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GILLESPIE, CINDY and G. RANDY KELLER, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, TX 79968

ABSTRACT: An Integrated Analysis Of Seismic And Gravity Data In The Albuquerque Basin

The Albuquerque basin is probably the most intensively studied feature of its type in the Rio Grande rift. Thanks to the release of several seismic reflection lines by the Shell Oil Company and to a early survey by the Consortium and for Continental Reflection Profiling (COCORP), we have some nice images of the subsurface structure of this basin. The COCORP data have been reprocessed and interpreted several times. However, the Shell data have not. In the light of new data, the interpretations of these seismic images are subject to reinterpretation like any other data set. In particular, the new gravity data set for the Albuquerque basin provide a basis for reinterpretation of these lines and for extrapolation beyond the restricted limits of the seismic profiles. Our goal has been to use deep drilling results, seismic, gravity, magnetic, and remote sensing data to produce an integrated interpretation of the deep structure of the Albuquerque basin. Our preliminary results show that, as might be expected, the basin geometry is considerably more complex than shown in the early interpretations.

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