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Visualization Informed Drilling: Optimization and Automation on-the-fly at the Bit

Robello Samuel, Umesh Nalmada, and Aniket Kumar
Halliburton, Houston, TX, USA


Visualization and interpretation techniques play a key role in integrating downhole data and processes. Advanced technologies, like electromagnetic and wired telemetry systems, have enabled us to obtain large volumes of data on a real-time basis while the drilling activity is still in progress. The next step change in drilling programs would be to perform a real-time optimization and automation of the existing well designs on-the-fly at the bit based on energy-based intelligent systems. Injecting life into the well-design process, itself, will provide amazing power. During well design, monitoring, or drilling, if the well plan is made interactive, it will provide a tremendous opportunity to optimize and make proper decisions to drill ahead as well as automate the operation.

This study presents a real-time optimization technique for rate of penetration with energy-based models, with the goal of reducing well costs. Interactions with nearby wells have also been incorporated to update the well design. Based on the place and position of the bit, the updated data has been used to modify the proposed well design on the fly. A 'RoboCube' visualization technique has been proposed to perform optimization of drilling parameters. Two modes of implementation have been presented, namely 'DecisionSCAN' and 'SpaceSCAN.'

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90206 © AAPG Hedberg Conference, Interpretation Visualization in the Petroleum Industry, Houston, Texas, June 1-4, 2014