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Abstract: Oil and Gas Exploration in Egypt Past, Present, and Future

M. Abdel Halim

Egypt was among the early countries in which exploration for hydrocarbons took place. Back to 1886 when the first oil discovery was achieved and since then, exploration operations were carried out covering almost prospective area in Egypt.

The history of oil exploration in Egypt passed through six stages, each of which is characterized by its own activities and reflects the impact of certain developments not only in the applied exploration techniques, but also in the work style and prevailing exploration concepts, in addition to the development in the agreement terms.

Six areas could add new oil and gas reserves to Egypt, namely: N. Sinai (onshore and offshore); Nile Delta (onshore and offshore); Western Desert (onshore and offshore); Nile Valley; Red Sea; and the Gulf of Aqaba.

Such areas have the prerequisites for commercial oil and/or gas accumulations including potential source rocks, good reservoirs and adequate traps in addition to effective seals.

It is believed that the undiscovered oil and gas reserves of Egypt could be several times that which have been discovered so far.

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