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2018 AAPG International Conference and Exhibition

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New Stratigraphic Play Discovery Using Integration Method From Detailed Core-Log Facies Analysis and Seismic Attribute Mapping in Central Arjuna Sub-Basin, Northwest Java Basin


The main purpose of this study was to find the stratigraphic trap in the Central Arjuna Sub-Basin in an effort to increase the ratios of success in the exploration phase by knowing the thickness and dispersion conditions of each stratigraphic unit identified in Talang Akar Formation, knowing the position of the stratigraphic trap identified by this method and in the end we are able to calculate speculative resources potential contained in each prospect. Stratigraphic analysis conducted in Central Arjuna Sub-basin uses core data from well XX-1, well logs data from XX-1, XX-2 and XX-3, biostratigraphy data, petrography and seismic data. The result of stratigraphic sequence mapping, processed into time depth map, pseudo thickness map, maximum Previous HitamplitudeNext Hit map and Previous HitRMSNext Hit map. The maps can contribute to find stratigraphic lead and prospect in the Central Arjuna sub-basin. From the sequence stratigraphy analysis, study area has three sedimentary cycles composed from old to young as follows: Sequence-1 (SB 1/32ma - SB 2/28ma), consists of Transgressive System Tract (TST-1), Highstand System Tract (HST-1) and Maximum Flooding Surface (MFS 1 - 30.5ma); Sequence-2 (SB 2/28ma – SB 3/23ma) consist of Lowstand System Track-2 (LST-2), Transgressive System Tract (TST-2), Maximum Flooding Surface-2 and Highstand System Track-2 (HST-2); Sequence-3 (SB 3/23ma – SB 4/21.5ma) composed of LST-3, TST-3, Maximum Flooding Surface-2 and HST-3. After picking sequences horizon and fault in the sub-basin scale in each seismic section, a time structure map, ABC method analysis map and Previous HitRMSNext Hit Previous HitamplitudeNext Hit are mapped. The result of seismic facies analysis using ABC method overlay Time Structure map and Previous HitRMSNext Hit Previous HitamplitudeNext Hit map shows that the direction of deposition from north to the southward with the sand prone area is sand bar. Previous HitRMSNext Hit Previous HitamplitudeNext Hit map anomalies show potential leads between SB-1/32ma - MFS-1/30.5ma with elongated direction from north to south, and potential leads are in the system tract SB-2/28ma to MFS-2/26ma spreaded in the northwest, west to southwest, northeast and southeast part. Previous HitRMSNext Hit Previous HitamplitudeTop map anomalies of SB-3/23ma to MFS-3/22.3ma which has potential leads located in the north, middle and northeast.