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Abstract: An Attempt to Identify the Paleozoic Systems Tracts of the Moesian Platform, Northwards the Danube River: Impacts on Hydrocarbon Genesis Conditions

Adriana Raileanu

The southern part of the Wallachian sector (southwards Rosiori parallel) from the Moesian Platform originated in Tethysian major sedimentary basin.

Tectonic control on sedimentation of depositional sequences results in episodic existence in geological time of positive tectonic movements uplifts (Strehaia - Vidin, Craiova - Bals - Optasi, Slatina - Ghigheni, Videle - Vetrina uplifts) and negative tectonic movements subsidence (Lom - Craiova, Rosiori - Alexandria depressions) which had influenced the potential of source area and the configuration of the sedimentary basin.

Eustatic control on sedimentation of depositional sequences, by changes in sea level, results in the alternation of carbonatic and siliciclastic depositional sequences, facies architecture at the distinct systems tracts.

The recognition of major lithofacies integrated in probable depositional systems in parallel with the identification of parasequence stacking patterns on electric well logs have provided the foundation for defining the systems tracts as component parts of depositional sequences also in case of limited seismic possibilities, insufficient cores for detailed studies and discontinuous data (so as the case of this study has been).

The attempt to identify Paleozoic systems tracts by help of sequence stratigraphic interpretation, in this area, improves the previous works and provides a framework for future studies on condensed section and reservoirs.

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