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Detailed Digital Mapping of Lower Wilcox Coal Accumulations in Areas of Northern Louisiana Which We Previously Determined to Have High Accumulations

Gary Kinsland, William Copeland, Dan Han, Adam Kruse, and Michael Sheahan
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For the past decade we have been digitally mapping and analyzing the stratigraphy of the lower Wilcox strata of northern Louisiana, particularly to delineate and define the buried coal deposits which might be exploited for coalbed natural gas or in situ gasification. Ball and Kinsland (2009) presented the results of a reconnaissance mapping program which identified the 'hot spots' of lower Wilcox coal accumulations. Since, then we have continued our efforts by digitizing, mapping and analyzing all of the available well logs of smaller areas to develop detailed maps of the coal accumulations. We present the results of theses produced by Copeland, Sheahan, Han and Kruse, covering contiguous areas including the major coal 'hot spots'. We interpret these results and the results of the previous regional mapping to conclude that the Reynolds coal, the major coal measure in the region, is a result of a paralic environment of deposition rather than of the limnic environment which appears to be the environment of most of the coals in the lower Wilcox.

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