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Abstract: IFP: Standing at the Intersection Between Research and Industry

C. Riviere

Since its formation in 1944, Institut Francais du Petrole (IFP) has pursued a wide range of research and development, training and information activities, servicing the complete chain of petroleum operations, ranging from exploration to the many uses of petroleum products. Standing at the intersection between research and industry, IFP combines basic research and applied industrial research.

One of its role is to contribute to renewing reserves by developing innovative technologies and to ensure the better technico-economic accessibility of discovered reserves. In exploration and reservoir engineering the R&D program is mainly focused on subjects contributing to the development of methodologies and tools for a better assessment of petroleum resources of sedimentary basins, structural imaging, reservoir characterization, improved oil recovery, well productivity and a more intensive integration of the geosciences: geology/geophysics/reservoir engineering. Environmental protection is a subject of permanent concern at IFP. A part of the program is focussed on the restoration of polluted environments.

The determination to ensure the optimum dissemination of its scientific and technological patrimony in industry has justified the organization of large-scale industrial action. IFP represents an independent research center unrivaled in Europe. This situation has enabled it to emerge strongly as a leading figure in international scientific and technical circles.

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