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History of Exploration in Argentina

Luis Alberto Rey

The paper will review the exploration activities in Argentina, but slightly departing from the technical-geological viewpoints which have been dealt with in a number of previous congresses and symposiums.

The talk will cover Argentine geological basins, exploration history in each of them, a brief outline of their stratigraphic columns and producing formations, highlighting their original and remaining hydrocarbon reserves.

Based on the history of the exploratory discoveries, and what has been learned from them, a forecast will be made of the necessary effort to recover the reserves that is estimated will be consumed up to the year 2000.

The results obtained from the four rounds of bids for the exploration of the 165 areas under the so-called "Houston Plan," will be extensively discussed and its principal clauses will be underlined.

A special emphasis will be given to the "Gas Exploration" issue, summarizing its short history and the essential role that this fluid will play in the Argentine energy balance of the future.

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #91028©1989 AAPG History of Petroleum Industry Symposium, September 17-20, 1989, Titusville, Pennsylvania.