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Visual analytics: The RGB Co-Render – What Are We Going To Do With the Answer?

U. Strecker and L. MacGregor
Rock Solid Images (RSI), Houston, TX, USA


Because two seismic attributes – amplitude and phase – are required to build signal on a seismic trace, any single seismic attribute derived from a recorded seismic wave field simply cannot carry all available discrimination. Thus, only analysis of multiple attributes can address most – instead of few – aspects of subsurface geology. To rapidly discern either which suite of attributes or which part of their dynamic range proves prognostic, interpreters have gained access to statistically-driven data mining routines, such as multivariate statistics, principal component analyses, and supervised or unsupervised neural network classifications. In spite of these quantitative, largely automated data reduction techniques, qualitative interpretation remains of great merit. However, to be able to effectively compete against automated data mining routines, manual interpretation of attribute data must be subjected to the challenge of simultaneously illuminating key reservoir characteristics.

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90206 © AAPG Hedberg Conference, Interpretation Visualization in the Petroleum Industry, Houston, Texas, June 1-4, 2014