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Oil Potential of Tertiary Sediments in Northern Nevada

H. D. Duey, S. Osborne

Expansion of the earth's crust in the Basin and Range province during the Tertiary resulted in the formation of structural and stratigraphic basins between mountain ranges. From the surrounding mountains, these basins have accumulated sediments in which herbaceous and lacustrine sediments were deposited, along with a great volume of clastic material. Much of this material was buried rapidly enough to preserve it for generation of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons.

The presence of documented hydrocarbons from Tertiary source rocks in Nevada and recent drilling through those rocks indicate a large potential for commercial production from the structurally young basins in the Basin and Range province.

Oil shows from Tertiary sediments indicate the areal extent of the potential basins. Shows are present from the Carson Sink and Black Rock Desert in northwest Nevada to Toano Draw in northeast Nevada, with oil production from Currant, Eagle Springs, and Trap Springs fields in central Nevada. Lopatin calculations indicate that oil generation may be attained in Miocene source rocks as shallow as 7,000 ft.

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