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Abstract: The Ellon and Grant Fields (UKCS Blocks 3/14a and 3/15): Small Gas Accumulations Brought to Development by a Combination of Advances in Geophysical Imaging, Geological Modelling, and Proximity to Existing Facilities

John Swallow Soutter, Jean-Marc Feroul, Total Oil Marine plc, Crawpeel Road, Aberdeen, Scotland

These fields, which are currently being developed, are an excellent example of the way seismic imaging has progressed in the last thirty years from 1960's 2D seismic data to the computer enhanced visualisation of their structure with modern 3D seismic data.

This improved data quality has enabled a revision of the geological model to be made which resulted in a successful appraisal well following several earlier discouraging wells. The success of this appraisal well provided the encouragement necessary to re-evaluate the potential of the area, the results of which allowed the decision to develop these small fields to be made.

With the decision to proceed with the development of the adjacent Dunbar Field (itself a satellite of the Alwyn North field) a cost effective sub-sea development scheme was devised.

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