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Abstract: Sequence Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, and Hydrocarbon Potential in the North-Eastern Part of the Pannonian Basin

Lazar Ovidiu Remus, Corbeanu Rucsandra, Vasiliu Grigore

The Pannonian basin lies within the Alpine mountain belts of east-central Europe. Deformation of the Pannonian region occurred during the final stage of thrusting and folding in the outer part of the Carpathians. The result was a system of several smaller individual basins separated by relatively shallow basement blocks. The "North-eastern part of the Pannonian basin" represents one of these individual basins. Over the basement, the Neogene sedimentation started with continental or marine transgressive beds followed by shallow-marine shales and marie with seedy interrelations. Several stratigraphic sequences were separated within the succession of sedimentary deposits using the seismic, paleontologic, and well-log data. These sequences with their hydrocarbon significance are largely described in the paper.

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