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Abstract: Cabinda/Zaire Opportunities into the Next Century

Bruce R. Laws

The Cabinda/Zaire concessions have been active for about 30 years, currently produce about 360,000 barrels of oil per day, and have recoverable reserves estimated to be 3.2 billion barrels of oil. We have a portfolio of opportunities which represents all stages of the project life cycle - from unexplored exploration acreage to fields in the late stage of decline.

The goal is to grow the business by allocating resources between short-term value/cash-generating projects and long-term, higher risk projects that will come onstream as current producing fields decline This strategy will result in a strong production and reserves replacement performance well beyond the turn of the century.

The role of the earth scientist in the business is to be part of interdisciplinary teams which evaluate this strong portfolio of opportunities so that they are ranked and developed in a phased approach. Earth scientists work in an area of exceptional geology and utilize new, proven technologies. Geologically, there are two distinct regimes - the presalt and the post-salt. Both have world- class source rocks, structures, seal, and reservoirs. Technologically, the focus is on using the appropriate technology for each situation (most cost effective). Examples include new 3D seismic acquisition techniques, new velocity analysis software, reservoir characterization/simulation, and subsea completions.

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