Pete Stark
Discovery Trends
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Annual Liquids Discovered vs Production
Major Discoveries Setting-1993 to 2003
Major Resources Setting-1993 to 2003
Major Discoveries / Country-1993 to 2002
Resources: All Major Discoveries
Significant Discoveries
Discoveries > 100 MMboe 2000-2003
International Discoveries MMboe
International Discoveries
Giants > 1,000 MMboe 2000-2003
Annual Discoveries > 100 MMboe
Significant Discoveries 2000-2003
Perdido Fold Belt Paleogene
GOM: Walker Ridge Paleogene Play
Significant Discoveries 2000-2003
Brazil Santos Basin
Venezuela: Tomoporo Field
Significant Discoveries 2000-2003
Offshore Nigeria
Niger Delta DW Structural Provinces
Mauritania: Woodside: Chinguetti-Tiof
Chinguetti - Section
Significant Discoveries 2000-2003
Egypt Deepwater Gas
E-W Section Buzzard Field UKCS (1)
Egypt Deepwater Gas
E-W Section Buzzard Field UKCS (2)
Significant Discoveries 2000-2003
N. Caspian Offshore Prospectivity
Significant Discoveries - Far East/"Oz"
Key Deepwater Discovery
Implications (1)
Implications (2)