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Integration of geosteering and drilling data for well placement efficiency in the SCOOP horizontal Woodford play


Geosteering data is generally viewed as a tool used for keeping horizontal wells in a specific target zone. However, it can also be very useful for a regional evaluation and optimization of specific target intervals when entering a play. Vitruvian Exploration II entered the SCOOP (South-Central Oklahoma Oil Province) horizontal Woodford play in January 2013 with no horizontal drilling experience in the deep Anadarko Basin. The acquisition included interest and data in 27 horizontal Woodford wells drilled by 3 different operators. A regionally consistent stratigraphic framework was developed for the Woodford using approximately 40 type logs across the area. Vitruvian used this framework to build a geosteering database and analyze which Woodford intervals were being targeted by other operators before commencing their operated drilling program. Starting in mid-2014, rate of penetration (ROP) data was integrated with the geosteering data in order to identify and target Woodford zones of high reservoir quality with more favorable ROP. Vitruvian is currently using this integrated data set from more than 120 Woodford horizontal wells, drilled by 6 different operators across the core of the play, to increase drilling efficiencies and well performance.