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AAPG Bulletin, Vol. 90 (2006), Program Abstracts (Digital)

7th Middle East Geosciences Conference and Exhibition
Manama, Bahrain
March 27-29, 2006

ABSTRACT: Deriving Fracture Attributes from Seismic Previous HitAnisotropyNext Hit: A Case Study

Y. Freudenreich1, C. Reiser1. P. Lanfranchi2, J-L. Piazza3. J. Per Rot3
1 CGG, London (UK)
2 CGG, Paris (FR)
3 Paris (FR)

Over the last few years there has been significant interest in the analysis of open fluid-filled fractures from P-wave azimuthal Previous HitanisotropyNext Hit. This paper presents the results of a recent study on the Tin FouyC Tabankort Field, in the Illizi Basin (Algeria). The goal of this study was to characterise the seismic anisotropic fractures from RMS amplitude maps on a small volume of the field. Using an integrated workflow that combines azimuthal-friendly processing with a proprietary geostatistical decomposition technique, we have obtained robust quantitative estimation of the Previous HitanisotropyTop attributes. A good correlation was observed between the extracted fracture intensity and orientation, the seismic coherency maps and the fault interpretation. Such results contribute to a better evaluation of the fracture networks.


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