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Petroleum Systems of Miocene Antalya Basin, Antalya Offshore, Turkey, Mediterranean

Erhan Kansu, Mehmet A. Sunnetcioglu, Ozgur R. Temel, and Bulent Ercengiz

Miocene Antalya Basin, located at the South of Turkish Mediterranean shoreline and at the North West of Cyprus, is the focus of this study. A 3D basin model was prepared to illuminate the hydrocarbon potential of the Miocene Antalya Basin. Amount of necessary and useful data to prepare a reliable model was limited not only within the project area, but also at the surrounding region. Therefore, in order to accomplish the aim, data derived from onshore wells, on-shore surface geology, off-shore seismic interpretations, Mediterranean DSDP wells and global HF database were used and a reasonably calibrated model was reached. Chronostratigraphy of this specific model begins at 25Ma. Paleogeometries were established by using the outputs of seismic interpretations. Although there were assumptions for some parameters which we had no or limited information (i.e., lithological constituents, facies and source rock potential distributions, etc.) and some uncertainities with seismic velocities due to thickness and composition variation within Messinian evaporites, the results show an amount of maturity for the expected source rock depths. Finally, outputs of the 3D basin model of the Miocene Antalya Basin of the Turkish shoreline displays the possible new hydrocarbon potential. Last but not least, this study gives clues on the minimum necessary conditions for the thermogenic hydrocarbon potential of Mediterranean Miocene section.

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