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Analysis of Spectral Decomposition for Thickness Distribution Estimation of Y Sandstone at X Field, Central Sumatra Basin

Adi, Galang P.¹; Tiantoro, Ruben¹; Tollioe, William A.²
¹Physics, University of Brawijaya, Malang, Indonesia.
²Chevon Pacific Indonesia, Riau, Indonesia.

A study has been done to determine the Y reservoir sandstone distribution on X field in Central Sumatra Basin which is a potential area in producing oil and gas. The field has an area of about 50,064 km2 which is prospecting to be developed but it is classified as thin reservoir and it needs furthermore study.

The study used Spectral Decomposition method as the method for assisting the interpretation, delineation of thin sandstone reservoir distribution, and getting better correlation from well data. Spectral Decomposition can explain the condition of under tuning thickness layer by crossploting the attributes of Spectral Decomposition. Besides, it can also determine the thickness of layer which is far from the well. By doing that it is expected to be able to explain the existence of discontinuity of one layer, which can't be explained by the nearest wells' correlation data.

The result of the study from the attributes and thickness distribution map show that the southeast area of the field has the potential to be developed in the future. It will help the next study and the development of exploitation area.


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