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Petroleum System Evaluation of the Korotaikha Fold-Belt and Foreland Basin, Timan-Pechora Basin, Russia

Fossum, Bret J.; Grant, Neil T.; Byurchieva, Bayrta

The 4MM acre Korotaikha foreland basin and foldbelt is situated in the northeastern Timan-Pechora Basin, adjacent to producing acreage in the Varandey-Adzva Structural Zone (VAZ). A screening-level exploration analysis was carried out in 2011 in this Cimmerian and younger-aged basin to evaluate exploration potential. This poster will focus on the petroleum system analysis.

Three main plays based on structural and fluid-flow migration regimes have been identified in the study area. Five main trap styles exist, however only the sub-thrust and imbricate thrust sheet trap types are present within the blocks offered for tender that encompass the Fold-Belt (FB) and Flank FB Plays. Significant running room has been identified in both plays.

The petroleum system analysis indicates that historical heat flow is a critical uncertainly, and the main imbricate thrust Yangarey lead, located within the fold-belt play, is likely to be primarily charged with gas.


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