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Exploratory Statistics to Visualize, Quality Control and Refine 3-D Geological Interpretations at Basin and Field Scales

Jean-Yves Chatellier¹ and Gina Chatellier²
¹Talisman Energy Inc., Calgary, AB, Canada
²Tecto Sedi Integrated Inc., Calgary, AB, Canada


Exploratory statistics programs are interactive and easy to use but seemingly the oil industry has yet to add them to the geoscientist tool kit. Direct applications of such programs will be demonstrated in three parts: one at a basin scale, one at field scale dealing with conventional reservoirs and one focusing on interpretation visualization of some resource plays.

These exploratory statistics programs allow interactive 3-D visualization (in reality n dimensions) with filtering, rotation and mathematical calculations to verify the reliability of the recognized feature. Tens of millions of data points are no problem but as speed is of the essence all of the "maps" are optimized for a best fit in window approach, meaning they are not honoring any GIS projection system. On the other hand, extraction and export into a proper mapping or geomodelling software is extremely easy.

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