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Impact of Seismic Reprocessing on & 3D Structural Model Building on Evaluation of Triassic Carbonate Prospects in the W Po Valley

Peter Shiner and Claudio Turrini

The Po Valley represents the foreland-foredeep domain to the Alpine and Apenninic belts and is one of the major hydrocarbon provinces of Continental Europe. Sediments encompass Mesozoic carbonates through to Cainozoic clastic deposits, with structures initially related to Mesozoic extensional tectonics, with local inversion, followed by Miocene-Pliocene foreland deformation and fold-thrust dynamics.

Hydrocarbons are trapped at different stratigraphic levels: deep Mesozoic carbonates represent the primary target for oil exploration, whilst Cainozoic clastic intervals host shallow gas accumulations. The Villafortuna-Trecate field is the most significant oil discovery in the Po Valley: located west of Milan and discovered in 1984 by Eni, it is reported to have ultimate recoverable reserves of approximately 250 mmboe in Triassic dolomite reservoirs.

The objectives of this study (Prospect A and Lead B) are located in the Western Po Valley domain and are interpreted as significant Triassic exploration targets, analogous to the Villafortuna-Trecate structure. Modern seismic reprocessing techniques have been applied to the available dataset with the primary objectives of improving structural imaging of the Triassic targets and improving velocity control. Following seismic interpretation, 2D-3D structural restoration has been used to test interpretation scenarios, validate the interpreted trap geometry and provide the basis for construction of palinspastically-restored paleogeographic maps for key reservoir-source intervals. The results of the project illustrate the potential for risk reduction using integrated workflows in a geologically challenging environment and also shows that significant untested potential remains in a mature Mediterranean carbonate play.

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