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Geologic and Geophysical Survey of Hydrocarbon Traps and Resource Potential in the Galisteo Basin, New Mexico

Richard Ashu
New Mexico Highlands University, Department of Natural Sciences Las Vegas, New Mexico
[email protected]

This research project presents a novel approach in subsurface investigation by integrating surface geological mapping and subsurface geophysical surveys to characterize the geometry, distribution, depth, and dominant hydrocarbon trap Geometries in the Galisteo Basin in three dimensions using the KINDOM geophysical modeling software and field exploration methods. The structurally complex nature of the Galisteo basin provides excellent stratigraphic and structural trap prospects and an ideal location for geophysical exploration. Field data gathered from geologic mapping at a scale of 1:6000, combined with gravity and magnetic measurements established along several regional profiles lines will be integrated into ArcGIS software to produce an extrapolated surface that will be imported into the Kingdom software to allow for the characterization of the subsurface geology across the mapped area. These data will reveal likely hydrocarbon trap-structures from which an estimate of the hydrocarbon potential of specific portions of the basin may be estimated. The overall aim of this project is to demonstrate how integration and interpretation of the aforementioned techniques can be achieved using the KINGDOM modeling software as well as characterizing the subsurface structure of part of the Galisteo basin.


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