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Abstract: CNOOC COOEDRC--Research Organization of National Oil Company Closely With Production

Yang Chuanheng, Yang Jiaming

China National Oil Corp. (CNOOC) is a state company. Its research center, China Offshore Oil Exploration & Development Research Center (COOEDRC), has combined theoretical study, technical development and practical production by following ways:

Mandatory projects from the scientific and technological administration department of CNOOC, mainly including hydrocarbon resource assessment of Chinese offshore, which served as a base for making long-term exploration and development plan and predicting petroleum reserve and output growth, and integrated analysis of overseas information to make suggestion to overseas development strategy.

Introduction and development of new techniques, which is firstly put forward by COOEDRC, then discussed and agreed on the conference of chief geologists from branch companies, and finally authorized by CNOOC.

In order to reduce study period, improve product quality and construct technical advance, the development projects of new techniques have intensively utilized social technical forces and participated market competition.

Some study projects, such as regional evaluation and exploration prospect selection, are proposed by branch company, and then authorized to COOEDRC by CNOOC, or jointly researched by experts both from the branch company and COOEDRC.

COOEDRC also has CNOOC-sponsored technical study projects to selectively support research projects of academic institutes.

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