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Integrated Visualization in the Reservoir Development and Management Workflow

Bill Hanson and Tracy Mashiotta
Dynamic Graphics, Inc. Houston, TX, USA


A well-articulated need within multidisciplinary asset teams, is the requirement to more fully integrate diverse data streams to better understand reservoir conditions and improve the speed and quality of critical decision making. In many cases, current workflows are not conducive to simultaneous visualization of data from disparate disciplines and processes- seismic data, horizon/fault interpretation, topographic surfaces, reservoir models, well surveys/logs, top-picks, completions, drilling hazards, microseismic events, fluid production, lease boundaries, geo-referenced imagery, LIDAR data, cultural and infrastructure information, etc., are produced in a wide variety of sources with different formats and standards. True understanding, and hence better decision-making, can only come with the full and complete integration of multidisciplinary data. However, visualization of all relevant data, in the same virtual space and time, can be an extremely difficult proposition.

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90206 © AAPG Hedberg Conference, Interpretation Visualization in the Petroleum Industry, Houston, Texas, June 1-4, 2014