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New Articles

July 2014

PSTectonic Implications of New Geological and Geophysical Results from the Susitna Basin, South-Central Alaska, Richard G. Stanley, Peter J. Haeussler, Jeffrey A. Benowitz, Kristen A. Lewis, Diane P. Shellenbaum, Richard W. Saltus, Anjana K. Shah, Jeffrey D. Phillips, and Christopher J. Potter, #10608 (2014).

Hydrocarbon Discovery Potential in Colombian Basins: Creaming Curve Analysis, Mauricio Orozco Bohorquez, #10613 (2014).

Structural Elements and Petroleum Exploration on the Apulian Platform, Hellenic Fold and Thrust Belt, Zakynthos Island (western Greece), Angelos Maravelis, Anthony Vassiliou, Panagiotis Tserolas, and Avraam Zelilidis, #10614 (2014).

PS Pennsylvanian and Wolfcampian Sequence Stratigraphy Using FMI and Log Analysis on the Western Edge of the Midland Basin: A Tool for Guiding Well Completions, Shane J. Prochnow and Gregory D. Hinterlong, #41388 (2014).

Seismic and Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation of the Area of Influence of the Magdalena Submarine Fan, Offshore Northern Colombia, Andrea Fernanda Cadena Mendoza, #50971 (2014).

From Monterey to Mowry, with Many Stops in Between, Robert Sterling, and Anne Grau, #80385 (2014).

Petroleum Systems in the World's Richest Petroliferous Basin, Los Angeles, California, K.E. Peters, L.S. Ramos, J.E. Zumberge, and T.L. Wright, #80386 (2014).

The Implication of Maturation and Heat Flow Analysis for Conventional (Deepwater) and Unconventional (Shale Oil and Shale Gas) Petroleum Systems: Evolution Through the Last 50 Years, Prasanta K. Mukhopadhyay (Muki), #80387 (2014).

PS State-of-the-Art Ion Milling Ablation Applied to Shale Gas Sample Preparation, Laura García, Miguel Ángel Caja, Jordi Tritlla, Virginia Sánchez, Irene González, F. J. Gómez, and Santiago Quesada, #80389 (2014).

Late Pennsylvanian and Early Permian Sedimentation on the Central Basin Platform and Implications to the Wolfberry Deposition in the Western Midland Basin, Art Saller, #10606 (2014).

PS Integrated Exploration of the Owambo Basin, Onshore Namibia: Hydrocarbon Exploration and Implications for a Modern Frontier Basin, Thomas E. Hoak, Alan L. Klawitter, Charles F. Dommer, and Pasquale V. Scaturro, #10609 (2014).

Confirming the Presence of a Working Petroleum System in the Eastern Black Sea Basin, Offshore Georgia Using SAR Imaging, Sea Surface Slick Sampling, and Geophysical Seafloor Characterization, Harry Dembicki, Jr., #10610 (2014).

SE Delaware Basin Slope: Debrites, Turbidites, Organics, Oh My!, Robert S. Nail, #10611 (2014).

PS Porosity, Permeability, and Pore Characterization of the Triassic Cumnock Formation: A Continuous Gas Assessment Unit, Sanford Sub-Basin, Deep River Basin, Lee County, North Carolina, USA, Jeffrey C. Reid, Michael C. McGlue, and Geoffrey S. Ellis, #10612 (2014).

Analysis of Petroleum System for Exploration and Risk Reduction in Abu Madi/El Qar'a Gas Field, Nile Delta, Egypt, Said Keshta, Farouk I. Metwalli, and Al Arabi H.S., #20253 (2014).

Precambrian Basement Structure of the Diablo Platform and Its Influence throughout the Phanerozoic, Steve Grimes, #30338 (2014).

Spectral Recomposition in Stratigraphic Interpretation, Yihua Cai, Sergey Fome, and Hongliu Zeng, #41376 (2014).

Latest Pleistocene Through Holocene Lake Levels From Tulare Lake, CA: Testing Results Using The Smear Slide Technique, Kelsey Padilla, Lindsey Medina, Ashleigh Blunt, and Rob Negrini, #41381 (2014).

PSUsing X-Ray Microtomographic Imaging to Conduct Fluid Flow Simulations on Porous Media, Kasey A. Todd, Heather C. Watson, Tony Yu, and Yanbin Wang, #41382 (2014).

Attributes of Carbonate Platforms Associated With Passive Salt Diapirism, Katherine A. Giles, #41386 (2014).

Oil and Dolomite in the Monterey Formation of California, Richard J. Behl, #50974 (2014).

Inherent Autogenic Avulsion of Aggradational Submarine Channels, R. M. Dorrell, A. D. Burns, and William D. McCaffrey, #50977 (2014).

Distributive Fluvial Systems, Fluvial Megafans, Terminal Fans – Stratigrapher's Nightmare, Piret Plink-Bjorklund, Jianqiao Wang, Matt Belobraydic, Bryan McDowell, Jessica Don, Chayawan Jaikla, and Gaochao Shi, #50978 (2014).

Unconventional Carbonate Reservoir Characterization Using Sonic Velocity and Characterization of Pore Architecture: An Example From the Mid-Continent Mississippian Limestone, Beth Vanden Berg, G. Michael Grammer, Gregor Eberli, and Ralf Weger, #50979 (2014).

Early Texas Oilfield Photographers, Jeff Spencer, #70161 (2014).

BLM Update - Proposed Hydraulic Fracturing Rule and Additional Environmental Data Requirements, Jeff Prude, #80382 (2014).

Remediation Exit Strategy - Defining When to Turn Off an Engineered System, Leslie A. Klinchuch, and Jim Kang, #80383 (2014).

Geochemical Characterization of Post-Mature Gases from Middle Devonian Marcellus Formation, Northern Appalachian Basin, USA – Insights into Deep Basin Hydrocarbon Generation, Alteration, and Productivity, Christopher D. Laughrey, #80384 (2014).

Energized and Foam Fracturing Fluids for Liquids-Rich Organic Shale Reservoirs, James McAndrew, Rong Fan, and Robert Barba, #80388 (2014).

2010 CSPG/CSEB/CWLS GeoConvention May 10-14, 2010, Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Abstracts, #90172 (2014).

Concepts of Scale: Horizontal Development of Wolfcamp Shale Oil of the Southern Midland Basin, David Dally, #10605 (2014).

PSHigh-Resolution Core Studies of Wolfcamp/Leonard Basinal Facies, Southern Midland Basin, Texas, Robert W. Baumgardner, Jr., H. Scott Hamlin, and Harry D. Rowe, #10607 (2014).

Lessons Learned from the KCC #503H Woodford Horizontal Well at Keystone South Field, Winkler County, TX, Andrew Parker, David Entzminger, John Leone, Mark Sonnenfeld, and Lyn Canter, #20254 (2014).

PSUpdates to the Regional Geologic Map of the Los Angeles 30' x 60' Quadrangle, C.J. Wills, R.H. Campbell, P.J. Irvine, and B. J. Swanson, #30339 (2014).

PSFilling in Gaps in the Sedimentary Record: An Integrated Study of Microfacies and Discontinuity Surfaces in Devonian Epeiric Sea Carbonates, Iowa, Christopher M. Bowie and Mara E. Brady, #30340 (2014).

GCGround Penetrating Radar Enhances Analogs, John McBride, Colby Hazard, Scott Ritter, Thomas Morris, David Tingey, Bill Keach, Jani Radebaugh, Clayton Chandler, Karl Arnold, and Gene Wolfe, #41375 (2014).

Log Resistivity Measuring Devices Compared to S-waves from a Vertical-Force Source, John M. Robinson, #41377 (2014).

Utilizing Petrophysical Attributes to Optimize Performance of a Horizontal Drilling Program, Timothy R. McGinley, #41378 (2014).

The Economics of Wettability Alteration for Renewed Production from Old Fields in the Permian Basin: Evaluations of Spraberry, Avalon and Bone Springs Reservoirs, Geoffrey Thyne, Sharon Yacob, and Teresa Nealon, #41379 (2014).

Modeling of the Steam Chamber Growth During SAGD, Eric Bathellier, Olivier Lerat, Axelle Baroni, and Gerard Renard, #41380 (2014).

Overcoming Complex Geosteering Challenges in the Cardium Reservoir of the Foothills of Canada to Increase Production Using an Instrumented Motor with Near Bit Azimuthal Gamma Ray and Inclination, Asong Suh, James Bradley, Greg Feltham, and Jeffery Ward, #41384 (2014).

Effect of Diapir Growth on Synkinematic Deepwater Sedimentation: The Bakio Diapir (Basque-Cantabrian Basin, Northern Spain), O. Ferrer, P. Arbués, E. Roca, K. Giles, M. G. Rowan, M. De Matteis, and J. A. Muñoz, #41385 (2014).

PSPreliminary Quantification of Neogene Extension Across the Owyhee Plateau Of SW Idaho, Robin Richardson, Graham D. M. Andrews, and Sarah R. Brown, #50972 (2014).

PSDiagenetic and Compositional Controls of Wettability in Siliceous Sedimentary Rocks, Monterey Formation, California, Kristina Hill, and Richard J. Behl, #50973 (2014).

Diagenetic Flow and Transport Modeling to Predict Reservoir Quality in Carbonate Formations, Beatriz Garcia-Fresca and Tom Palmer, #50975 (2014).

Seismic Brittleness Index Volume Estimation from Well Logs in Unconventional Reservoirs, Roderick Perez, #80381 (2014).

June 2014

Forum: Discovery Thinking, 2014 AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition


PSHolocene Cyanobacterial Mats and Lime Muds: Links to Middle East Carbonate Source Rock Potential, Christopher G. St. C. Kendall, Gene Shinn, and Xavier Janson, #30330 (2014).

The Technical Challenges and Significance on Ultra-Deep Buried Hill Reservoir Exploration in Bohai Bay Basin, China, Zhiwen Deng, Xianzheng Zhao, Xuming Bai, Wanfu Zhang, Feng Yan, Chuanzhang Tang, and Shenghui Yuan, #10603 (2014).

The Shelf to Deep-Water Transition–Using Analogues to Understand the Pressure Regime in Undrilled Labrador Basins, Labrador Sea, Canada, S. Green, S.A. O’Connor, N. Heinemann, R. Wright, J. Carter, and D. Cameron, #10604 (2014).

Understanding Pressure Compartmentalization in Ultra-Deepwater Drilling Off Mexican Gulf Coast: A Case Study, Leonardo Enrique Aguilera Gomez, Francisco Espitia Hernandez and Devendra Kumar, et al., #41361 (2014).

Modeling Unconventional Resources with Geostatistics and Basin Modeling Techniques: Characterizing Sweet-Spots Using Petrophysical, Mechanical, and Static Fluid Properties, Jeffrey M. Yarus, and Dan Carruthers, #41362 (2014).

Delineating Thin-Bed Tight Gas Sand Reservoir with Prestack Joint PP/PS Inversion, Zhiwen Deng, Ming Qiang, Shuanghu Shi, Xiaofeng Liang, Yang Zhu, Yijun Zhou and Qingjia Tong, #41363 (2014)

Bitumen Evaluation in the Grosmont Carbonate Reservoir: A Case Study of Wireline Technology Applications, Rob Badry, and Jason Smith, #41364 (2014).

Grid-less Simulation of a Fluvio-Deltaic Environment, R. Mohan Srivastava, Marko Maucec, and Jeffrey Yarus, #41365 (2014).

4D Seismic Analysis and Reservoir Management at Christina Lake, Samuel Quiroga, Lori Barth, and Maliha Zaman, #41369 (2014).

Opportunities and Challenges in Accessing Stranded Pay and Atlantic Margins Heterogeneous Reservoirs in SAGD Bitumen Projects, Rudy Strobl, Bryce Jablonski, and Milovan Fustic, #41370 (2014).

Enhancing SAGD Bitumen Production through Conductive, Convective and Radiant Heating, Rudy Strobl, Bryce Jablonski, and Milovan Fustic, #41371 (2014).

Methods of Calculating Total Organic Carbon from Well Logs and its Application on Rock's Properties Analysis, S. Z. Sun, Y. Sun, C. Sun, Z. Liu, and N. Dong, #41372 (2014).

Great Bahama Bank – Part I: Evaluating Water-Depth Variation on a "Flat-Topped” Isolated Carbonate Platform, Paul M. (Mitch) Harris, James Ellis and Sam Purkis, #50960 (2014).

Great Bahama Bank – Part II: Mapping Depositional Facies on a "Flat-Topped” Isolated Carbonate Platform, Paul M. (Mitch) Harris, Sam Purkis, James Ellis, Peter Swart and John Reijmer, #50961 (2014).

Alluvial Fan Interactions with Adjacent and Contemporaneous Arid Continental Environments: Implications for Basin-Scale Fluid Migration and Charge, Amy Gough, and Stuart M. Clarke, #50962 (2014).

Structural Slope Fans Resulting from Paleogene Compression in the Veracruz Basin, Mexico, Esmeralda González, and Martín Medrano, #50963 (2014).

Stratigraphic Control on the Lateral Distribution of Hydrothermal Dolomites away from Major Fault Zones: Part 2, G. Michael Grammer, J.E. Thornton, M.R. Robinson, P.J. Feutz, J.E.Schulz, and W.B. Harrison, #50964 (2014).

PSPetrophysical Study of Shale Gas Potential from the Permian Roseneath and Murteree Formations in the Cooper Basin, Australia, Quaid Khan Jadoon, #50966 (2014).

Elongate Tidal Bar, Amalgamated Sub-Tidal Channel and Estuarine Point-Bar Successions of a Sand-Dominated Open Estuarine System; Integration of Outcrop and Subsurface Data, McMurray Formation, Ft. McKay, Alberta, Rudy Strobl, Milovan Fustic, and Bryce Jablonski, #50968 (2014).

A High-Resolution Sedimentological Assessment: Niton Member of the Fernie Formation, West-Central Alberta Subsurface, Samuel K. Williams, Federico F. Krause, Stefan T. Knopp, Terry P. Poulton, and Christopher L. DeBuhr, #50969 (2014).

Musings on the History of Petroleum Geochemistry - From My Perch, Wallace G. Dow, #80375 (2014).

Characterization of the Lias of the Lusitanian Basin, Portugal, as an Unconventional Resource Play, Sean McWhorter, William Torguson and Ron McWhorter, #80376 (2014).

Subsurface Fluid Injection in Oil and Gas Reservoirs and Wastewater Disposal Zones of the Midcontinent, Kyle E. Murray, and Austin A. Holland, #80377 (2014).

Geological and Hydrogeological Synthesis of the Utica Shale and the Overlying Strata in Southern Quebec Based on Public Data in a Context of a Moratorium on Exploration, Stephan Séjourné, René Lefebvre, Denis Lavoie, and Xavier Malet, #80380 (2014).

AAPG 2014 European Regional Conference & Exhibition, May 13-15, 2014, Barcelona, Spain; Abstracts, #90192 (2014).


May 2014

The Three Forks and Pronghorn in McKenzie Co., ND: More Than a Simple 'Basin Centered Oil Accumulation', Mark Millard and Murray Dighans, #10600 (2014).

Seismic Multiattribute Analysis for Shale Gas/Oil within the Austin Chalk and Eagle Ford Shale in a Submarine Volcanic Terrain, Maverick Basin, South Texas, Osareni C. Ogiesoba, #10601 (2014).

Synthesis of Hydrocarbon Systems and Conceptual Plays for the Intracratonic Hudson Bay Basin, Arctic Canada, Denis Lavoie, Nicolas Pinet, Mathieu Duchesne, Virginia Brake, Esther Asselin, Shunxin Zhang, Jim Dietrich, Kezhen Hu, Jennifer Galloway, Julito Reyes, Derek Armstrong, Michelle Nicolas, Pierre Keating, Vincent Decker, and Barry Kohn, #10602 (2014).

The Discovery, Reservoir Attributes and Significance of the Hawkville Field and Eagle Ford Shale Trend: Implications for Future Development, Richard K. Stoneburner, #20251 (2014).

Re-Using Old Formation MicroScanner Logs to Help Understand Reservoir and Fracture Development at the Dover East Field, Southwestern Ontario, Canada, Dragan Andjelkovic, Simon Brame, and Timo Von Rudloff, #20252 (2014).

New Insights into the Stratigraphic Framework and Depositional History of the Paleocene and Eocene Chicontepec Formation, Onshore Eastern Mexico, Ricardo Vásquez, Stephen Cossey, Don van Nieuwenhuise, Joe Davis, John Castagna, Manuel Morales Leal, and Ivan Ramos Lopez, #30334 (2014).

Regional Geophysical Study for Geothermal Exploration in Northeastern Alberta, Elahe P. Ardakani and Douglas R. Schmitt, #30335 (2014).

Assessment of the Marcellus Shale, Utica Shale, and East Coast Mesozoic Basins in the Eastern United States – a Review, Robert C. Milici, James L. Coleman, and Mark A. Kirschbaum, #30336 (2014).

Defining Frontier Petroleum Systems with Higher Granularity: Examples from Plate Reconstructions of the Atlantic Margins, William Dickson, Craig F. Schiefelbein, Mark E. Odegard, and John E. Zumberge, #30337 (2014).

Hydraulic Fracture Growth: Real Data, Kevin Fisher, #41354 (2014).

Shale Reservoirs: Improved Production from Stimulation of Sweet Spots, Khaled H. Hashmy and Ashok Bhatnagar, #41355 (2014).

Optimized Well Placement from the Integration of Geoscientific Measurements, Gorka Garcia Leiceaga, #41356 (2014).

GCSpectral Balancing Can Enhance Vertical Resolution, Kurt J. Marfurt and Marcilio C. de Matos, #41357 (2013).

From Core to Pore: Multi-Scale, Multi-Dimensional Characterization of Fine-Grained Reservoir Rocks, Eric T. Goergen, Kimball Skinner, Herman Lemmens, and Aukje Benidictus, #41358 (2014).

Forensic Chemostratigraphy: A Tool to Determine Lateral Wellbore Placement, Gemma V. Hildred, Nahysa Martinez-Kulikowski, and Brian A. Zaitlin, #41359 (2014).

Seismic Anisotropy Modeling from Well Log in Talang Akar Formation, South Sumatra, Indonesia, Thariq Guntoro, Intan Andriani Putri1, and Dwa Desa Warnana, #41360 (2014).

Simulation of Microseismic Deformation during Hydraulic Fracturing, S. C. Maxwell and X. Weng, #41366 (2014).

Self-Consistency in Scaling Relations for Seismicity Induced during Hydraulic Fracture Stimulations, Sepideh Karimi, Adam Baig, Ted Urbancic, and Gisela Viegas, #41367 (2014).

New Attribute for Determination of Lithology and Brittleness, Ritesh Kumar Sharma and Satinder Chopra, #41368 (2014).

The Importance of the Integrated Approach to Evaluate Tight Gas and Liquid-Rich Plays, S. P. Cheung and R. K. Strom, #41373 (2014).

Seismic Attribute Expression of Differential Compaction, Satinder Chopra and Kurt J. Marfurt, #41374 (2014).

Tripolitic Chert Development in the Mississippian Lime: New Insights from SEM, Walter L. Manger, #50957 (2014).

History of Hydrothermal Fluid Flow in the Midcontinent: A Key to Understanding the Origin and Distribution of Porosity, Robert Goldstein and Bradley King, #50958 (2014).

Fluvial Architecture and Connectivity of the Williams Fork Formation, Piceance Basin, Colorado:Combining Outcrop Analogs and Reservoir Modeling for Stratigraphic Reservoir Characterization, Matthew J. Pranter, #50959 (2014).

Depositional Interpretation and Reservoir Characterization of the Tithonian in Mizzen F-09, Flemish Pass Basin, Canada, Simon R. Haynes, Jonathan Marshall, Erik Imsland Wathne, Geoff Minielly, Elisabeth Mortlock, Olav Walderhaug, and Trevor Johnson, #50967 (2014).

Petrophysical Analysis of Habib Rahi Limestone of Mari Gas Field Using Open Hole Wire Line Logs of Well Mari Deep-06 Central Indus Basin Pakistan (A Case Study), Quaid Khan Jadoon, Muhammad Zahid, and Ramiz Gardezi, #50970 (2014).

William Smith's Stratigraphy Vindicated by Cook's Farm Coal Bust, Hugh Torrens and Peter Wigley, #70158 (2014).

Technology Strategy for Shale Plays: Independents vs. Majors – An Analysis and Outlook, Susan Smith Nash, #70159 (2014).

A Prospectivity Checklist for Unconventional Plays, Susan Smith Nash, #70160 (2014).

Conditions for an Economical and Acceptable Development of Unconventional Resources Out of North America, Ph. A. Charlez, #80374 (2014).

4D Passive and Aggressive Monitoring of Air Injection at Telephone Lake, Alberta, Richard Pearcy and Larry Mayo, #80378 (2014).

Shale Gas Reservoir Characterization Workflows, Satinder Chopra, Ritesh Kumar Sharma, and Kurt J. Marfurt, #80379 (2014).

The Perdido and the Southwestern Gulf of Mexico, Milena Colmenares, #30331 (2014).

Rift Tectonics of the Eastern Canadian Continental Margin: Insights from Detrital Petrology and Provenance, David J.W. Piper, Georgia Pe-Piper, and Yuanyuan Zhang, #30332 (2014).

An Updated Chronostratigraphic Framework for the Jurassic of the Arabian Platform: Towards a Regional Stratigraphic Standard, Rasha Al-Moraikhi, Naveen Verma, Prasanta Mishra, Alexander J.P. Houben, Tom van Hoof, and Roel Verreussel, #30333 (2014).

Cardium Formation Hydraulic "Frac" Microseismic: Observations and Conclusions, John L.J. Duhault, #41339 (2014).

Reservoir Quality and Net Pay Determination in the Bioturbated (Shaly Sand) Viking Formation of Western Canada, Patricia Jans, Michael Shepley, George Magarian, Joe Recsky and Tristan Rugg, #41340 (2014).

Use of Reservoir Models and Dynamic Simulation in Development of Mississippian, Dan Costello, #41341 (2014).

Thoughts and Observation on Interpreting Depth-Imaged Data in the Jurassic Norphlet Play, Deepwater Eastern Gulf of Mexico, Donald A. Herron, #41342 (2014).

Analysis and Implications of the Archie-Haro Equation in Modeling Resistivity of Rocks, Carlos Haro, #41343 (2014).

The Theory Behind the Carman-Kozeny Equation in the Quest for Permeability of Rocks, Carlos Haro, #41344 (2014).

Unconventional Shale Gas Reservoir Characterization Using the HitCube Approach – Mapping of Marl-Rich Mudflows in the Horn River Basin, Claire Pierard, Hardeep Jaglan, Kristoffer Rimaila, Arnaud Huck, Friso Brouwer, Steve Jensen, and Eric von Lunen, #41345 (2014).

Incorporating Fault Intensity and AVO Inversion to Characterize a Shale Gas Reservoir, Carl Reine and Sean Lovric, #41346 (2014).

Seismic Data Preconditioning for Improved Reservoir Characterization (Inversion and Fracture Analysis), Darren Schmidt, Alicia Veronesi, Franck Delbecq, and Jeff Durand, #41347 (2014).

Quantitative Seismic Interpretation – An Earth Modeling Perspective, Damien Thenin and Ron Larson, #41348 (2014).

Permeability Multiplier Prediction Utilizing Wide Azimuth 3D OBC Seismic Data, T. Matarid, #41349 (2014).

Detection of Low Resistivity Reservoirs Using GR Spectrometry Logs: A Case Study, Xia Zhu, Ling Yun, Guo Jianming, Zhang Sheng, Xu Hai, Zhang Tingting, Zhao Shiquan, Bie Jing, and Li Kai, #41350 (2014).

Study on Characteristic Variability of Weak Signal in High Density Seismic Acquisition, Wujin Chen and Anchu Wu, #41351 (2014).

Wettability Evaluation of Arabian Carbonate Reservoir after Prolonged Water Injection: A Case Study, Taha M. Okasha, #41352 (2014).

Influence of Wettability on Residual Gas Trapping and Enhanced Oil Recovery in Three-Phase Flow: a Pore-Scale Analysis using Micro-Computed Tomography, S. Iglauer, M. Sarmadivaleh, M. Lebedev, and M. Ferno, #41353 (2014).

Fluid Migration and Accumulation within the Mississippian: Why 2% Oil Cut Here, 15% Oil Cut One Mile Away, W. Lynn Watney, #50953 (2014).

Fluvial Seasonality: A Predictive Tool for Deciphering the Sedimentological Complexity of Inclined Heterolithic Stratification Deposited on Large-Scale Tidal-Fluvial Point Bars?, Bryce V.J. Jablonski and Robert Dalrymple, #50954 (2014).

Seismically Induced Soft-Sediment Deformation Structures in the Eocene Lacustrine Green River Formation (Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, USA) – A Preliminary Study,Balázs Törő, Brian R. Pratt, and Robin W. Renaut, #50955 (2014).

Grain Size Geostatistics Enhance Reservoir Characterisation, Robert Duller, Ricki Walker, and Barrie Wells, #50956 (2014).

Shale Gas Potential of the Lower Goru Formation over the Lakhra High in Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan, Fareed Iqbal Siddiqui, Asad Adhami, Afnan Asghar, Atif Hussain, and M. Wahaj Uddin Khan, #80373 (2014).

2013 CSPG/CSEG/CWLS GeoConvention May 6-12, 2014, Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Abstracts, #90187 (2014).

GEO 2014, The 11th Middle East Geosciences Conference and Exhibition, March 10-12, 2014, Manama, Bahrain; Abstracts, #90188 (2014).

Paleozoic Stratigraphic Framework beneath the Muskeg River Mine, Northeastern Alberta (Twp 95, Rge 9-10W4): Controls and Constraints on Present Day Hydrogeology, R. Mahood, M. Verhoef and F.A. Stoakes, #80372 (2014).

Wabamun, Bakken Equivalent Exshaw and Banff Formations in Core, Cuttings and Outcrops from Southern Alberta, Tim H.D. Hartel, Barry C. Richards and C. Willem Langenberg, #50952 (2014).

Inherited and Syndepositional Structural Control on Slope Progradation in the Neogene Lake Pannon, Southwestern Pannonian Basin, Hungary, Balázs Törő, Orsolya Sztanó, and László Fodor, #50951 (2014).

Holocene Sediments of the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt Estuaries as Aids to Interpret Tidal and Fluvial-Tidal Deposits in Outcrop and Core, Allard W. Martinius and J. H. (Janrik) van den Berg, #50950 (2014).

Tools to Get the Most Information from Shale Cores: An Example from the Lorraine and Utica Shales of Quebec, Marianne Molgat and Jean-Yves Chatellier, #41338 (2014).

Enhancing Reservoir Performance of a Marginal Oilfield through Advance Well Placement Application in North China, Guomin Xu, Zhongmin Gao, Yonghua Liu, Qilu Liu, Yuling Wang, Fei Wang, Shuzhong Li, Chonghui Xu, Yong Wang and Cang Li, #41337 (2014).

Geological Controls on Petroleum Fluid Property Heterogeneities in Carbonate Bitumen and Heavy Oil Reservoirs from Northern Alberta, B. Bennett, #41336 (2014).

Predicting Seismic Data Quality from Multispectral Satellite Imagery in Alberta Oil Sands, Andrew V. Barrett, Art Siewert, and Ron Weedmark, #41335 (2014).

Effect on SAGD Performance of Horizontal Well Orientation with Respect to Inclined Shale Layers and Point Bars, Amir Zamani and Ron Zakariasen, #41334 (2014).

Organic Matter Variations Within the Bakken Shales of Saskatchewan: With Implications Upon Origin and Timing of Hydrocarbon Generation, Titi Aderoju and Stephen L. Bend, #41333 (2014).

Telluric and Earth Currents, Lightning Strike Locations, and Natural Resource Exploration, H. R. Nelson, Les R. Denham, and D James Siebert, #41332 (2014).

Predicting Fracture Orientations with Volumetric Curvature Gradient Analysis, Haibin Di and Dengliang Gao, #41331(2014).

The Stress Regime of the Liard Basin, Western Canada, J.S. Bell, Larry S. Lane and Sarah Saad, #30329 (2014).

Future Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of Southern Iraq with the Emphasis on the Mishrif Cenomanian and the Yamama Valanginian Reservoirs, M. B. Al-Gailani and N. Z. Marouf, #30328(2014).

Reliability of Reservoir Forecast in One of the West Siberia Fields, M.L. Evdokimova, T.F. Sokolova, E.O. Malysheva, S.Z. Yunusova, #20250 (2014).

Recognizing Potential in the Bitumen Saturated Dolostones of the Upper Devonian Nisku Formation through Comparison with the Grosmont Formation, A. J. MacNeil, J. Russel-Houston, and K. A. Gray, #20249 (2014).

The Hydrocarbon Potential of the Birdbear Formation, South Eastern Saskatchewan – Preliminary Results, Kathryn M. Fiess, #10599(2014).

Aptian/Albian Reservoir Development in the Jeanne d’Arc Basin, Offshore Eastern Canada, Jonathan Marshall, #10598(2014).

Carboniferous Stoddart Group: An Integrated Approach, Abu Yousuf and Charles M. Henderson, #10597(2014).

Evaluation of the Potential for Shale Gas Exploration in the Fika Shales of the Gongola Basin, Upper Benue Trough, Nigeria, Lukman M. Johnson, Munira Raji, Ayodeji P. Oluboyo, Omowunmi Owolabi, and Suraj W. Adepoju, #10596(2014).