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Abstract: Numerical Analysis of Trap Locations in Mississippian "B," Stafford County, Kansas

John H. Doveton

The Mississippian "B" is an informal local subsurface subdivision of the Osage Series in southeast Stafford County, Kansas, and contains several small oil and gas fields. The unit is comprised primarily of residual chert fragments in a clay matrix. Local structure, unit thickness, and shale content (as estimated by gamma ray logs) were measured for 124 wells in a 4-township area and used as raw data in the evaluation of reservoir properties and trapping controls. Values specific to the well sites were considered as "locus measures," reflecting reservoir (or reservoir related) properties, and measures of lateral variation, radial from each well, were designated "context measures," expressing local entrapment capability. Discriminant-function analysis was made between a pro ucing-well subsample and the remaining dry holes on the basis of these measures. The computed discriminant function characterizes an optimum trapping condition as a thick, "clean" unit development, thinning and shaling out updip regionally, enhanced by local structural closure. The integration of an areal mapping of discriminant scores with an "error function" of score-spatial Previous HitautocorrelationTop may be used in the estimation of probabilities of oil occurrence in undrilled areas as a functional part of the Survey's Kansas Oil Exploration (KOX) Project.

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