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New Information on the Wagenet Pool from Gas Storage Infill Drilling: Kirby Hill Gas Field, Solano County, California

Boyd, Richard and Hector, Scott
[email protected]

The Kirby Hills gas field is located in the southern part of the Sacramento Basin. This field is structurally complex, and has multiple reservoirs that produce dry natural gas.

For many years part of the field was used by Dow Chemical for gas storage. In recent years, Lodi Natural Gas Storage has taken over the field and has greatly expanded the storage capability of the field, adding new wells to the middle Eocene Domengine reservoir and to the Paleocene Wagenet sandstone.

The Wagenet gas pool was discovered by Shell Oil in the 1960’s. Only two wells were completed, but the reservoir produced roughly 16 Bcf of natural gas. The best well was the Shell Oil “Wagenet” # 2, which had several hundred feet of pay. The structure appeared to be a fault block trap, located on the eastern side of the Kirby Hill fault.

The latest drilling by Lodi Natural Gas has shown that the original depiction of the gas pool was too simple. Well data now shows that the reservoir is cut be at least one and probably several small faults, in addition to the large Kirby Hill fault. Lodi Natural Gas has used 3D seismic as well as increased well density to better understand the geometry of this field and to better handle this valuable asset.


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