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New Articles

November 2014

Refining the Tactics: Current Approaches to Exploration and Development of Shale Plays in the U.S., Susan Smith Nash, #70173 (2014).

Granite Wash Play Overview, Anadarko Basin Stratigraphic Framework and Controls on Pennsylvanian Granite Wash Production, Anadarko Basin, Texas and Oklahoma: Update, Ed LoCricchio, #80420 (2014).

The Springer Shale: A Sleeping Giant?, Susan S. Nash, #10664 (2014).

PS Tight-Gas Produced Water Modeling of Mesaverde Group Sandstones in the Uinta Basin, Peter J. Nielsen, Rebekah E. Wood, and Thomas C. Chidsey, Jr., #51041 (2014).

Sussex Sandstone, Hornbuckle Trend, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: Lithofacies and Reservoir Properties in a Tight Oil Play, Richard J. Bottjer, Michael L. Hendricks, Daniel H. Stright, and John A. Bettridge, #10665 (2014).

Origin and Alteration of Natural Gas and Liquid Hydrocarbons in the Austrian Molasse Basin, L. Pytlak, D. Groß, A. Bechtel, R. Gratzer, R.F. Sachsenhofer, H.-G. Linzer, M. L. Grundtner, and L. Scheucher, #10667 (2014).

PS Model to Predict Tight-gas Sands Porosity of West Depression in Liaohe Basin, China, Wei Wei, Xiaomin Zhu, and Yuanlin Meng, #10666 (2014).

Structural Diagenesis in an Upper Carboniferous Tight Gas Sandstones Reservoir Analog, P. Wuestefeld, C. Hilgers, and B. Koehrer, #41491 (2014).

Quantification of Fracture Attributes from Terrestrial Laser Scanning – Improving Input Parameters for Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) Modelling, Dennis Laux and Andreas Henk, #41490 (2014).

Innovations in Borehole Microresistivity Image Data Analysis, Peter A. Elkington, Said Assous, James A. Whetton, and David Hu, #41488 (2014).

GC Autotracking Horizons in Seismic Records, Satinder Chopra and Kurt J. Marfurt, #41489 (2014).

PS Porosity, Permeability, and Pore Characterization of the Triassic Cumnock Formation: A Continuous Gas Assessment Unit, Sanford Sub-Basin, Deep River Basin, Lee County, North Carolina, USA, Part 2, Jeffrey C. Reid, Kenneth B. Taylor, and Michael M. McGlue, #10662 (2014).

Natural Fractures in Shale Hydrocarbon Reservoirs, Julia F.W. Gale, #41487 (2014).

Natural Fracture Patterns and Attributes across a Range of Scales, Julia F.W. Gale, #41486 (2014).

Closing the Loop between Geology and Reservoir Engineering in the Building, Calibration, and History-Matching of Carbonate Reservoir Models, Patrick Corbett, #41485 (2014).

Is Our Carbonate Reservoir Fractured or Not?, Patrick Corbett, #41484 (2014).

PS Passive Continental Margin Basin Evolution and Giant Gas Discoveries in Offshore East Africa, Guangya Zhang, Zhixin Wen, Zhaoming Wang, Chengpeng Song, and Xiaobing Liu, #10663 (2014).

A Decade of Exploration in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, David Mackertich and Adnan I. Samarrai, #30383 (2014).

PS Multi-Scale Lineament and Geological Mapping Elucidates Subsurface and Regional Tectonic Influences in Kuwait, Shreyas Chitransh, #30382 (2014).

PS Depositional Environment and Facies Architecture of the Lower to Middle Ordovician Carbonate Ramp Succession, Öland, Southern Sweden, Ali Riza Cigri and Sven O. Egenhoff, #30381 (2014).

Overview of Geophysical Data Recently Acquired by the Ontario Geological Survey in Southern Ontario, S.J. Magnus, D.R.B. Rainsford, and R.M. Easton, #41479 (2014).

The Precambrian Basement of Eastern Ontario: Insights from a New Aeromagnetic Survey, R. Michael Easton, S. J. Magnus, and D. R. B. Rainsford, #30380 (2014).

Chicxulub Impact Tsunami Deposits at the K–Pg Boundary in Northern Louisiana?, Martell A. Strong and Gary L. Kinsland, #30379 (2014).

Albian Rift Systems in the Northeastern Brazilian Margin: An Example of Rifting in Hyper-Extended Continental Crust, José M. Caixeta, Talles S. Ferreira, Délzio L. Machado Jr., Janaína L. Teixeira, and Marco A. T. Romeiro, #30378 (2014).

Clastic Facies Reservoir Characterization in a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework through Production Decline Curve Analysis: Example—Frio Formation, South Texas, John D. Pigott and Bryant W. Bradley, #41482 (2014).

Sand Body Thickness Variations in the Outer Fan and Fringe of a Fine-Grained Deepwater Fan: Implications on Reservoir Characteristics of Turbidite Sands, Donald E. Rehmer, #41483 (2014).

Reservoir Forming Mechanism and Main Controlling Factors of Different Types of Large Tight Sandstone Gas Fields in China, Jian Li, Zengye Xie, and Aisheng Hao, #20278 (2014).

PS The Genesis and Controlling Factors of Large Mesozoic Granite Weathering Crust Reservoir in Penglai 9-1 Oil Field, Bohai Bay Basin, Qingbin Wang, Xinhuai Zhou, Lixin Tian, Bo Yang, Guoxiang Zhao, Wensen Zhu, and Chong Feng, #20276 (2014).

PS Key Factors for Oil Accumulation of Mesozoic Granite Buried Hill in Penglai 9-1 Oil Field, Bohai Bay Basin, Xinhuai Zhou, Qingbin Wang, Bo Yang, Guoxiang Zhao, Chong Feng, and Wensen Zhu, #20277 (2014).

Claude Shannon Versus Gus Archie: Information Theory as a Guide to Log Evaluation Without Petrophysics, Paul E. Devine, #41480 (2014).

Wettability Alteration and Increasing Recovery in the Permian Basin: Application to Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs, Geoffrey Thyne, #41469 (2014).

Carbon Dioxide Sealing Capacity: Textural or Compositional Controls?, Constantin Cranganu, Hamidreza Soleymani, Sadiqua Azad, and Kieva Watson, #41474 (2014).

Examining the Validity of the Computed Al Curve in Elemental Spectroscopy Logs with X-Ray Fluorescence Techniques in the Marcellus Shale, Erin Walker and Susan Herron, #41481 (2014).

A First Look at Production and Completion Data from the Utica-Point Pleasant Shale Play or...Having Fun with Numbers, Larry Wickstrom and Martin Shumway, #10661 (2014).

PS Quantifying CO2 Storage Efficiency of Geologic Depositional Environments, Roland Okwen, Charles Monson, Yaghoob Lasemi, and Nathan Grigsby, #80419 (2014).

Policy Development in Ontario, Ray Pichette, #70172 (2014).

Hydraulic Fracturing: Public Image and Strategies for Maintaining Your Social License, John P. Martin and Christelle Faivre, #70171 (2014).

GC Causes and Appearance of Noise in Seismic Data Volumes, Satinder Chopra and Kurt J. Marfurt, #41476 (2014).

PS Use of National Uranium Resource Evaluation (NURE) Stream Sediment Data to Determine the Provenance of Triassic Clastic Sediment in the Raleigh-Durham Area, North Carolina, Robert H. Carpenter and Jeffrey C. Reid, #41477 (2014).

Stratigraphic Variability of the Woodford Shale across Oklahoma, Brenton J. McCullough and Roger M. Slatt, #80417 (2014).

Heat Flow and Thermal History of the Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma, Zachary Frone, #10657 (2014).

PS A Geometric Approach to the Analysis of Global Eolian Hydrocarbon Reservoirs, Steve Fryberger and Caroline Y. Hern, #41478 (2014).

Geological Evolution of Bago-Yoma Basin, Onshore Myanmar, Seehapol Utitsan, Teekayu Benjawan, Suppakarn Thanatit, Wirote Wetmongkongorn, U. Soe Than, Khun Hline Myint, and Ler Bwe Wah, #10659 (2014).

Lithofacies of Deepwater Fine-Grained Depositional Systems and their Significance for Shale Gas and Oil Exploration in Lacustrine Basin: An Insight from Qingshankou Formation, Qijia-Gulong Depression, Songliao Basin, Northeast China, Bintao Chen, Shuxin Pan, Tianqi Wang, Shujuan Liang, and Caiyan Liu, #10658 (2014).

Tectonic Controls on 2nd/3rd Order Sequence Architecture, Istria ‘Depression’, Romanian Black Sea Shelf, David R. D. Boote, #30377 (2014).

October 2014

The Hypothetical Cretaceous Petroleum System of Trinidad and Tobago, Adrian Thomas, #30373 (2014).

A Comprehensive Geochemical and Petrophysical Integration Study for the Permian Basin, Michael Holmes and Michael Dolan, #10660 (2014).

Understanding Attributes and Their Use in the Application of Neural Analysis – Case Histories Both Conventional and Unconventional, Deborah Sacrey and Rocky Roden, #41473 (2014).

Seismic Reservoir Characterization and Pre-stack Inversion in Resource Shale Plays, Brian Russell, #41467 (2014).

Downhole Geochemical Logging in the Eagle Ford: Hydrocarbon Detection in Vertical and Lateral Wells, Rick Schrynemeeckers, #41466 (2014).

Inorganic Geochemistry of the Trenton Limestone-Utica Shale Contact Based on XRF Data, Steve R. Saboda and Gary G. Lash, #51038 (2014).

Appalachian Basin Unconventional Reservoirs - A Discussion of Past, Present and Future Play Trends, William A. Zagorski, #80414 (2014).

Development of a Geochemical Tool for Sourcing Leaking Well Fluids in Southwestern Ontario, Mitchell Skuce, #41475 (2014).

Combining Surface Geochemical Surveys and Downhole Geochemical Logging for Mapping Hydrocarbons in the Utica Shale, Rick Schrynemeeckers, #41463 (2014).

Possible Tectonic Influence on Upper Ordovician Stratigraphy and Source Rock Distribution in the Southern Hudson Platform, Northern Ontario, Derek Armstrong, #30376 (2014).

PS Upper Ordovician Organic-Rich Mudstones of Southern Ontario, C. Béland Otis, #30374 (2014).

Seepage-Induced Magnetic Anomalies Associated with Oil and Gas Fields: Onshore and Offshore Examples, Dietmar (Deet) Schumacher and Robert S. Foote, #80416 (2014).

Chimaera, A large Abiotic Gas Seep in Turkey, Giuseppe Etiope, Hakan Hoşgörmez, and Martin Schoell, #80415 (2014).

PS Experimental Quantification of “Good Log Characteristics” for Mesaverde Reservoirs of the Piceance Basin, Colorado: Toward a Reconnaissance Method for Evaluating Movable Water in Tight Shaly Sandstones, Paul E. Devine, #41468 (2014).

An Innovative Approach to Monitor Depletion of Reserves Integrating 3D Static Models and Time-Lapse Saturation Logs, Bashar Al-Enezi, Nitin Rane, Dipankar Ghosh, Dawood Al-Matar, #41471 (2014).

Facies Characteristics and Static Reservoir Connectivity of Some Siliciclastic Tertiary Outcrop Successions in Bintulu and Miri, Sarawak, East Malaysia, Numair A. Siddiqui, Abdul Hadi bin Abd Rahman, Chow W. Sum, Manoj J. Mathew, and David Menier, #51035 (2014).

Borehole Image Textural Analysis and Integrated Petrophysics – Applications in Delaware and Midland Basins, Nicholas Harvey, #41465 (2014).

Concurrent Development of Multiple Horizons, Daniel Silber, #41464 (2014).

Authigenic Barite Nodules and Carbonate Concretions in the Upper Devonian Shale Succession of Western New York – a Record of Variable Biogenic Methane Flux During Burial, Gary G. Lash, #51034 (2014).

PS Facilitating Shale Play Development and Water Management – Meeting the Need for Brine Disposal Wells in Pennsylvania, Dan A. Billman and Dale E. Skoff, #80413 (2014).

Synsedimentary Structural Growth as a Control on Isolated Shelf Sandstone Bodies in the Cenomanian to Turonian Succession of the Western Cordilleran Foreland Basin, Christopher R. Fielding, #51037 (2014).

Stratigraphic Plays in Active Margin Basin: Fluvio-Deltaic Reservoir Distribution in Ciputat Half Graben, Northwest Java Basin, Ary Wahyu Wibowo, Astri Pujianto, Wisnu Hindadari, Arief Wahidin Soedjono, and Dina Novi Susanti, #10656 (2014).

Late Authigenic Pyrite – An Indicator of Oil Migration and Entrapment in the Bonaparte Basin, Timor Sea, Australia, Grant Ellis, #10655 (2014).

Application of Formation Pressure in Evaluation and Risking of Prospect, Arpita Mandal, Ankaj Sinha, Rupdip Guha, and Alisha Mehra, #10654 (2014).

Cleats Analysis and CBM Potential of the Barito Basin, South Kalimantan, Indonesia, Benyamin Sapiie, Arif Rifiyanto, and Lisnanda A. Perdana, #10653 (2014).

Petroleum Geology of Cameia Field, Deepwater Pre-Salt Kwanza Basin, Angola, West Africa, Edward C. Cazier, Connie Bargas, Lino Buambua, Severino Cardoso, Hercinda Ferreira, Kerry Inman, Alpio Lopes, Tim Nicholson, Christopher Olson, A. Saller, and John Shinol, #20275 (2014).

PS Electrofacies Analysis and Shale Gas Potential of the Carynginia Formation (Perth Basin, Western Australia), A. Karimian Torghabeh, R. Rezaee, R. Moussavi-Harami, N. Pimentel, M. Kamali, and A. Kadkhodaie-Ilkhchi, #51033 (2014).

High-Resolution Palynostratigraphy, Northern Arabian Plate – A Correlation Tool for Clastic Sequences, Ellen Stolle, Amer Nader, Ali I. Al-Juboury, Aboosh H. Al-Hadidy, Abdalla M. Abu Hamad, and Tatyana H. Dimitrova, #51036 (2014).

The Regional Geology of the South Turkey – North Cyprus Domain: New Perspectives and Consequences for Hydrocarbon Plays, G. Bertotti, D. Fernàndez-Blanco, and S. D. Willett, #30375 (2014).

Reconstructing Deepwater Channel-Lobe Depositional Environment in Highly Complex Multi-Gravity Flow to Traction Flow Deposits Using Borehole Image, Core and NMR Logs in Yinggehai Basin, South China, Shusheng Guo, Bo Liu, Jun Cai, Hongjun Yang, Yongde Gao, Qingzhi Lu, Vladimir Kuznetsov, Huimin Cai, Yuxi Wang, Yanming Tong, and Xianran Zhao, #41462 (2014).

New Methodology for the Generation of the Structural and Petrophysical Conceptual Model with Limited Information, Giorgio De Paola, Ruben Rodriguez Torrado, and Sonia Embid, #41472 (2014).

Fractures and Fracture Networks in Carbonate Reservoirs: A Geological Perspective, G. Bertotti, K. Bisdom, M. van Eijk, F. Hameka, A. Vis, H. Bezerra, and J. Reijmer, #41470 (2014).

AAPG Foundation 2014 Grants-in-Aid Projects; Abstracts, #90199 (2014).

Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies and the Gulf Coast Section of SEPM 64th Annual Convention, October 5-7, 2014, Lafayette, Louisiana; Abstracts, #90196 (2014).

Geologic Controls on Formation Water Salinity Distribution, Southeastern Greater Natural Buttes Field, Uinta Basin, Utah, Tuba Evsan, Matthew J. Pranter, and Marc Connolly, #20272 (2014).

Reconstruction of Paleoenvironments through Integrative Sedimentology and Ichnology of the Pennsylvanian Strawn Formation, Jesse G. White, Peter P. Flaig, Stephen T. Hasiotis, and Jeffrey Over, #20259 (2014).

Occurrence of Potash-Bearing Strata (Sylvinite) in the Salina A-1 Evaporite in the Central Michigan Basin, William B. Harrison, III, #10652 (2014).

Goldsmith Landreth San Andres Unit (GLSAU) #203R- A CO2 Oil Bank Caught in the Act, Robert Trentham, #10648 (2014).

PS Visual and Analytical Comparisons of Upper Bakken “Shale” Cores from a West-to-East Transect, McKenzie and McLean Counties, North Dakota, Laura Wray, Mark Longman, Katie Kocman, Laura Mauro Johnson, Grant Sha, and Simon Cole, #51032 (2014).

SW Iberian and NW Moroccan Onshore Basins – Mesozoic Evolution and Geodynamic Framework, N. Pimentel and R. Pena dos Reis, #10651 (2014).

Triassic Rupture and Liasic Marine Invasion in the Lusitanian Basin (Portugal) — A Shift from Tectonic To Thermal Subsidence, R. P. Pena dos Reis, N. L. V. Pimentel, and A. J. V. Garcia, #10650 (2014).

PS The Lusitanian Basin (Portugal) and Its North American Counterparts – a Comparative Approach, N. L. V. Pimentel, R. Pena dos Reis, and A. J. V. Garcia, #10649 (2014).

Understanding of Petroleum Systems from Palaeo-Petroleum Present in the Fingerdjupet Sub-Basin of the Bjørnøya Basin, Norwegian Barents Sea, Muhammad Jamil, Zagros Matapour, Dag A. Karlsen, and Ivar Gran, #10647 (2014).

The Upper Triassic to Lower Jurassic Sedimentary Succession in Southern Portugal: A Stratigraphical Framework for Central Atlantic Magmatic Province (CAMP) Related Magmatism, R. Pena dos Reis and N. Pimentel, #30371 (2014).

The Evolution of the Atlantic Margin of Iberia as Recorded in the Lusitanian Basin (Portugal), Rui Pena dos Reis, Nuno Pimentel, and António Garcia, #30370 (2014).

PS Prospectivity of the Portuguese Deepwater Areas within the Context of the Afro-European East Atlantic Province, N. Pimentel and R. P. D. Reis, #30369. (2014).

Geodynamic Framework and Petroleum Potential of the Cap Bon – Gulf of Hammamet Province – Tunisia, Oussama Abidi, Med Hedi Inoubli, Kawthar Sebei, Haïfa Boussiga, Adnen Amiri, and Imen Hamdi Nasr, #30368 (2014).

Enhanced Two Dimensional Grain Size Analysis through the Use of Calibrated Digital Petrography, O. Hinds, R. A. Duller, R. P. Walker, B. T. Wells, and R. H. Worden, #41461 (2014).

Integrated Cleat Analysis and Coal Quality on CBM Exploration at Sangatta II PSC, Kutai Basin, Indonesia, Nita Apriyani, Suharmono, Muhammad Momen, Setiabudi Djaelani, Arifin Sodli, Andrean Satria, and Anom Seto Murtani, #80412 (2014).

Empirical and Numerical Geomechanical Approaches to Unconventional Resources, Scott Mildren, Peter Popov, Rachael Nicolson, Simon Holford, and Luke Titus, #80411 (2014).

High-Resolution Imaging Integrated Approach to Enhance Pay Count and Turbidites Reservoir Architecture, Offshore Nile Delta, Egypt, El-Saied M. Felifel, Mohamed Fathy, Abdel Moneim El Araby, Elie Haddad, Mohamed Nassar, and Moustafa Mounir, #20274 (2014).

History of Petroleum Geology in Georgia, Michael Nibladze and Alexander Janiashvili, #20273 (2014).

Source Rocks at Svalbard: An Overview of Jurassic and Triassic Formations and Comparison with Offshore Barents Sea Time Equivalent Source Rock Formations, Tesfamariam B. Abay, Dag A. Karlsen, and Jon H. Pedersen, #30372 (2014).

Evolution and Evaluation of a Shallow-Marine LRLC Reservoir with Advanced Well-Log Measurements: A Case Study from Offshore Nigeria, Jemine Olare, Joseph Otevwemerhuere, Leigh Jefford, Steve Parkins, Chikezie Nwosu, Chandramani Shrivastava, Chiara Cavalleri, and Hugo Espinosa, #41460 (2014).

HydroFracture Monitoring Using Vector Scanning With Surface Microseismic Data, Quansheng Zhang, Zhanchun Ren, Bintao Zheng, Lei Wang, Shigang Yang, and Beiyuan Liang, #41459 (2014).

Multiphase Deformation of the Paleozoic and Mesozoic Units Within the Panhandle of Nebraska, C. M. Burberry, R. M. Joeckel, J. T. Korus, and M. H. Peppers, #30365 (2014).

Regional Upwelling During Late Devonian Woodford Deposition in Oklahoma and Its Influence on Hydrocarbon Production and Well Completion, Erik P. Kvale and Jamar Bynum, #80410 (2014).

Woodford Shale Play Update: Expanded Extent in the Oil Window, Brian J. Cardott, #80409 (2014).

Anadarko Woodford Shale: How to Tie a Shoe, Craig Caldwell, #80408 (2014).

Pressure Regime and Hydrodynamic Study of Niger Delta Coastal Swamp: Implication for Hydrocarbon Recovery and Production, Moruffdeen Adabanija, Understanding Aikulola, and Innocent Ekpah, #20271 (2014).

The Importance of Malm-Neocomian Carbonate Buildups in the Hydrocarbon System of the Moesian Platform, Mihai Tanasa, #30367 (2014).

Reservoir Potential of Marwat and Khisor Trans Indus Ranges, Northwest Pakistan, Mudassar Z. Khan, Moin R. Khan, and Ali Raza, #30366 (2014).

Sequence Stratigraphy, Geomechanics, Microseismicity, and Geochemistry Relationships in Unconventional Resource Shales, Roger M. Slatt, Carlos Molinares-Blanco, Jean D. Amorocho, Carlos L. Cabarcas, and Emilio Torres-Parada, #80407 (2014).

An Analytic Approach to Sweetspot Mapping in the Eagle Ford Unconventional Play, Murray Roth, Michael Roth, and Ted Royer, #80406 (2014).

Play Fairway Evaluation of the Eastern Nova Scotia Passive Margin – New Data, New Insights, Adam MacDonald and Matt Luheshi, #10646 (2014).

Regional Prospectivity, Offshore the Republic of the Congo, Simon Baer, Patrick Coole, Alain Richard Ngouala Nzoussi, Brice William Débi Obambé, Saturnin Pilly Kiwuba, and Edmond Brice, #10645 (2014).

Geodynamic Characteristics and Their Effect on the Petroleum Geology Conditions for Passive Rift Basin in Central-Western African Region, Zhi Li, Lunkun Wan, Jiguo Liu, Xiaohua Pan, Liangqing Xue, and Yongdi Su, #10644 (2014).

Source Rock Characteristics, Burial History Reconstruction, and Hydrocarbon Generation Modeling of Late Cretaceous Sediments in the Chad (Bornu) Basin, Northeastern Nigeria, Adebanji Kayode Adegoke and Abdullah Wan Hasiah, #10643 (2014).

Structural Restoration of the Jurassic Section at Kra Al-Maru and Riksah Structures, West Kuwait, Aimen Amer, Hanan Salem, Talal Al Adwani, Meshal Al Wadi, Abdulaziz Sajer, and Bhaskar Chakrabarti, #51031 (2014).

Orthogonal Geometrics of Lower McMurray Formation Sand Complexes: Effects of Salt Dissolution Collapse-subsidence Across the Northern Athabasca Oil Sands Deposit, Paul L. Broughton, #51028 (2014).

Lower McMurray Formation Sinkholes and Their Fill Fabrics: Effects of Salt Dissolution Collapse-subsidence Across the Northern Athabasca Oil Sands Deposit, Paul L. Broughton, #51027 (2014).

The Lower-Middle Devonian of Mackenzie River Corridor: Sequence-stratigraphic Updates from Core Studies, Pavel Kabanov, #51026 (2014).

Hydrothermal Dolomitization and a Fluid Flow Model: An Example from the Middle Ordovician Trenton Group, Southwestern Ontario, Canada, Omid Haeri-Ardakani, Ihsan Al-Aasm, and Mario Coniglio, #51025 (2014).

Presence of Oleanane in Oil as Evidence of Contamination, Swapan Kumar Bhattacharya, Syed Mohammad Ibad, and Fawzia Hussein Ali Abdulla, #41458 (2014).

Successful Characterization Using Images in Real-Time Interpretation: A Challenging Lateral Well from Ultra High Resolution Microscope Measurement, Zainab S. Al Kindi, Magdi Bazara, and Joachim Bildstein, #41457 (2014).

A Novel Pretreatment Method of Crude Oil for the Determination of Diamondoids, Wanfeng Zhang, Ting Tong, DongHao Li, Xuanbo Gao, Wei Dai, Zhenyang Chang, Pengfei Guo, Sheng He, and Shukui Zhu, #41456 (2014).

Stress Damage in Borehole and Rock Cores; Developing New Tools to Update the Stress Map of Alberta, Qing Jia, Randy Kofman, Doug Schmitt, and Inga Moeck, #41451 (2014).

Impact of Broadband Seismic on Quantitative Interpretation Workflows, Eivind Dhelie, Cyrille Reiser, Tim Bird, and Euan Anderson, #41450 (2014).

A Step Change in Seismic Imaging – Using a Unique Ghost Free Source and Receiver System, Per Eivind Dhelie, Robert Sorley, Torben Hoy, and David Lippett, #41449 (2014).

Simultaneous Inversion of Clastic Zubair Reservoir: Case Study from Sabiriyah Field, North Kuwait, Osman Khaled, Yousef Al-Zuabi, and Hameed Shereef, #41447 (2014).

The Analysis and Annotation of 3D Photorealistic Geological Outcrop Models, Miao Wang, Michele Iris Rodriguez-Gomez, Lionel S. White, Jr., Jarvis R. Cline, Mohammed S. Alfarhan, and Carlos L.V. Aiken, #41445 (2014).

Triassic Fluvial Reservoir – Do You Know How to Find Your Sands?, Tan Chun Hock and Lothar Schulte, #41443 (2014).

September 2014

The Effects of the Petrophysical Properties of Calcareous Mudstones and Limestones on Capillary Pressure Values, Kieva Watson and Constantine Cranganu, #41453 (2014).

Tertiary Sarawak Basin Origin: A Small Step in Demystifying the Ambiguity, Manoj Joseph Mathew, David Menier, Abdul Hadi Abdul Rahman, Numair Ahmed Siddiqui, Manuel Pubellier, and Muhammad Hassaan, #10642 (2014).

Unconventional Reservoir Characterization with Upscaled Permeability Using SEM, Mehmet Cicek, Deepak Devegowda, Faruk Civan, and Richard F. Sigal, #41454 (2014).

Parity in Rock-Typing for Geology, Petrophysics, and Engineering by Tackling Interconnectivity with Fractal Leaky-Tubes Description, M. Mehmet Altunbay, Faruk Civan, Paul F. Worthington, and Shaharudin B. Aziz, #41455 (2014).

Polygonal Fault System in the Cretaceous of the Magallanes Basin, Southern Chile, Jesús A. Pinto, Manuel Montecinos, and Pablo Mella, #10641 (2014).

Heavy Oil Reservoir Characterization by Time-lapse Seismic and Rock Physics in a Cold Production Reservoir, Naimeh Riazi, Laurence Lines, and Brian Russell, #41448 (2014).

PSDM for unconventional reservoirs? A Niobrara Shale case study, Morgan P. Brown, Joseph H. Higginbotham, Cosmin Macesanu, Oscar E. Ramirez, Dave List, and Chris Lang, #80405 (2014).

Reservoir Description using Hydraulic Flow Unit and Petrophysical Rock Type of PMT Carbonate Early Miocene of Baturaja Formation, South Sumatra Basin, Jaka Radiansyah, Teddy E. Putra, Rienno Ismail, Ricky Adi Wibowo, Efri E. Riza, and Medy Kurniawan, #10637 (2014).

Cretaceous Lithostratigraphy of Eastern Jeza – Qamar Basin and its Hydrocarbon Potential, Dhofar, Oman, O. Salad Hersi, I. A. Abbasi, and A. Al-Harthy, #10640 (2014).

Pimenteiras Shale: Characterization of an Atypical Unconventional Petroleum System, Parnaiba Basin, Brazil, Frederico S. de Miranda, #10639 (2014).

A Regional Assessment of the Duvernay Formation; a World- Class Liquids-Rich Shale Play, Matthew Davis and Glenn Karlen, #10638 (2014).

Steady-State Permeability Analysis in Unconventional Plays, Pat Lasswell, #80404 (2014).

Seismic Attributes and Probability Property Modeling of Turbidites and Channel Sands, Ebere Benard, Elijah A. Ayolabi, and Nnaemeka F. Ukaigwe, #41444 (2014).

Downhole Geochemical Logging in the Eagle Ford - Hydrocarbon Detection in Vertical & Lateral Wells, Rick Schrynemeeckers, #41437 (2014).

Natural and Artificial Cracking of Oil Source Rocks and Unconventional Reservoirs, Wallace G. Dow, #41436 (2014).

3D Seismic Proves Its Value in Bakken Geosteering, Angie Southcott, #41435 (2014).

Comparison of Image Logs to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Logs, Charles H. Smith, Kyle Nelson, and Ashely Hall, #70169 (2014).

A New Method of Fluid Identification from Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Logs, Charles H. Smith, Layne Hamilton, and Lynda Ziane, #41452 (2014).

Determining the Accumulation Limits of the Physical Properties of Tight Sandstone Reservoirs in Eastern Ordos Basin, Qing Cao, Jingzhou Zhao, Xinshe Liu, Aiping Hu, Liyong Fan, and Huaichang Wang, #51030 (2014).

Overpressure Genesis of the Tight Gas Sandstone Reservoirs of the Southwestern Ordos Basin in the Upper Paleozoic, Qian Wang, Jingzhou Zhao, Jun Li, and Yu Guo, #51029 (2014).

Structural Geometry of the Frontal Ouachita-Arkoma Basin Transition Zone in Western Arkansas, Donald Yezerski and Ibrahim Cemen, #51022 (2014).

Diagenetic Features in Yellowknife Bay, Gale Crater, Mars: Implications for Substrate Rheology and Potential Gas Release, Linda C. Kah, Katie Stack, Kirsten Siebach, John Grotzinger, Dawn Sumner, Alberto Fairen, Dorothy Oehler, Juergen Schieber, Richard Leveille, Lauren Edgar, Melissa Rice, and the Mars Science Laboratory Team, #51021 (2014).

Bypass-Dominated Mud-Rich Channel-Fill Deposits of the Paleogene Scripps/Ardath Formation at Tourmaline Beach, San Diego, CA: An Analog for Low Net-to-Gross Slope Canyon and Channel Systems, Bruce A. Power, Jacob Covault, Morgan Sullivan, and Henry Posamentier, #51020 (2014).

PSGeologic Variability within the Marcellus Shale and its Relationship with Natural Fractures, John Mason and Teresa Jordan, #51017 (2014).

Diagenetic and Burial History of a Portion of the Late Triassic South Georgia Rift Basin Based on Petrologic and Isotopic (δ18O) Analyses of Sandstones from Test Borehole Rizer #1, Colleton County, SC, James M. Rine, Brittany E. Hollon, Robert Fu, Nancy Houghton, and Michael Waddell, #51016 (2014).

GCIntegrated Data Enhance Dolomite Mapping, Ritsh Kumar Sharma, Satinder Chopra, and Amit Kumar Ray, #41440 (2014).

Characteristics of the Triassic Upper Montney Formation (Unit C), West-Central Alberta, Omar Derder, #51024 (2014).

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