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2019 AAPG Latin America & Caribbean Region Geosciences Technology Workshop:
Recent Discoveries and Exploration and Development Opportunities in the Guiana Basin

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Previous HitCrustalNext Hit Previous HitStructureNext Hit of Offshore Suriname Based on 2‐D Gravity and Magnetic Modeling


This study, based on the integration of 2-D gravity & magnetic modeling with seismic data, has determined the Previous HitcrustalNext Hit Previous HitstructureNext Hit and depth to Moho for offshore Suriname. Two (2) gravity and magnetic models have been generated showing the different Previous HitcrustalNext Hit types associated with the two tectonic phases, Jurassic and Cretaceous, for opening of the basin. Mapping the Previous HitcrustalNext Hit thickness, Previous HitcrustalNext Hit type, Previous HitcrustalTop boundaries, and depth to Moho is extremely important to understanding the tectonic evolution of the basin and its impact on hydrocarbon generation.