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Quantitative Mineralogic Analysis of Wolfcamp Shale in Crockett County, Texas through X-Ray Previous HitDiffractionNext Hit


Horizontal drilling in conjunction with hydraulic fracturing have exposed Upper Wolfcampian to Lower Leonardian Wolfcamp Shale in the southern Midland Basin in Crockett County, Texas, as an exploration target. With the high investment costs per-well in Wolfcamp plays, detailed analysis of mudrocks must be made in order to maximize exploration success. This study utilizes core samples Previous HitfromNext Hit six wells to define lithofacies, examine their capacity for hydrocarbon production, and explore mineralogic controls. Gamma ray, neutron density, and resistivity well logs allow the correlation of the lithologic units and the lithofacies present. To determine the suitable locations for production, x-ray Previous HitdiffractionTop analysis of the clay fractions and bulk mineralogy were conducted and compared to analysis of organic content to characterize the most productive zones and their spatial distribution throughout the study area.