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Abstract: Algeria's Gas Resources: A Global Evaluation and Perspectives

Djillali Takherist, Abdelmadjid Attar, Moussa Drid

With more than 3 Tcm of proven recoverable reserves, Algeria is considered to play a major role in the gas market. If the export capacity is now about 20 Bcm, Sonatrach expects to reach, after the renovation of some industrial units, a level of nearly 27 Bcm, starting in 1996.

Here we discuss the geological and geographical distribution of the proven gas reserves. Many consistent fields, except the Hassi R'Mel giant field, are not yet been developed; the existing infrastructure network and near-future projects will allow Sonatrach to produce more than 60 Bcm per year, from now until the year 2000.

This objective entails a serious effort in exploration and development activities. If we try to estimate ultimate resources by geochemical modeling, considering only the two main source rocks and the volumes of gas generated-expelled after the main period of trap formation, we find about 160 Tcf of dry gas and 16 Tcf of condensate that can be explored. Our experience with the existing discovered fields, our knowledge of well-defined traps, reservoirs and seals, and the success ratio in the 30 past years, basin by basin, shows that about 36 Tcf can be considered as yet to be discovered.

These two numbers indicate that Algeria's gas potential is underexplored at present. The use of new technologies such as high-resolution and 3.0 seismic in exploration, and stimulation operations and horizontal well drilling in development-production, is an urgent need.

Updating the legislative framework, which will extend laws applicable to liquid hydrocarbon to include gas, will constitute an attractive opportunity for more partnership, permitting the introduction of new ideas and technologies.

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