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Zone of Interest Gas Shale Potential For Deep Gas Exploration with Lacustrine Facies Model and Geochemistry Analysis From Nindy Deep Well#1 And Nindy Deep Well#2 Pematang Group-South Aman Trough-Central Sumatera Basin

Iswandhani, Ario A.
Geology, Diponegoro University, Semarang, Indonesia.

Shale gas is unconventional energy that is currently developed by Indonesia. Shale gas use as a source rock from shale as well as their reservoir. The rising price of gas is more economicist then Indonesia is now developing the potential of shale gas resources to increase the productivity of gas to meet gas demand in Indonesia so It's required for study and exploration of potential shale gas in Indonesia. The object of this shale gas potential research is come from Pematang Group, Aman South Trough, Central Sumatra Basin. This study is very interesting because it requires the analysis from deep wells sample because shale gas is become from source rock as a reservoir, so for exploration will be called deep gas exploration.The analysis data is come from log, seismic and geochemistry analysis from Nindy Deep Well. The depth of Nindy Deep Well#1 reaching 8175ft and Nindy Deep Well#2 reaching 9000ft. From the results of geochemical studies with analysis of rock-eval pyrolysis zone interest of Nindy deep well # 1 is at a depth of 6280 ft - 6610 ft with shale lithology, TOC values range from 3.49% -6.62%, Yield Potential (S1 + S2 )11.7 to 27 mg / g, Hydrogen Index 262-384 mg HC / g org.C and Tmax (pyrolysis temperature) range values 439-4430 C. While the zone of interest Nindy Deep Well # 2 is at a depth of 7800-7920 ft with shale-sand lithology, TOC values from 2.41 to 4.39%,Potential Yield (S1 + S2) from 6.08 to 7.53 mg / g , Hydrogen Index 62-170 mg HC / g org.C and Tmax (pyrolysis temperature) range values 479-4830 C. The result of well correlation zone of interests in the Nindy Deep Well # 1 and Well# 2 from the log data and seismic data is acquired interest zone is located on Brown Shale Formation of the Pematang Group in the South Aman Trough, and from integrated data core and log will be known the depositional facies of zona interest is a lacustrine facies with sub facies nearshore lacustrine.


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