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Delineation of Synrift Deposit Reservoirs of Malay Basin, Malaysia

Raza, Muhammad A.; Wan Yusoff, Wan Ismail B.; Suleman, Muhammad I.
Petroleum Geoscience, Universiti Tecknologi PETRONAS, Tronoh, Malaysia.

Abstract- Malay basin is relatively at mature stage due to extensive exploration activities. Most of the reservoirs in production are from shallow depth reservoirs i-e before the lower Miocene group I. The synrift deposits of K, L, M groups are formed mainly fluvial channels in nonmarine-lacustrine environment. These channels exhibit properties of a good reservoir, but are less explored due to complex structure and high pressure problems. These channels can be delineated with the seismic attributes as well as with well log data. The integration of seismic data, well log data and the data from cores will provide in depth resolution, chance of detail characterization and evaluation of heterogeneities inside the reservoir.

1.Delineation of possible channel system and identification of reservoirs.
2.Determine geomorphology of channelled reservoirs.

Application of the seismic attribute in combination with the well logs analyses proved to be very useful. The seismic attributes maps have revealed the geometrical aspect by which the identification of channels in synrift becomes much easier. These techniques may be quite common in use but can yield different results in order to identify the fluvial channel bodies in the deeper zones where the seismic resolution was the biggest issue.

The results comprise of several geometrical and surface attribute maps which shows the presence of channels in K, L groups of Malay basin successfully. Further more the log analyses define the reservoir properties and enviorment which contribute to reservoir characterization. That is extremely beneficial for the exploitation of new reservoirs in deeper zones and also for the development of producing fields.

The synrift deposits of Malay basin are beneficial prospects for future. Presence of channels in the area with good reservoir properties are seen, which offers some promising plays. There are some challenges regarding the complex structure and overpressures in deeper prospects but that can be dealt with developing state of art technologies. With the more development and integration of technologies these reservoirs can provide gateway to giant discoveries.


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