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Abstract: Results Concerning the Use of Seismic and Well Log Data for Defining the Geological Model of the Productive Structures on the Romanian Continental Shelf of the Black Sea

Alexandru Babskow, Ion Baleanu, Desdemona Popa, Valeriu Platon, Adrian Manescu

The contribution of the 3D seismics on the East Lebada Structure of the Romanian Continental Shelf of the Black Sea, together with the complex well logging have led to the improvement of the reservoir geological model.

The interpretation has been performed on 3D seismic profiles.

Time migrated profiles were interpreted, by means of the program system OASIIS.

The acoustic logging data were used for calibration, in order to identify the reflections corresponding to the geological boundary.

By means of these reflections on the seismic profiles, the adequate geological model has been defined.

A system of tectonic accidents which were not known till now were rendered evident.

The interpretation of the complex well loggings, through the Well log Analysis Program System - EXPRESS - allowed to determine the petrophysical-petrographical parameters necessary for reservoir evaluation, in correlation with core analysis.

Thus, four horizons corresponding to the Albian age with favorable collector properties were rendered evident, in alternance with unfavorable collector properties zones. The well logs, performed at different time periods and with different tools were corrected and standardized for the well environment conditions and, depending on the logging program, different program modules were used to obtain the most adequate results.

The parameter averaging performed by zones, for each well, together with the image furnished by the seismic data, allowed us to build the final geometrical and isoparametric model of the reservoir, used for further reservoir simulation.

Based on the results obtained, the analysis was extended to West Lebada Structure.

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