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TOC and Brittleness characterization on Barnett and Woodford Shale


TOC is one of the most important parameter for a resource play characterization. TOC can be measured on the core data accurately or TOC can also be estimated on the logs with different methods. Passey's (1990) method of TOC calculation with well log data is one of the most popular methods. We believe that if core and log data both are available the multi-linear relation can also be generated to estimate the TOC on the non-cored wells. This technique can give better result with in the area, as the relationship is generated for one that area or that type of rock. Here, we also tried to compare the results of TOC estimation by Passey's estimation, multi-linear regression and non-linear regression. The results shows that the non-linear regression and Passey's method has same trend in TOC curve but the absolute values are not the same. But, in reality we are more interested in the relative value of TOC rather than the absolute values of TOC. So, TOC calculation can be made by either method will be appropriate. With multi-linear regression and neural network method the TOC calculated on the logs can extended to the volume with different seismic and seismic inversion attributes available.