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M. Alania Victor1, Onise V. Enukidze1, Kakha P. Koiava1

(1) Institute of Geology, Georgian Academy of Sciences, Tbilisi, Georgia

ABSTRACT: Serial Previous HitBalancedNext Hit Cross-Sections through Frontal Part of the Trialeti Ridge and Kartli Foreland Basin, South-East Georgia

Our study area located south of eastern Georgia. We present seven Previous HitbalancedNext Hit cross-sections. The Previous HitbalancedTop cross- sections have been constrained by the detailed surface data, oil well data and seismic reflection profiles.

Section balancing shows that frontal part of the Trialeti Ridge is a thin skinned thrust and fold belt of Miocene to Pleistocene age that deforms Cretaceous-Tertiary strata of the Achara-Trialeti back-arc basin.

The structure of the Trialeti Ridge is interpreted as due to the northward trusting of basement wedge.The structure includes fault-propagation fold, duplex and triangle zone.

In the frontal part of the Trialeti Ridge, two different thrust systems have been found: an upper thrust sheet and lower duplex. Upper thrust sheet exhibits an out-of-sequence thrust, which occurred when a fault-propagation fold, passively transported upon an upper flat. The lower duplex sequence consists of Oligocene-lower Miocene strata that have been formed by passive-roof duplex style of deformation. Southern part of Kartli forelend basin represent of Tertiary strata that have been deformed and uplifted by passive back thrusting at the triangle zone.

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