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Abstract: Characterization and Evolution of Paleozoic Source Rock Organic Matter in Algerian Central Sahara

Djillali Takherist, Ahmed Arezki, Rabah Mouaici

The objective of the proposed poster is to provide a knowledge of the evolution history of organic matter in an intracratonic basin.

The paleozoic source rocks (Ordovician-silurian-Upper devonian and Carboniferous) of the Algerian Central Sahara (Ahnet and Timimoun basins) experienced severe conditions of maturation during the geological history therefore, the source rocks intervals are presently mature to overmature and only dry gas has been discovered throughout this zone.

The several geochemical models (Genex, Basimod, Matoil) in addition to Afta and Zafta Data show that regionally significant heating event occurred with maximum palaeo-temperature and maximum gas generation at 300 +/-30 My.

However, High palaeotemperatures can not be explained only by the significant burial. An important anomalous heat flow is needed to explain the geothermal history.

In this case, there has been no significant petroleum from the paleozoic source rocks in this zone since this age; but following some assumptions, certain hypothesis about a recent generation (-60 to -30 My) is now in discussion.

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