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Development Value of Oil Shales in Middle Jurassic Seven-Segment Yuka Area Qaidam Basin, China

Fan, Zhao
Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development-Northwest, PetroChina, Lanzhou, China.

Yuka region in the Qaidam Basin, Jurassic seven segment cross-section thickness of 200 ~ 300 m, oil shales sedimentation thickness of 50-60 meters, about 15 kilometers long; Combination of lithology profile, self-mineral assemblage, sedimentary structures and ancient paleontology symbol, Jurassic seven segment oil Shales belongs to the Middle Jurassic shore to shallow lake deposits; Through a large number of data and geochemical analysis of samples shows oil shales reservoirs ,The best type of oil shale organic matter class, H / C atomic ratio is 1.34, Kerogen type 2, partly is type 1,Higher abundance of organic matter, The average organic carbon content of 12.06%, To a maximum of 18.27%, to a very good source rocks standards; Chloroform bitumen A an average of 1.474 %, hydrocarbon generation potential of the average 45.17mg / g; R0 = 0.56 ~ 0.64 ,belong to low-mature stage; The high oil rate of oil shales, good oil quality, high thickness and buried shallow, traffic conditions are good, Has a very good value for oil shales development;


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