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An Overview of the MRCSP Petroleum Fields 2019 Database Release


For nearly 20 years, the Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership (MRCSP) has collected geologic reservoir data throughout the Appalachian and Michigan basins to analyze and optimize the potential for CO2 storage. This process includes a new emphasis on EOR using CO2, and the subsequent addition of attributes such as oil gravity and minimum miscibility pressure. To date, this massive compilation contains more than 4,000 petroleum fields that are described by 18,863 rows of reservoir characteristics. Multiple resources were used for data accumulation, quality control, and geospatial updates to fields across the region. These resources included the Tertiary Oil Recovery Information System (TORIS), historical oil and gas records, previously published information, and statistical analysis. The resulting work will enable stakeholders from various backgrounds to evaluate opportunities on a regional, and/or field-specific, basis.