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The Use and Applicability of Non-Seismic Previous HitMethodsNext Hit in Exploration, Frac Monitoring and Reservoir Monitoring


Description: In this presentation we investigate the use of non-seismic but complementary Previous HitmethodsNext Hit primarily applied in mineral exploration to the hydrocarbon situation. The Previous HitmethodsNext Hit to be examined include magnetotellurics (MT), controlled source audio magnetotellurics (CSAMT), time ddomain electromagnetics (TDEM), DC resistivity and IP Chargeability. A combination of computer simulations, real data examples and 2D and 3D acquisition and inversion methodologies (including joint MT and DC resistivity inversion) are presented to establish the applicability of the methodologies to exploration, hydrofracking and reservoir monitoring.

Applications: For exploration, MT, CSAMT and DCIP surveys can be acquired and inverted in 1D, 2D and 3D to define the Previous HitelectricalNext Hit characteristics of the hydrocarbon target. The results can be further refined through correlation to existing or post survey acquired borehole resistivity and density logs. This allows for the development of resistivity to porosity relationships. For hydrofracking, it may prove possible to monitor or determine frac effectiveness through the acquiring of MT, CSAMT and DCIP data pre, during and post fracking. For reservoir monitoring use od distributed array DC resisitivity, CSAMT, TDEM and MT may prove effective in evaluating effectiveness of exploitation, presence/absence of water/hydrocarbon in pockets of the reservoir.

Results and Conclusions: Practical results from geothermal and hydrocarbon surveys will be presented for the exploration applications. The hydrofracking monitoring will be a combination of survey results and theoretical examples. The reservoir monitoring will present a theoretical study (forward modelling) of the application of the Previous HitmethodsNext Hit to SAGD monitoring.

Technical Contributions: 1) Utility of MT, CSAMT, TDEM and DCIP to hydrocarbon exploration with real examples - limitations and usefulness; 2) Furthering the application of MT, CSAMT, TDEM and DCIP to monitoring fracking activities; 3) Applicability of the Previous HitmethodsTop to reservoir mapping and monitoring.