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Geological Characteristics and Developing -Prospecting Foreground of Oil shale in Tongchuan- Huangling District, Shaaxi, North China

Yunlai, Bai
NWGI, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development, PetroChina, Lanzhou, China.

Abstract Oil shale is becoming a research hot point with decreasing increasingly in hydrocarbon resources at the moment. It is indicated that there are abundant oil shale resources in ORDOS basin by predecessors and us. Oil shale resources in ORDOS basin is 60% of that in middle-west China and order in first among all basins in China. The main beds of occurrence oil shale is the upper of lower bench of Yanchang Formation(Ty), and were formed in middle Triassic period(late T2). The crops of oil shale mainly distributed in Tongchuan city-Huangling county. The thickness of main ore beds is generally 2-36m . The oil-bearing rate is 1.8 -13.7% , caloric value 1.66-11.45MJ/Kg and type of kerabitumen I-II1 ,rate of hydrocarbon -producing400Kg/t(moderate -better ) . The proved resources amount is around10000 million tons and reserves amount is closely100 million tons in the area . It is pointed out that oil shale were formed in light wate-nearshore -powerful reduction- wealthy organic material depositional environment by differ data and fell into hemi-deep lacustrine facies in large inland lake. The burial of oil shale is shallow and reserves is large, and traffic condition is advantageous in the area. If oil shale is developed on time, not only preliminary economic results may be acquired but precious experience in develop oil shale may gain in ORDOS basin also. Besides, oil shale mine is nearest to Xian city and having great sense for developing


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