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Abstract: Integrated Research and Collaboration Between Institutes and Industry for Petroleum Exploration in 21 Century in China

Jianguo Song, Dou Lirong

With the fast economic development in China, the demand for petroleum and its derivatives is increasing. During the past 35 years, the search for petroleum and its production has been concentrated in eastern China, such as Songliao, Bohai Bay basins. In these basins the remaining undiscovered structural traps have become more difficult to find. Now the western petroliferous basins such as Tarim, Junggar, Turpar Basins, marine carbonate, coal-generated oil and gas fields, stratigraphic-lithologic traps and low-permeable sandstones have become the exploration targets. In order to meet the challenges, two aspects of works are being done. The first is to adopt integrated research method; which includes multidisciplines and multi-techniques. The second is to well organize the eneralists and specialists of petroleum geology and engineering together. The former is the base of success, and the latter is the key. Besides, academic and industry collaboration in research and development is critical for the development of oil and gas fields.

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