, Stuart D. Burley, Nicholas Whiteley, V. Kothari and Pinakadhar Mohapatra, #10593 (2014)

Cretaceous Possibilities: Sedimentology and Reservoir Potential of the Lower Cretaceous Isachsen Formation of the Sverdrup Basin, Ellef Ringnes Island, Arctic Canada, Dylan Tullius, Jennifer Galloway, Hamed Sanei, Andrew Leier and Per Kent Pedersen,#10594 (2014)

Upper Grand Rapids Formation in the Cold Lake Field, Alberta, Liliana Zambrano, Adam Coderre, Jalal Douraghi, Per K. Pedersen, and Andrew Leier, #20242 (2014).

Upper Monteith and Lower Beattie Peaks Formations at the Sinclair and Albright fields in West-central Alberta: Some Views into the Reservoir Properties, Nisael Solano, Chris Clarkson, Federico F. Krause, and Roberto Aguilera, #20244 (2014).

Natural Fracturing of the Canol Formation Oil Shale: An Unconventional Spin on the Norman Wells Oilfield, Thomas Hadlari and Dale R. Issler, #20245 (2014).

Tectono-Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation of Late Miocene to Early Pliocene Deposits of Shallow Offshore, Niger Delta, Norbert Ajaegwu, Berthrand Ozumba, Izuchukwu Obiadi, Emmanuel Anakwuba, David Anomneze, Gabriel Okeugo and Charles Ugwueze, #20246 (2014)

High-Resolution Reservoir Characterization and Modeling of Deep Marrat Carbonate Reservoir in Minagish Field, West Kuwait, Naveen K. Verma, Rasha Al Moraikhi, Ibrahim Al-Sammak, Bishnu Kumar and Jalal Khazanehdari, #20247 (2014)

The Brazilian Equatorial Margin: A Snapshot in Time of an Oblique Rifted Margin, Ana Krueger, Mike Murphy, Kevin Burke and Ed Gilbert, #30325 (2014)

Rock Physics and Depositional Trends, Marco Perez, David Close, and Greg Purdue, #41316 (2014).

Induced Seismicity Indicated by Cross Correlation, Ivo Oprsal and Leo Eisner, #41318 (2014).

Operational Considerations for Logging While Drilling Fluid Analysis Sampling and Testing in a Gas Reservoir in Asia Pacific, Francisco Galvan, Ansgar Cartellieri, and Pei-Chea Tran, #41319 (2014).

Process-Based Modeling of Sediment Deposition and Compaction in the Peïra Cava Sub-Basin; Detailed Analysis and Sediments Distribution at Reservoir-Scale, Riccardo Basani, Tor E. Aas, Ernst Hansen, and John Howell, #41320 (2014).

Importance of Low-Angle Migration Paths in Alberta – Detection and 3-D Visualization, Jean-Yves Chatellier and Michael Chatellier, #41321 (2014).

Tectonic Setting of the Lower Fernie Formation: Insights from Subsidence Analysis, Tannis McCartney and Andrew Leier, #41322 (2014).

GCSpectral Decomposition Methods: Applicability and Limitations, Satinder Chopra and Kurt J. Marfurt, #41323 (2013).

Using Measurement Uncertainty to Calculate Reservoir Volumes and Reduce Risk in Prospects, Garrett M. Leahy, Emma Howley, Wenxiu Yang and Arne Skorstad, #41324 (2014)

Evolution of Structures above a Salt Diapir - Case Study from the Arabian Gulf Region, Mohammed Al-Fahmi, Andreas Plesch, John Shaw and John Cole, #50910 (2014)

Devonian Reef-builders and the Development of the Fairholme Carbonate Reef Complex, Banff-Kananaskis Country, Alberta, Mark P. Mallamo, #50945 (2014).

Lithofacies Analysis and Depositional Scenarios for the Rock Creek Member and “Niton B” Sandstone of the Fernie Formation in West-Central Alberta, Samuel K. Williams, Stefan T. Knopp, Federico F. Krause and Terry P. Poulton, #50947 (2014)

Shelf Model for “Deep-Sea” Flysch Turbidites and Implications for Outcrop Analogs, Roger Higgs, #70157 (2014)

Tandarei and Radauti Formations: Future Unconventional Exploration Gas Plays in Romania, Bogdan Popescu and Serban Veliciu, #80369 (2014)

2014 Pacific Section AAPG, SEG and SEPM Joint Technical Conference, April 27-30, 2014, Bakersfield, California; Abstracts #90191 (2014).

AAPG 2014 Annual Conference and Exhibition, Houston, Texas, USA, April 6-9, 2014; Abstracts, #90189 (2014).

Core Examples from Modern Estuarine Tidal Bars, Tillamook Bay, Oregon, USA, Rares Bistran, David Herbers, John-Paul Zonneveld, and S. George Pemberton, #50946 (2014).

Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Systems Analysis of Paleocene in Lishui Sag, East China Sea Shelf Basin, Ming Zhang, Fa Xu, Jinliang Zhang, Jinshui Liu, Jingzhe Li, Guowei Hou, and Penghui Zhang, #50944 (2014).

Multicomponent Time-Lapse Monitoring of Bitumen Recovery and Geomechanical Implications, Rob Kendall and Kurt Wikel, #41317 (2014).

Benefiting from Variogram Information to Characterize Facies Distribution in History Matching with EnKF, A. Abadpour, P. Bergey, R. Piasecki, and T. Blanchard, #41315 (2014).

The Importance of Recognizing Hydrodynamics for Understanding Reservoir Volumetrics, Field Development and Well Placement, Sam Green, Richard E. Swarbrick, and Stephen A. O'Connor, #41314 (2014).

New Perspective of Hydrocarbon Accumulation Pattern in the Middle South of Lixian Slope, Central Hebei Depression, Fan Yang, Lianhua Hou, Xinghe Yu, and Shengli Li, #10591 (2014).

March 2014

Evaluations of Deep and Challenging Reservoirs with High Temperature Formation Tester Tools, Hien Ngo, Awirut Sirimongkolkitti, Surapong Pimthong, Komon Pinyo, Kanin Sapmanee, Khuananong Wongpaet, Poramin Chaiyo, Pornpimol Promsen, Waranon Laprabang, Supamittra Danpanich, Saifon Daungkaew, Tanabordee Duangprasert, Noor Rohaellizza Hademi, Suchart Chokthanyawat, Payap Thongpracharn, Regis Vincent, Cosan Ayan, Abhishek Agarwal and Chris Tevis, #41313 (2014)

Blended Source Ocean Bottom Node Seismic Data Acquisition – A Case Study, Chris Walker and David Hays, #41312 (2014)

The Duvernay Formation (Devonian): Sedimentology and Reservoir Characterization of a Shale Gas/Liquids Play in Alberta, Canada, L. Dunn, G. Schmidt, K. Hammermaster, M. Brown, R. Bernard, E. Wen, R. Befus and S. Gardiner, #10590 (2014)

A System of Key Performance Indicators for Validating Matched Reservoir Analogues through Case-based Reasoning Algorithms, Cenk Temizel, Suryansh Purwar, Amit Agarwal, Azer Abdullayev, Pedro Mora, Alejandro Chacon and Alkan Gulses, #41311 (2014)

High Resolution Non-Destructive Chemostratigraphy of Vaca Muerta Formation, Argentina: New Evidence of Black Shale Sedimentary Features, Claudio Larriestra and Roberto Merino, #41310 (2014)

Albian-Cenomanian Stratigraphy and Petroleum Systems, Eagle Plain Basin, Yukon, Kevin W. Jackson, Per Kent Pedersen and Larry S. Lane, #20241 (2014)

Interactive Reservoir Geomodelling from Uncertainty, Ronan Amorim, Emilio Vital Brazil, Daniel Patel and Mario Costa Sousa, #41309 (2014)

Comparative Microseismic Interpretation of Hydraulic Fractures, Shawn Maxwell, #41308 (2014)

Multi-Surface Visualization of Fused Hydrocarbon Microseep and Reservoir Data, Chris Burns, Teddy Seyed, Ken Bradley, Russ Duncan, Aaron Balasch, Frank Maurer and Mario Costa Sousa, #41307 (2014)

An Updated Stratigraphic Nomenclature for Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Strata in the Alberta Deep Basin: Minnes, Monteith or Nikanassin?, Ross B. Kukulski, M. Keegan Rains, Brett D. Miles and Stephen M. Hubbard, #10589 (2014)

Distinguishing Natural Reactivated Fractures from Hydraulic Induced Fractures using Microseismic Event Analysis, Sherilyn Williams-Stroud, William Barker and Kevin Smith, #41306 (2014)

Maturity and Overpressure Evolution of the Lower Cambrian in the Central Paleo-Uplift, Sichuan Basin, Yifeng Liu, Nansheng Qiu, Yongshui Zhou, and Zengye Xie, #10585 (2014).

Unconventional Petrophysical Workflows for Evaluation of Shale Plays: A Case Study from Kuwait, Ahmed Rabie, Riyasat Husain, and Abdulaziz Mohamed Al-Fares, #80370 (2014).

Photic Zone Euxinia, Organic Matter Preservation and Source Rock Type in the Late Permian Z2 Carbonate Sea (Southern and Northern Permian Basins of Europe), Miroslaw Slowakiewicz, Richard D. Pancost, Maurice E. Tucker, Fiona Whitaker, Edoardo Perri, and Mike Mawson, #10586 (2014).

Estimating Reservoir Oil Volume and its Likelihood from 3C-3D Seismic Data, Well Logs, and Geostatistics, Robert R. Stewart and Henrique A. Fraquelli, #41305 (2014).

Eliminating the Influence of Caprock Thickness on Anomaly Intensities in Geochemical Surface Survey in the South Slope of the Dongying Depression in East China, Liuping Zhang, Zhenli Wang, and Yingquan Zhao, #41304 (2014).

Reservoir vs. Seal Pressure Gradients: Calculations and Pitfalls, Selim Simon Shaker, #41298 (2014).

International Subcommission on Stratigraphic Classification: Guidelines for Sequence Stratigraphy, Octavian Catuneanu, #41299 (2014).

The Saglek Basin in the Labrador Sea: Past Exploration History, Current Estimates, and Future Opportunities, Christopher D. Jauer, Gordon N. Oakey, Mike Avery, Graham Williams, and Hans Wielens, #10587 (2014).

The Identification of Volcanics and its Application for Reservoir Prediction of Bioclastic Dolostone: An Example From Bohai Bay Basin, Jun Ming, Tongxing Xia, and Qingyun Bai, #20240 (2014).

Seismic Stratigraphy of the Onshore Portion of Pernambuco Basin: Evidence of Break-Up during Middle Albian for the South Atlantic Rift in Northeast Brazil, José Antonio Barbosa, Maria Fernanda Maia, Mário Lima Filho, José Ricardo Magalhães, and Osvaldo Correia, #30324 (2014).

Large-scale 3D Inversion of Helicopter Electromagnetic Surveys for Oil Sands Exploration near Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, Leif H. Cox, Glenn A. Wilson, Michael S. Zhdanov, Jonathan Rudd, and John Wilson, #41303 (2014).

Innovation in Horizontal Wells Petrophysical Evaluation, A Case Study from Kuwait, A. I. Elsherif, W. Bryant, A. Al Mershed, H. Al-Zuabi, K. Al-Failakawi, and S. Nair, #41300 (2014).

Oil Petroleum System of the Cenomanian-Turonian Blackstone Formation, Ferrier – Willesden Green – Gilby Area, West-Central Alberta, Kevin Greff and Burns Cheadle, #80371 (2014).

Hydrocarbon Reservoir Evaluation in Triassic-Jurassic Strata in the Western Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic Islands, Kezhen Hu, Zhuoheng Chen, Keith Dewing, Ashton Embry, and Yexin Liu, #10588 (2014).

How Workstations Cause Dry Holes, Robert C. Shoup, Hal Miller, and Matthew Miller, #41301 (2014).

Grosmont Prolific Carbonate Reservoir: Unravel Subtle Facies Variability through Integrated Evaluation of High Resolution Seismic and Well Data, Vasilisa Nekhorosheva, Fahad Al Hadhrami, Tulio Colmenares, Maria Balzarini, Jeff Lonnee, Orlando Ortega, Mohamed El-Toukhy, and Nikita Krylov, #41302 (2014).

Eagle Ford Solutions: Critical Log Data, Solutions and Conclusions, Charles H. Smith, #41287 (2014).

Geology of the Rocky Mountains West of Calgary, Alberta, in the Kananaskis West Half Map Area (82J), Margot McMechan and Elizabeth Macey, #30320 (2014).

Structural Style and Kinematic Evolution of the Central Rocky Mountain Foothills, British Columbia and Alberta, Margot McMechan, #41286 (2014).

Anatomy and Development of Tectonically-Induced Middle Eocene Clastic Wedge on the Southern Tethyan Shelf, North Eastern Desert, Egypt, S. S. Selim, A. A. El Araby, M. Darwish, and A. M. Abu Kharadah, #50939 (2014).

Cobble Berms As an Indicator of Flashy Discharge in Ephemeral River Deposits in the Precambrian and Pleistocene, Darrel G. F. Long, #50940 (2014).

"What About Transfer Zones?" – One of Eric Mountjoy's Provocative Questions, D. Lebel, #30321 (2014).

Shedding More Light on an Oil Sand Reservoir by Applying Integrated Spectral Method Analysis – Case Study, Dragana Todorovic-Marinic, David Gray, Dale Vanhooren, Greg Osiowy, Paul Garossino, Paul Gutowski, and James Alison, #41292 (2014).

Tight Gas Sandstones of the Uppermost Nikanassin Group, L. Zambrano, P. K. Pedersen, and R. Aguilera, #50943 (2014).

Petroleum Resource Potential of the Canada (Amerasian) Basin Rift Margin of the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin, Arctic Canada, Zhuoheng Chen, James Dietrich, Kirk G. Osadetz, and Yexin Liu, #10582 (2014).

Rock Physics Inversion: A Montney Case Study, James Johnson, Lisa Holmstrom, Satwant Diocee, Rob Tilson, and Sean Johnson, #41295 (2014).

Shear Velocity Prediction and its Rock Mechanic Implications, Yexin Liu, Zhuoheng Chen, and Kezhen Hu, #41296 (2014).

MWD for Shallow Water Demultiple: A Hibernia Case Study, Hongzheng Jin, Min Yang, Ping Wang, Yan Huang, Mervyn J. Parry, and Yvonne Paisant-Allen, #41294 (2014).

Jurassic and Cretaceous Sedimentary Fill of Intrashelf Basins of the Eastern Margin the Arabian Plate, Thomas L. De Keyser and Christopher G. Kendall, #30322 (2014).

Fractured Volcanic Reservoir Characterization: A Case Study in the Deep Songliao Basin, Desheng Sun, Ling Yun, Gao Jun, Xiaoyu Xi, and Jixiang Lin, #10584 (2014).

A More Perceptual Color Palette for Structure Maps, M. Niccoli and S. Lynch, #41297 (2014).

Characteristics and Main Controlling Factors of Karst Caves in the Tarim Basin, Baogang Li, Chengzao Jia, Weifeng Wang, Cuiling Yu, Fulai Li, and Peng Liu, #10583 (2014).

2014 AAPG Southwest Section Annual Convention, Midland, Texas, May 11-14, 2014; Abstracts, #90190 (2014).

2012 CSPG/CSEG/CWLS GeoConvention May 14-18, 2012, Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Abstracts, #90174 (2014).

Geological and Geophysical Evaluation of the Leduc Formation in Northeastern Alberta, Canada, Eugene A. Dembicki and Tom J. Podivinsky, #10580 (2014).

Applications of Portable X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) for Chemical Stratigraphy: Horn River Basin, British Columbia, Canada, Darren P. Juss, Ronald J. Spencer, Thomas C. Weedmark, and Francois Marechal, #41288 (2014).

Seismic Fracture Detection in the Second White Speckled Shale: Anisotropic Perspectives on an Isotropic Workflow, David Cho, Craig Coulombe, Scott McLaren, Kevin Johnson, and Gary F. Margrave, #41289 (2014).

Eye-Openers from Re-Processing of Oil Sands Seismic Data, David Gray, Seann Day, and Scott Shapper, #41290 (2014).

Getting Something for Nothing: Noise Attenuation in an Aliased World, David C. Henley, #41291 (2014).

Shock Filter: A Powerful Tool to Map Basement Blocks and Faults in the Peace River Arch of Alberta Based on Magnetic Signatures, Hassan H. Hassan and Janine Weber, #41239 (2014).

Reservoir Quality Development in the Oligocene of the Topkhana-1 Well, Block 39, Kurdistan, Iraq, Jean C.C. Hsieh, Normand Begin, and Ross Deutscher, #50941 (2014).

Log Analysis of Fractures in a Deep Borehole, Northeastern Alberta, Canada, Judith S. Chan, Douglas R. Schmitt, and Jochem Kueck, #50942 (2014).

Geophysical Evaluation of the Kakapo Miocene Prospect, Taranaki Basin, Offshore New Zealand, Kathleen Dorey and Brad Hayes, #10581 (2014).

Hydrocarbon Charge Considerations in Liquid-Rich Unconventional Petroleum Systems, Michael A. Abrams, Volker Dieckmann, Joseph A. Curiale, and Ross Clark, #80366 (2014).

Assessment of Organic Petrology Methodology and Characterization of Primary and Secondary Dispersed Organic Matter in Liquid-Rich Shales: Using optical microscopy methodologies, L. D. Stasiuk, Amr El-Ezhary, Michelle Asgar-Deen, Volker Dieckmann, Rob Robinson, and Gary Green, #80367 (2014).

Geostatistical Inversion in Carbonate and Clastic Reservoirs: Oilfield Case Studies from Kuwait, Osman Al-Khaled, Yousef Al-Zuabi, Keith Edwards, Mohammad Hafez, and Denny Sulistiono, #20239 (2014).

Hydrocarbon Potential of the Paleozoic Basins of Eastern Canada: An Assessment of Conventional Resources, Denis Lavoie, Jim Dietrich, Nicolas Pinet, Peter Hannigan, Sébastien Castonguay, Peter Giles, and Tony Hamblin, #10579 (2014).

Upper Ordovician Shale Gas and Oil in Quebec: Sedimentological, Geochemical and Thermal Frameworks, Denis Lavoie and Robert Thériaul, #80368 (2014).

LiDAR, GIS and Down-Plunge Cross Sections: Examples from the Livingstone Thrust Sheet and the Morcles Nappe, Willem Langenberg, #41284 (2014).

Isotopic Signatures of Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Pennsylvanian-Permian Strata, Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada: Implications for Diagenetic Pathways and Reservoir Potential, Victoria M. Walker and Benoit Beauchamp, #10578 (2014).

Prudent and Integrated Approach to Understanding Wellbore Stability in Canadian Foothills to Minimize Drilling Challenges and Non-Productive Time, Safdar Khan, Sajjad Ansari, and Nader Khosravi, #41283 (2014).

Pore Morphometrics and Thermal Evolution of Organic-Matter Microporosity, Colorado Group, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, Peng Jiang and Burns Cheadle, #50936 (2014).

Comparison of Conventional Density and NMR Porosity with Core Porosity from Montney and Doig Phosphate in the Monias Area, Northeast British Columbia, Canada, Craig Smith, Steven A. Aitken, and John M. Behr, #41281 (2014).

1D Petroleum Systems Modelling: An Application of McKenzies Lithospheric Stretching Technique, Oluseyi Olajide and Stephen L. Bend, #41282 (2014).

A Standardized Approach to Optical Thermal Maturity Assessment with Application to the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin, Arctic Canada, D.R. Issler, J. Reyes, Z. Chen, K. Hu1, E. Negulic, and L.D. Stasiuk, #41280 (2014).

Quantification of Uncertainty in Shale Gas Resource Estimates, Steve Lyster, #80361 (2014).

Applications of Portable XRF, Chemical Stratigraphy and SEM in the Horn River Basin, Thomas C. Weedmark, Ronald J. Spencer, Darren P. Juss, and Francois Marechal, #41279 (2014).

Well Log Cluster Analysis and Electrofacies Classification: A Probabilistic Approach for Integrating Log with Mineralogical Data, T. Euzen and M.R. Power, #41277 (2014).

Neural Network Application for Frontier Exploration: East/Central African Rift Example, Valentina Baranova, Azer Mustaqeem, Francis Karanja, and Danson Mburu, #41278 (2014).

Secondary Reservoirs of the Bazhenov and Abalak Formations and the Structure of the Pore Space, Balushkina N.S., G.A. Kalmykov, R.A. Khamidullin, D.V. Korost, V. Shyshkov, and N.P. Fadeeva, #50935 (2014).

Determination of in-situ Hydrocarbon Volumes in Liquid-Rich Shale Plays, G. Eric Michael, James Packwood, and Albert Holba, #80365 (2014).

Alberta Shale Resource Project: Liquid-Rich Prospects, Dean Rokosh, Andrew Beaton, and Steve Lyster, #80364 (2014).

Reservoir Characterization of Burrow-Mottled Dolomites: Devonian Wabamun Group, West-Central Alberta, Canada, Greg M. Baniak, Murray K. Gingras, and S. George Pemberton, #50938 (2014).

Beneath the Oil Sands: Stratigraphy and Structural Features of the Devonian of Northeast Alberta, Canada, Chris L. Schneider, Shilong Mei, Matthias Grobe, and Kristine Haug, #30318 (2014).

Using High Resolution Chemostratigraphy to Determine Well-Bore Pathways in Multilateral Drilling Campaigns: an Example from the Horn River Formation, British Columbia, Canada, Gemma V. Hildred and Craig Rice, #80362 (2014).

The Scott Inlet-Buchan Gulf Oil Seeps: Actively Venting Petroleum Systems on the Northern Baffin Margin Offshore Nunavut, Canada, Gordon N. Oakey, Phil N. Moir, Tom Brent, Kate Dickie, Chris Jauer, Robbie Bennett, Graham Williams, Brian MacLean, Paul Budkewitsch, Jim Haggart, and Lisel Currie, #30319 (2014).

Reflection Seismic Investigations of the Beaufort Sea Margin, Christine L. Batchelor, Julian A. Dowdeswell, and Jeffrey T. Pietras, #50937 (2014).

Reservoir Fluid Properties Required for Low-Permeability Oil Reservoir Analysis, Matt Mavor, #80363 (2014).

February 2014

AAPG Hedberg Conference, 23-27 June 2013, Reno, Nevada; Abstracts, #120140 (2014).

Advancements in 3D Structural Analysis of Geothermal Systems, Drew L. Siler, James E. Faulds, Brett Mayhew, and David McNamara, #120141 (2014).

Structural Framework of the Soda Lake Geothermal Field: An Optimized Composite Model Based on Well Lithology, Gravity, and Seismic Data, H. S. McLachlan, P. C. Schwering, and J. E. Faulds, #120142 (2014).

Eye Tracking in Geoscience: Data Registration and Visualization, Bo Hu, Tommy P. Keane, John A. Tarduno, Brandon B. May, Nathan D. Cahill, Robert A. Jacobs, and Jeff B. Pelz, #120143 (2014).

Outcrops as Analog of Fractured Reservoirs: Capture Explicit Geometries, Derive Statistics and Model Behaviour, N. J. Hardebol and G. Bertotti, #120144 (2014).

A Subsurface 3D Model of Basin Geometry and Fault Architecture at the Dixie Meadows Geothermal Prospect Based On Potential Field Geophysical Data, Paul C. Schwering, Robert E. Karlin, Patricia H. Cashman, Ashton N. McGill, and Wendy M. Calvin, #120145 (2014).

Do Subsurface Models Accurately Represent the Rock? Insights from Outcrop on the Often Overlooked Importance of Mechanical Stratigraphy, Ronald N. McGinnis, David A. Ferrill, Alan P. Morris, and Kevin J. Smart, #120146 (2014).

Tectonic Deformation of a Lacustrine Mudstone at Soda Lake Geothermal Field Using OpendTect Visualization, Tyler Kent and John Louie, #120147 (2014).

Enhancing Spatial Reasoning and Visualization Skills Using Field Data, Analog Modeling and Digital Visualization Software, Caroline M. Burberry, #120148 (2014).

Technology and Disruptive Technology Influences on Geoscience Application Development with an Aim to Improve 3D Spatial Cognition, Colin Dunlop, J. Ryan Shackleton, Roddy Muir, Alan Gibbs, and Gareth Johnson, #120149 (2014).

Increasing Interpreter Capability in Structurally Complex Settings, John G. Solum, Steve Jolley, Ron Lawson, and Steve Naruk, #120150 (2014).

Fracture Visualization and Quantification Using Helical CT Scan Technology, Laura Kennedy, David James, and Barry Newton, #120151 (2014).

Integrated 3D and 4D Characterization and Modeling of Fractured Reservoirs, P. Richard, L. Bazalgette, K. Rawnsley, and P. Swaby, #120152 (2014).

Guidelines and Strategies for Model Building and Interpretation in 3D Space, Roddy Muir, Alan Gibbs, Colin Dunlop, J. Ryan Shackleton, and Gareth Johnson, #120153 (2014).

A Interactive Online Geologic Block Modeling, Rowan Cockett, #120154 (2014).

Relay Ramp Deformation and Throw Patterns Applied to Mechanics-Based Interpretations of Normal Faults: The Hat Creek Fault as a Case Example, Simon A. Kattenhorn and Matthew W. Blakeslee, #120155 (2014).

Integrating Structural Validity Checks At All Stages of the Mainstream Interpretation Process, Steve Freeman, Simon Harris, and Jeremy Campbell, #120156 (2014).

3D Mobile Visualization Techniques in Field Geology Interpretation: Evaluation of Modern Tablet Applications, Layik Hama, Roy A. Ruddle, and Douglas Paton, #120157 (2014).

Must Geologists Have High Spatial Ability to be Successful in Visual Penetration?, Dale Klopfer, Charles Onasch, Guy Zimmerman, Laura Marie Leventhal, Justin Gilkey, Brandi A. Klein, and Samuel D. Jaffee, #120158 (2014).

Correlation of Red Beds and Evaporite Units between Surface and Subsurface: Addressing Challenges for Petroleum Geology, Kathleen C. Benison and James J. Zambito IV, #50930 (2014).

Microfacies Analysis of a Transect along a Pennsylvanian to Early Permian Shelf Margin and its Adjacent Slopes: Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada, C. Shultz and B. Beauchamp, #50931 (2014).

Characteristics and Resource Potential of Lacustrine Shale Oil and Gas in China, Zhijun Jin, Bo Gao, and Xiaoling Wu, #80359 (2014).

Porosity and Permeability Estimation using Neural Network Approach from Well Log Data, Akhilesh K. Verma, Burns A. Cheadle, Aurobinda Routray, William K. Mohanty, and Lalu Mansinha, #41276 (2014).

Analysis of Time-lapse Multicomponent Seismic Data from a Potash Mining Area in Saskatchewan, Canada, Andrew Nicol and Don Lawson, #41275 (2014).

Pleistocene-Holocene Karstification of Barbados and its Implications for the Devonian Grosmont Reservoir, Hans G. Machel, John E. Mylroie, Patricia N. Kambesis, Michael J. Lace, Joan R. Mylroie, and Jonathan B. Sumrall, #50932 (2014).

New Geoscience Data for the Hudson Platform: Opening-up the Last North American Intracratonic Basin to Oil Exploration, Denis Lavoie, Nicolas Pinet, Mathieu Duchesne, Shunxin Zhang, Jim Dietrich, Kezhen Hu, Virginia Brake, Esther Asselin, Jennifer Galloway, Vincent Decker, Julito Reyes, Barry Khon, Derek Armstrong, Michelle Nicolas, and Rudolf Bertrand, #10577 (2014).

From Small Beginnings Come Great Things: Correlating Mineralogy from Thin-Sections to Production History for the Panther River Tight Gas Field, Alberta, Canada, Chad Glemser and Jeffrey MacDonald, #20238 (2014).

Microseismic Monitoring and Structural Interpretation of Reactivated Laramide Fractures North-Central New Mexico, Carley M. Freer, Sherilyn Williams-Stroud, and Michael A. Murphy, #10575 (2014).

The Grosmont: A complex Dolomitized, Fractured and Karstified Heavy Oil Reservoir in a Devonian Carbonate-Evaporite Platform, Hans G. Machel, Mary Luz Borrero, Eugene Dembicki, Harald Huebscher, Luo Ping, and Yi Zhao, #10576 (2014).

Biostratigraphy of the Montney Formation: From the Alberta and British Columbia subsurface, to the Outcrop, Nick Wilson, J-P. Zonneveld, and Mike Orchard, #50934 (2014).

Water Disposal in the Upper Elk Point Carbonates under the Athabasca Oil Sands Area, N.E. Alberta, Michael B. Rogers, #50933 (2014).

PS 3D Seismic Mapping of Deep Basement Features in Osage County, Oklahoma, Kevin Liner and Christopher Liner, #41274 (2014).

Time to Depth Conversion and Uncertainty Characterization for SAGD Base of Pay in the McMurray Formation, Alberta, Canada, Amir H. Hosseini, Hong Feng, Abu Yousuf, and Tony Kay, #80360 (2014).

Petrology of Siltstone Laminae in Zhangjiatan Shale of the 7th Member of Yanchang Formation and Their Significance for Shale Gas, Ordos Basin, China, Yuhong Lei, Xiangzeng Wang, Xiaorong Luo, Lixia Zhang, Likuan Zhang, Chengfu Jiang, Ming Chen, and Yuxi Yu, #80358 (2014).

Geochemical Characterization of Stratigraphic Sequences in the Horn River Shale, Middle and Upper Devonian, Northeastern British Columbia, Canada, Tian Dong, Michael Kennedy, and Nicholas B. Harris, #50929 (2014).

GC Effective Ways to Eliminate Side-Lobe Effects, Rongfeng Zhang, #41273 (2014).

GC Spectral Decompostion Helps Define Channel Morphology, Rongfeng Zhang, #41272 (2014).

PS Core-based Geochemical study of Mudrocks in Basinal Lithofacies in the Wolfberry Play, Midland Basin, Texas, Part II, Robert W. Baumgardner, Jr. and H. Scott Hamlin, #10572 (2014).

Trace Elements and Basin Processes: Woodford Shale, Permian Basin, West Texas, Nicholas B. Harris, #10573 (2014).

Origin of the Cenozoic Conglomerate Deposits in Kuqa Depression, Tarim Basin, China, Haitao Sun and Dakang Zhong, #10574 (2014).

PS Depositional Environments of Organic-Rich Calcareous Shale in the Western Anticosti Basin: the Upper Ordovician Macasty Formation, Quebec, Canada, Atul Kulkarni, Keiko Hattori, and Andr Desrochers, #10571 (2014).

Identification of Future Oil Potential from Upper Devonian Venango Sandstones in Central Appalachians, Eric G. Ober and Craig Eckert, #20237 (2014).

Polarity of Asymmetric Half-Grabens in the South Atlantic and Its Influence on Trap Integrity: Examples from Offshore Brazil and Uruguay, Oscar Lopez-Gamundi and Ethel Morales, #30317 (2014).

Comparison Between Marine Shales and Lacustrine Shales in China, Jiang Shu, Nick Dahdah, Peter Pahnke and Jinchuan Zhang, #30316 (2014).

Correlating Porosity with Acoustic Impedance in Sandstone Gas Reservoirs: Examples from the Atokan Sandstones of the Arkoma Basin, Southeastern Oklahoma, Ibrahim Cemen, Jeff Fuchs, Rodney Gertson, and Christine Hager, #41255 (2014).

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