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Abstract: The Petroleum Exploration in the Pyrenean Thrust Belt

Gilles Noual, Maurel Laure Moen, Jean-Jacques Biteau

Since 1987 Elf and its partners have acquired a large volume of 3D seismic (1500 km2) in the Pyrenean Fold and Thrust belt.

The geological and the petroleum understanding of this area has been highly enhanced especially in the foreland of the Pyrenees (Southern Aquitaine basin).

The structural geometries of the Lacq, Meillon, Lacommande, Rousse and Ucha gas fields have been detailed from the 3D seismic interpretations.

Studies on the petroleum systems (geochemistry, maturity, geodynamics) have shown that all the key parameters necessary for petroleum entrapment (reservoirs, seals, structure and source rocks) are also present in the poorly explored domain within the Thrust Belt.

This represents a new challenge for the present and the future of the Aquitaine exploration. 3D seismic reprocessing and tectonic analysis are the leads to be developed for the success of these exploration plays.

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