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Identification of Fractured Basement Reservoir Using Integrated Well Data and Seismic Attributes (Case Study at Ruby Field, North West Java Basin, Indonesia)

Suardana, Made

Oil discovery in basement fractures has been proven in many fields in the Indonesian region, such as at Suban Field in South Sumatera Basin. Regarding the latest discovery, it was considered that the basement fractures should be the one of interesting exploration targets. This study is concentrated on identification of fractured basement reservoir using integrated well data and seismic attributes in "Ruby" field, North West Java Basin. Four wells penetrated the basement rock, which is Marble Rock. The wells had been flowing hydrocarbon from this rock. Fractures are detected on the basement rock, and they enhanced porosity and permeability of the rock that allows hydrocarbon production out of it. Therefore, locating the distribution of fracture is of utmost importance for development of this area. Imaging data (FMI) interpretation can characterize the potential fractures or open fractures. FMI analysis has described that the fractured basement has acted as reservoir that are potentially charged by nearest source rock. In order to better identifying the faults and fractures at Ruby field, a newly developed tool for fault mapping was applied. The Ant Track provides a powerful 3-D automated technology for identifying and enhancing the complex faults which are responsible for the generation of natural fractures. Ant-Track Map is correlated very well with well data. For this reason, Ant Track Map can be used as sophisticated method to track the distribution of potential fractures both laterally and vertically. Based on amplitude modeling, the lowest value of amplitude attributes such as acoustic amplitude, sum amplitude, sum negative amplitude and minimum amplitude, are representing higher porosities distribution that might be related with the distribution of fractures. The combination of well data (core & FMI), seismic attributes and Ant-Track Map analysis has successfully detected potential open fractured basement reservoir at North East of MD-01 well.


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