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Study of Seismic Data Previous HitVelocityNext Hit and Mapping Method in Complicated Structure Area and Its Application


 Cai Gang1, Qu Zhiyi1

(1) Geophysical Engineer, LanZhou, GanSu Province, China

 At present, seismic data interpretation, Previous HitvelocityNext Hit analysis, time-Previous HitdepthNext Hit conversions usually are completed on one interpretative software. As we know, every interpretative software application has its advantages and disadvantages. Only Previous HitusingNext Hit one kind of interpretative software in complicated structure area can't meet the needs of each work assignment. We analyze the advantages and disadvantages of two mapping modules CPS-3 and Z-Map Plus in GeoQuest and Landmark respectively. The Previous HitfunctionsNext Hit of the Previous HitvelocityNext Hit analysis module InDepth have been perfected and data transmission between CPS-3 and Z-Map Plus was achieved. With in a complicated structure area of inconsistent datum plane between seismic section and Previous HitvelocityNext Hit spectrum, a new method of time-Previous HitdepthNext Hit conversion has been used to make the structural map. A 3D Previous HitvelocityNext Hit field of high accuracy is found and time-Previous HitdepthNext Hit conversion is completed on a datum plane of Previous HitvelocityTop spectrum to make the structural map by combining CPS-3 and Z-MAP Plus. Three dimensions visual software Earth Vision is applied to display final structural map. This method was applied and achieved success in the C area.