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Data Evaluation in AVO Analysis

Yang Zhili; Fan Guozhang; Lv Fuliang; Wang Bin; Yang Taotao

AVO analysis is used more and more in exploration activities,but for interpretation problems or seismic data problems,usually the AVO analysis result is not correct.

Evaluating seismic data before doing AVO analysis can reduce the risk sharply. Base on the seismic data evaluation,we can decide whether the data is meet the AVO analysis requirement or not, or which data is better.

Data evaluation Before doing AVO analysis mainly including four parts:(1)Previous HitamplitudeNext Hit Previous HitenergyNext Hit compensation,(2) the angle rang of CRP gathers,(3)velocity and(4) normal move out correction. The Previous HitamplitudeNext Hit Previous HitenergyTop compensation should properly, offshore data we can evaluate it by evaluating the seafloor reflection ;The angle rang of CRP gather would as big as better , different angle rang CRP gathers may show different characters ;The velocity should be correct and smoothly;And normal move out correction should be correctly. Each of the four parts can influence the AVO analysis result,so all of them are very important.

The failed probability of AVO analysis result can be cut down by data evaluation.


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